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Changing Realms in Pirate101

“Realms” options work slightly differently than the other options. In Pirate101, your character is automatically placed in a Realm and Area with an optimal population, so you won’t be surrounded by too many or too few other players. For example, if you and a friend are both standing at the Life Fountain in Skull Island Fort, but you don’t see one another—it’s probably because you’re on a different Realm and/or Area instance of Skull Island Fort.


Through the magic of the Spiral, there are many Realms, each containing a copy of the entire world of Pirate101. Although your current realm has been chosen for you, you can easily switch to a different one here on the Realms option page.

Additionally, there are many copies of each Area too, depending on how many players are online. An Area is an area in the world, like an island or a dungeon. For example, if many players are online, there may be many Skull Mountain Areas, ensuring that there’s enough room for a good play experience for everyone. But again, you can easily switch between instances here on the Realms option screen too.

There are no differences between the different Realms and Areas outside of the players who are currently there. When you switch, you’ll be transferred to the same location you were in on your old Realm and Area—for example, if you were standing at the entrance to Fin’s chamber in the Temple of Gloom, you’ll also be standing there on your new Realm and Area. There will just be different players there.

Tip! Go to Friend

Never fear, if you’re trying to join an in-game friend, but don’t see them standing where they say they are. Just use the “Go to Friend” button in your Friend’s List to automatically join them on their current Realm and Area.