Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Change Your Game Settings

Selecting "Options" from the Gear icon game options menu will bring you to a list of graphic, sound and gameplay options you can set for Pirate101.

Graphics, Sound, and Gameplay are all options that will help adjust the game's settings to make the experience more appealing to you. Privacy Options allow you to alter your game experience by limiting or allowing friend requests, friend teleports, party invitations, and home visiting rights. Pirate101 game options include:

  • Graphics - Monitor Icon
  • Sound - Speaker Icon
  • Gameplay - Joystick Icon
  • Privacy Options - Key Icon
  • Realms - World Icon
  • Credits - Star Icon

Within these tabs in the game options menu, you can do things like change the resolution of your game, turn sound up or down, and turn friend requests off/on.