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PLANO, TEXAS (October 15, 2015) – Get your pirates ready to party in Pirate101 today as KingsIsle Entertainment breaks out the prize boxes, decorations and gift codes for everyone in this family friendly MMO’s third birthday celebration!

“We’re celebrating another great year in Pirate101 where there have been solid game improvements like seasonal, ranked PvP and a new Captain’s Quarters housing feature,” said Leah Ruben, senior producer of the MMO live team at KingsIsle Entertainment. “Our players continue to impress and amaze us with their dedication and creativity, and we’re thrilled to offer these birthday gifts and prizes to them.”

Redeem your free Pirate101 birthday surprise by entering the code “3rdPirateParty” at during October 2015. This code is good for a free Karma Chameleon pet, a birthday eyepatch, a “parrrty” hat, and two celebratory pet snacks.

The fun continues today with a special contest announcement, which will be shared on the KI Live Livestreaming event broadcast from between 5:00 and 6:00 pm US CDT. Players should tune in to find out how to enter a giveaway for 60,000 Crowns.

As per tradition, the seasonally colored birthday banners, balloons, and present boxes are once again adorning Avery’s Court and Skull Island, but this year the present boxes contain special prizes, including plenty of rental mounts and in-game gold.

Pirate101’s birthday celebration is available to pirates of all ages and experience. If you’re ready to walk the plank to more adventure, please visit and join in the parrrty!

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