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KingsIsle Celebrates Pirate101’s Upcoming 11th Anniversary with Sinbad Chapter 3: Wheels within Wheels Update

Main questline resumes as players revisit familiar places, thwart evil schemes, and learn the true power of the Eye of the Liger.

Austin, Texas (October 4, 2023) – KingsIsle Entertainment today announced the release of Pirate101’s latest update, Sinbad Chapter 3: Wheels within Wheels. The new update features the return of old companions and enemies, as well as an entirely new story chapter, reviving the main story of Pirate101.

This update also adds the “trashiest” new weapons around – complete with new unique powers and better stats. From a long-range wand that comes with a dangerously toxic power, to a sneaky strike that’ll leave your enemies at a loss as to who or what they were hit with. Who knew a moldy sandwich (this sandwich is NOT fit for consumption), or broken stop sign could be so effective? Weapons aren’t the only treasures found in these sewers! Players can also acquire 3 unique sets of hats, robes and shoes with powerful and desirable abilities.

“The third chapter of the Sinbad Saga brings us back to some familiar places, and face to face with a lot of old friends… and enemies,” said Sam Johnson, KingsIsle’s Narrative Director. “After a bit of a hiatus, the Sinbad chapters have let us dust off Pirate101’s narrative machinery and see what it will take to get everything moving again. The end of this chapter throws down a gauntlet – I can’t wait for the players to see where the story is headed next!”

The new update is just the beginning, as Pirate101 keeps the party going through its 11th anniversary on October 15 with special in-game offers kicking off throughout the month. In addition to in-game festivities, a brand new plushie and new retail card will also be making their way to the community very soon!

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