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Who is your Favorite Companion?

Jan 22, 2013
Jul 27, 2011
My favourite companion is froggo villa he looks pretty cool and does a lot of damage.

May 20, 2009
my favorite the yule trog but i have hoping for a long time for a cute little pig and i was also hoping timmy or whatever his name is from cool ranch would be a companion that's a privateer or a musketeer i want a cute little pig because all the other pigs aren't necessarily cute or any of the companions seriously there must be a extremely adorable take that to mind reply if you agree with me

Dec 15, 2012
My favorite has to be Kobe because he becomes your pirate's best friend and of my real best friends. I just love having him run behind me and especially when he talks! His voice is just so deep and cool and I just want to snuggle right up to him and just hear him talk all day and night...with small breaks. I wish he got to talk more in the story and that we'd actually get to at least get an SOS signal from his family and maybe even get to meet them! Sometimes I pretend Moolinda from wizard101 is his wife and Kisai in Pigswick is his son.

Ratbeard is a very, very close second though. I'm so proud of how far he's come. Like when we defeat Captain Fowl in Ratbeard's old house, he says that he won't kill Fowl and if there was an emote to hug companions I'd use it at that moment! I thought it would have been cool to see Ratbeard's father's ghost after we defeated Fowl to say how proud of his son he is and thanks your pirate for pointing Ratbeard in the right direction. I thought it would have been a nice touch if we could have made Ratbeard's old house our HQ since I don't know how to change houses they could have a "make this area your HQ" "yar" or "nar" button or something like that, that would make Ratbeard probably a good way of course! Imagine being able to fix his place up for him for a surprise and then at a specific time we could "call" him out of the "companion list" and yell "Surprise!" along with the rest of the crew (even Barnabus with a faint smile which Ratbeard returns) and then he'd say something like "Oh...Cap'n I-I don't know what to say!" And start crying.

May 12, 2009
My Favorite Companion would be: Iago and Wingchun

Petty Officer
Jul 12, 2013
Well now that I am lvl 60 or 61 I forgot my companions have changed around I can't decide between bonnie anne catbeard or bagha khan

Sep 10, 2011
William LegendFist on Aug 30, 2013 wrote:
For me, it's really hard to pick a favorite, so here are my top eleven:
1. Zenna: warrior princess
2. Keisuke Yagi/Kan Po: goat master
3. El Toro: masked champion
4. Bonnie Anne: fox highlander
5. Kobe Yojimbo: bull samoorai lord
6. Hawkules: mighty hero
7. Catbeard: cat pirate (I know a lot of people say he stinks but he's epic with the right talents and riposte times 2, relentless times 2, and repel boarders.)
8. Billy the Kid: billygoat sharpshooter
9. Old scratch: undead houngan. (So many people hate this guy but trust me, with improved mojo blast times 2 and mojo echo times 2 he is amazing, you also have to train him the perfect talents. I see him with counterspell a ton but those people don't know how to train their companions perfectly like I do. )
10. Leviculus Polleo: eagle hoplite
11. Gaspard de Vole: guinea pig mercenary (A lot of people don't like him but he's great with the right talents and epics.)

Serious William Silver, level 65 buccaneer
Helpful Brian Hawkins, level 58 witchdoctor Happy Piratin'!
My list has really changed a lot now, but I won't give the full list. I'll just say my new favorites are PePe detorteau and Luis le Bisque, as they are awesome companions with rain of mortarshells and overwatch 3.

Oct 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012
gametools8 on Feb 10, 2013 wrote:
My favorite companion has got o be El Toro. Too bad i dont have him but my friend does

Also look for me merciless Jack Louis lv 32
doesn't everyone get El toro?

Jul 22, 2013
My favorites are Wing chun, Bonnie anne, Jake Mccullough, Ratbeard and Birgus Latro. For me Wing chun will always be in first mate because he is completely awesome. He can heal(after first promotion),he have strong attacks and is dodgy. To top it all he is quite funny because he normally thinks he knows stuff but in the end he really doesn't know.

May 25, 2009
On my Witchdoctor, it's Kan Po, without a doubt. I have him on third upgrade with Relentless x 2, and Flanking.

On my Musketeer, it's Private Mills. With Double Tap, Quick Draw, Burst Fire, and Overwatch. He crits more often than most companions, and does massive damage at that.

All around, El Toro comes in a close second. I have him with Reposte, Relentless, Bladestorm, and First Strike. My Witchdoctor also casts his Raven's Cry spell on him. Stacked with Great JuJu and El Toro's Esprit de Corps abilty, El Toro can defeat nearly any opponent in one string of attacks. Which is good because he can't take many hits.

Petty Officer
Sep 27, 2013
For me, it's so Hawkules. He's just so awesome!!!! on my very first account I shared with my cousin, we had Hawkules. Hawkules moves are just so epic.

May 31, 2009
Ridolfo Capoferro
I was actually surprised that he does more damage than El Toro with all the right abilities and talents... He dodges very frequently, lands a lot of Mega and Epic hits ( for me atleast ), the only bad thing is that his accuracy is low.
Also, he looks awesome
Jeffery Kirk
Level 42 Musketeer

Sep 05, 2010
I like bat masterton he is strong and i just like him

Nov 01, 2012
I like Monterey Jack the thug because he is so cool and fearless. Just like me, ITS IN MY NAME!!!!

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
With my own personal pirate101 experience, I would have to say that currently my favorite companion is Temujin (bought with crowns- my did not receive him in-game).

This could be purely based on the fact that my Temujin is a fully trained, 2x promoted, level 65 Horse Khan. He has 2 critical strikes (1 being epic), Turn the Tide x2 where he receives bonuses when getting low on health (although,he rarely needs it to kick in). He also has vengeance strike x3 which allows him up to 4 additional attacks if previous one is successful.

With training points some of my Temujin's stats are as follows:

Strength- 78 Accuracy- 123 Armor- 98 - up to 353 - 2853

On several occasions in battle,Temujin has used his critical strike x3, vengeance strike and all 4 relentless and single-handedly beaten level 60 enemies with full health in just one turn Due to his relatively high accuracy he constantly receives critical strikes and has even had 3 epics, 2 megas and 1 super hit all in the same turn. When he receives all of his relentless strikes he is pretty much devastating to even the highest level enemies

Also due to his high armor and health stats, I do not believe I have ever come close to losing him in battle.

So for me he's hands down my favorite companion (at least for now)

Thanks, great idea for a post- have enjoyed reading others thoughts

Jun 28, 2013
laulenak on Oct 25, 2012 wrote:
My favorite is Bonnie Anne since she has been with me from the beginning, is awesome, and has so much personality. My second favorite is Sarah Steele, as I myself Fence and have corrected my footwork after seeing how she lunges in a critical hit. And she is also awesome. Those are my two favorites and I am going to write a fan fiction about them soon.

-Dark Amber Nightingale
I fence to.

Jun 28, 2013
For my buccaneer it would be GaspardDeVole. I like it how he speaks and he is also good cause in the game your parents died :(

My swashy favourite is Sarah Steele she is just plain EPIC!!!

Aug 18, 2012
1.Kan Po

He is the same level like all the others, though he is ultimately strong. He can do 60-100 damage, and he can really block. I love it the most when he blocks and repositions on the enemy he attacked. Soon he will become a Goat discipline, and then a master. That will be my ultimate dream

-Werewolfleader265 (Lvl 11)

Feb 08, 2011
Magnificent Kiley on Oct 9, 2013 wrote:
doesn't everyone get El toro?
One reason I like el toro is because in Santa pollo it plays a little tune when ever it mentions el toro. And he also has a heroic personality

Jun 10, 2013
El Toro is the best companion in the game so far. He is awesome dude.

~Alexander Xiriga~

Apr 11, 2012
Favourite's Zeena
Love her! spend half of the time burning all my enemies with her fire arrows.
By the time they get near us, there's overwatch and burst fire, sometimes she's hitting 3-4 times straight.

Oct 19, 2010
Eleos Maximus! (Eagle Mercenary) He has Relentless, Repel Borders, Vengeance Strike, and Hold the Line. He is great for Witch Doctors (me) because, Eleos Maximus + Raven Song (+2 Haste, First Strike, and Riposte) = Super Soldier. Not to mention the Second Wind for 50%. Got mine at level 67. Totally replaced Hawkules.

Jan 24, 2009
Mine is either Kobe Yojimbo or Eagle Hoplite.

Oct 25, 2012
My favorite would have to be Lucy Sterling. I love how she can cause damage up to 500 points with my pirate. SO useful fro PvPs.

Second would have to be a tie of Mormo and Old Scratch. They are both witchdoctor companions that have such cool magic powers. I love Mormo's epic hit where he summons those adorable mini water moles. Old Scratch's upgrade quests are really fun.

Last would have to be Bones McGee. He is such a cool companion because of his shooting ability which can do some serious damage. Plus he starts with the Quick Adjust which can be such a useful ability.

Sarcastic Danielle Verger