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Who is your Favorite Companion?

May 02, 2011
Feb 03, 2012
My personal right hand man ad first mate for my entire journey has been Kobe, however my favorite companion has to be Dead Mike. He served under my parents so I gotta have some respect for him, and his critical attacks are the best I've ever seen. Me and him we gonna go get revenge, if he doesn't fall apart first that is.

Petty Officer
Apr 04, 2011
my favorite companion id mormo. he' SO cute, and powerful too.

Nov 21, 2010
I LOVE my watermole Uga Buga! swashbucklers dont get watermoles so i had to buy one, it was worth it. not only does he look awesome after the second promotion (looks like Buga Buga from a side quest) he has pretty good damage. His Hoodoo Touch (which reduces damage) is a great thing to have in Cool Ranch and Mushu.

Level 41 Swashbuckler

Apr 26, 2009
Ahoy there,

Sorry to spoil to anyone that doesnt know we get this companion ;D

My favorite companion is El Toro! Does an average of 150 damage without relentless effect, and about 300 with it. He blocks tons, and his riposites do an average of 230.

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
Wow , cant believe nobody mentioned Scorpius when i got him i was like Awesome!! He rocked, and did more damage than any other unit in the game to that point... My all time favorite is Sara Steele with all her promotions done at level 40 she is by far the best damage output in the game. (first strike, repel boarders, flanking, riposte). On average she does 800 or more damage per round.. I haven't seen any other companion come close to that yet!! In mooshu she is the reason i am successful.. I am a swashbuckler as well and i cant seem to muster that much damage unless i backstab for it. So my Hats off to the creators of some of these awesome companions ---Kudo's!!! Example : Mob gets close to sara she does repel boarders damage 100-200d then mob attacks she dodges ripostes for another 200-400d then she attacks flanking for 200-400d then gets regular attack for 200-300d its amazing how much she can actually dole out in a given round.

Jun 23, 2012
Sarah Steele is by far my favorite. Her looks are gorgeous, I've trained to her to dodge more often and over all her personality is just as great, if not better then, Bonnie Anne and Ratbeard,

Petty Officer
Feb 24, 2012
I like th' spanish trumpet fightin' el toro 'n only that 'bout him, Wit' me flag colors bein' pastel pink 'n pastel orange, he be kinda adorable

as far as rooster cogburn goes, if he kills, 'n i stress if!, he has a pair guns shootin' in th' air flare that makes me hoot and hollar everytime

Mar 23, 2011
my favorite companions are sarah steele, bonnie anne, and kan po.

sarah steele:she is pretty.

bonnie anne:she is very powerful.

kan po:he looks cool after his first promotion.

see you in the skyways!

Feb 12, 2011
Dead Eye Luke on Nov 8, 2012 wrote:
Ahoy there,

Sorry to spoil to anyone that doesnt know we get this companion ;D

My favorite companion is El Toro! Does an average of 150 damage without relentless effect, and about 300 with it. He blocks tons, and his riposites do an average of 230.
I agree. I mean, forget firing the cannons and piratin' booty. I would rather stare at my companion list; mouth gaping, eyes wide on el toro. Every person that has ever made the game more challenging for you until that point looks like a new little fly to squash. In Mooshu i honestly feel bad for every pig i have to kill. Then again, it means more bacon for me

Scott Holystone

lvl 46

Jun 16, 2009
I love Sarah Steele and Bonnie Ann. After their promotions, they become significantly more powerful and incredibly helpful. I would make them both my firstmate if I could.

Gunner's Mate
Dec 31, 2009
From my experience as a beta player, my favorite companion was Sarah Steele. Of course, now that I don't have the option to level straight to Cool Ranch (we were helping out!) and have oodles of points at our disposals, and mind the fact that I'm at least a few levels below average, using Sarah in combat has always been a very delicate situation. She has extremely low health, and for me, her promo quest is pretty tough, from the drop rates to ol' Mick Dagger.
Nowadays, I tend to use companions like my ninja pig (Mu Po) and my crazy Monquistador (who I still call by my beta Monquistador's name, Juan Costa ) mainly for their damage, Mu's swashbuckler-ness and Juan's range. I can't wait to promote my Steele and get her the shiny swords and hat, though!


Sep 16, 2010
Geez, hard to decide which Companion i like the most.

El Toro his smile and the Trumpetsong...
Egg Shen his Inner Peace and he is the best Spearsurfer of the World

I cant really decide which one of those two Companions i wouldnt miss that much.

As an Eyecandy Companion i would suggest:

The Noble Lady Goat from the Concept Art i would like to have. (Mooshu Concept Art)
Maybe with her Fan as Weapon. Kinda Flying Fan girl i would say.


Jun 06, 2011
El...Toro! or Billy the kid if I had to choose a second one.

Oct 06, 2012
My favorites stay the same: I'll have to say Bonnie Anne and Ratbeard.
~Fearless Pearl Killerny~
Lvl. 11 Swashbuckler

Jul 27, 2009
I have three tied for my favorite. The ninja pig promo one, kobe, or bonnie annie.

Not old scratch he funny but not strong

Level 18

Sep 29, 2012
My favorite companion is Kobe Yojimbo because i like companions that do epic damage and when kobe promotes to a bull Samoorai he does damage like a beast. and when he promotes tier 2 samoorai lord he is like boss in the game without him i wouldnt even be here right now i almost done mooshu lvl 47

Sep 29, 2012
My Favorite companion is Kobe. because I like companions that do epic damage and when Kobe promotes tier 1 he does damage like a beast so first i put relentless then blade storm then riposte twice and he already has first strike. I a level 48

Sep 14, 2008
Ah, for different reasons I like different Companions:
For distance, hands down, Bonnie Annie
For side kick, El Toro(love his swinging critical and the rose!)
For 1st Companion Kan Po(excellent boarder and Riposte hits)
- just wish I could ditch the 1% - Battacuda


Jan 08, 2012
my favorite companion would be EL TORO! he is so awesome really his critical chance is higher then others i give him relentless 2 and riposite and he kicks butt and in red,black and gold he looks epic!

Feb 27, 2009
My favorite companion is Radolf (I think I spelled it wrong) and Rooster Cogburn right now.
Jacob Freeman lvl 23

Sep 08, 2008
Now, 43 levels later, I may have to change my favorite up a bit.

Now my favorite is the Goat Monk. Lets say he became my favorite at level 38. Incredible versatile epics to cover all kinds of damage and healing.

Now, I started thinking, is he perhaps the best first mate? The Crane, the Privateer counterpart, has around 600 more health than the Goat monk. Perhaps even better suited for survival because of it.

Either way, at 38, the Goat Monk (either version) is perhaps the coolest looking companion I have yet to see.

Dec 30, 2011
i would have to say froggo villa is my favorite. I know you have to crown shop him , but just how he looks like a brigand just stuns me in terms of design. plus i love his critical hit, the action of spinning his knife and then throwing three is pure epicness. wish we could purchase extra attcks for companions that dont ever get any...

May 02, 2009
Darth JT on Oct 18, 2012 wrote:
My most favorite companion in the game currently is Kobe YoJimbo!

He is an awesome Bull Samoori, his Crown Brother Wagyu or as I call him WagE is a very worthy purchase from the crown shop. He starts with First strike and later on, I train him in relentless twice, then riposte!

My second favorite companion is Kan Po, who is also a very worthy companion as well as his crown counterpart. He starts with Riposte, which I later get riposte 2 and Relentless twice, and he gets a heal.

What is your favorite companion and why?
My favorite companions are Kobe Yojimibo because he's more ruthless than my buccaneer and mor merciless than my swashbuckler, Subodai because he looks awesome, [Ensign, Leiutenant, Commander] Emmet because he's the best musketeer companion besides Bonnie, Sarah Steele because hes does great damage, and all Presido companions (Dead Mike, Milo Graytail, Birgus Latro, Gaspard de Vole, and Lucky Jack Russell) because they look cool (especially when they promote) and do an excellent job in battle.

May 07, 2011
My favorite is Froggo Villa cause he's a ninja! I also like the weasel gambler cause he uses playing cards. Those really can be deadly you know, I've seen a guy cut a watermelon with them.