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What is your idea for a new companion?

Oct 08, 2012
Name: Ace Arctic Shard
Species: Penguin
Pirate Species: Penguin Gunner lvl 70/ Penguin SharpShooter 80/ Penguin Sniper 90
Class: Muskateer.
How to get: Musketeers only at level 70 after completing some main quests.
Description: Abandoned by his feathery parents, he has been poor and working hard. By the time he grown, he joined the Navy, and after a few years he retired and lives in a igloo, hoping to find someone. He heard rumors on a crew of strong pirates coming to search for a map, and so they found him outside, injured by a armada sniper. He later heals and recovers and joins the pirate's crew.

Jan 18, 2013
Name: Sarah Steele
Species: Mouse
Pirate Species: Continuing from Corsair, Mouse Scoundrel level 72
Class: Swashbuckler
Weapon of Choice: Golden blade and dagger
How to get: Kraken Skulls Tavern, level 4, Swashbuckler only
Description: Sarah tells you her blade broke and she needs to get something that will last for a long time. She wants to go to Krokatopia and carve a golden blade and dagger.

Jan 18, 2013
Name: Samrika Poly
Species: Baboon
Pirate Species: Baboon Shaman/Baboon Sorcerer level 79
Class: Witchdoctor
How to get: Side quest in Krokotopia, a mander asks if you could find him as he was on a quest to find a stolen relic. You find him and help him finish his quest and he becomes a crew member. Available to all classes.
Weapon of Choice: Shaman wand/Sorcerer's scepter.
Description: He was sent on a quest to find the mysterious scepter of good doing but failed as their was a monstrous krokotillian guarding it but somebody saves him.

Mar 31, 2010
Name: hermis

Race: hammer head shark (same race as Mordecai)

Hammer head blade master (buccaneer )

Side quest in skull island: not all dead (lvl 50 to get quest from Mordecai)

Weapon of choice: giant blade (sort of like mordecai's blade)

Available to all classes

Promotion at lvl 65. Promotes to hammer head duel master.

Jack Walker 65

Jan 18, 2013
Name: Richard Lyre
Species: Lyrebird
Pirate Species: Lyrebird Witchdoctor, Lyrebird Magician lvl 71, Lyrebird Druid lvl 93
Class: Witchdoctor
How to get: Main quest in Darkmoor, available to all classes.
Weapon of choice: Silver harp, Golden harp, Golden Lyre
Description: An orphan lyrebird that has been a witchdoctor since he was 12, he was raised in Darkmoor by a Lagooney and has never left his home, hoping to leave his home for adventure.

Nov 04, 2012
Name: One-Eyed Jack

Species: Rabbit

Pirate Species: Rabbit Pirate


How to get:how i said on my post on Bonnie Anne introducing herself.

Weapon of Choice: Backhand Dagger like Froggo Villa

All classes

Promotion after you complete the mission that you get him on(like you know who for the ones who haven't completed book 1 yet.

Dec 23, 2012
Name: borgen the great

Species: bear

Pirate species: bear warrior (promotes to bear hero)


How to get: a side quest in Grizzleheim ( suggestion if they make grizzleheim a world which would be awesome ) ( quest called: The best of the best)

Weapon of choice: sword and shield (epic being him jump into air and slash down and after roar) (when promotes it changes the embarking on the shield and the epic is him slashing from side to side)

available to all classes

Description: a warrior from Grizzleheim, in his time of being with his tribe and dealing with creatures he lost his way of helping others and after you defeat him he realizes he could do better and help with others around him and he joins you crew, and with his help your team will be victorious

Add of Description: at beginning choice of 1 or 2 tough, rough, and accuracy, and after he promotes he can get vengeance strike 2, flanking, epic: bears rage which makes all buccaneers gain extra damage.

Quick Blake Maxwell

Dec 23, 2012
Musteatsoup on Jun 30, 2014 wrote:
I have two of them. I probably could draw them.

Name: Kiriya Bloodclaws
Species: Wolf
Pirate Species: Wolf Assassin
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to get: IDK how to pick how to get her but all classes should.
Weapon: Claws

Name: Shina
Species: Watermole
Pirate Species: Watermole Archer
Pirate Class: musketeer
How to get: all classes crown shop and swashbuckler on a quest, but idk how XD
Weapon: Bow and arrows
Talents: Overwatch, Bust Fire, Double Tap, Return Fire, Quick Draw (you can pick what ever you want)

ps. both should have a promotion or two.
Kiriya should be received from one of the bear tribes in grizzleheim

Also the watermole should be from a hidden zone in waponi woo island

Quick Blake Maxwell

Mar 18, 2011
Pirate Species:pirate to pirate master to pirate warlord
Pirate Class:privateer
How to get:crown shop
Weapon/Weapon's of choice:(pirate a wood sword) (at pirate master too iron swords) (pirate warlord a hoodoo blade with flames coming off of it)

thats my idea hope you like it

Nov 04, 2012
Name: Napolenguin


Species: Penguin

Pirate species: Penguin Explorer to Penguin Commander to Penguin Admiral

Petty Officer
Nov 30, 2012
Name: Shinobi Student
Species: Ninja Pig/Mooshu
Pirate Species: Shinobi Student
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to get: I'll take a moment to explain this, I thought kind of how near the end of the game you can find someone with a side quest (a young ninja pig student) is in Subata temple and when you talk to him he tells you how the Shinobi clan are planning to throw an attack on Subata temple and that pig, wants to do the right thing but swore to his clan, the Shinobi, to help them. He tells you their plan of attack, etc and how you need to help him stop it. Afterwards once you defeat the Shinobi WARlord (not clan.) who overthrew the rightful leader, the student who told you everything decides his fate "be best by your side in combat"
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Shinobi Custom Blade.

Then a bit describing the character A young, mid teen pig, that has 2 promotions, when you first get him hes kind of basically a ninja pig except with his mask of and kind of has those ninja robe things. The next promotion he becames your usual ninja pig, finally he gets that golden armor I'm sure some people are familiar with seeing. I also forgot to mention what the labels for them for each promotion are, 1. Pig Student 2. Shinobi Ninja Pig 3. Shinobi Clanlord. I aswell forgot to mention his name is Weskquie. (Pronounced WE-S-QU-E

Mar 27, 2014
Name: The Duck Of Death
Species: Duck
Pirate Species: ?
Pirate Class: Witchdoctor
How to get: Defeat the duck of death (silver stallion) 11 times.
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Pistol.

Feb 10, 2009
Name: Two eyed Jack


Pirate Species: Rabbit pirate

Pirate Class: Swashbuckler or Buccaneer

How to get: One eyed Jack tells you that the Armada (or some random enemy) took his brother, and that he wants you too save him. Then after you save him he tells you that he will repay you by joining your crew.

Weapon of Choice: Same blades as One eyed Jack

Looks like One eyed Jack

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
Seeing as we currently can only used ranged skeleton companions (not counting the skeletal cowboy the lost ranger of course), I figured that I'd go and try to make one up for all of the factions to use. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for your time.

Young Ned
Skeletal Pirate

Pirate Faction: Swashbuckler
Min. Level: X8
Max. Level: X1
Factions available to: All
Looks like: Skeletal Pirate
Promotes at: lv.X5 & X8.
Promotes into: Skeletal Warrior & Skeletal Captain respectively.
Looks like: Skeletal Warrior & Bobby Bones respectively.
How to get: Side quest in Skull Island.

Backstory in my next post here on this thread.

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009

Long ago, in a small skull island village in the skull island skyway, a young boy named Ned fell ill due to an incurable disease. The doctors tried all that they could to save him to no avail and he eventually died much to everyone’s sadness. However, one year later, the love from his loved ones managed to bring him back to life, but he was different; no longer was he living, but now an undead skeleton. As a young boy he always wanted to be a pirate, but due to his illness it could never be realized, but now that he’s dead, his dream could now be realized. With help & support from his family & friends, he received the training needed to become the best young pirate that he could be.

On his 10th birthday, while out exploring on his pirate ship, The Young Dreamers, his village was attacked by rouge pirates. Ned, seeing the smoke coming from his village, parked his ship in a secret alcove known only to him & his village & rushed to help as fast as he could, but despite his valiant efforts at trying to fend off the pirates, he was eventually captured along with most of his village. Shortly before being hauled away on an enemy ship, his parents devised a plan that would let him escape and protect the rest of the villagers. Though Ned didn’t like the idea of leaving his parents behind, he knew in his heart that they would he fine without him, so Ned fell into pieces long enough for him to escape. Once in the clear, he pulled himself back together, defeated the remaining pirates that chased him, and fled back to the village to protect its remaining villagers.

Continued in next post.

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
3 years had passed since then that fateful day and the village has since recovered from the attack & is more prepared than ever for the day that the pirates come back to finish the job. Ned is still torn by the fact that his parents are gone and realizes that he’s gonna need some help to find them as well as make sure that the village is properly defended while he’s gone. To do this, he decided to contact Captain Avery and ask for assistance from him & his best pirates, as he knows that if anyone can help him and his village, he can.

Mar 30, 2014


Pirate Species:Wolf Thief

Promotion One:Wolf Vigilante( Level 45)

Promotion Two:Wolf Hero( Level 68 )

Class: Swashbuckler (Only For Swashbucklers)

Weapon Of Choice:Two Backhanded Blades And Extra Blades In Belt

How To Get:After reaching level 38 and completing a quest given by Morgan Laffite

Background Story:After being taken from his wolf pack He decided to steal from the rich and give to the poor. After being Caught by the Armarda he voyaged to Skull Island and was taught by Morgan Laffite ever since.

.Tough Fur
.Giant Scar on Left Eye
.Belt( Holds extra Blades)
.Sharp Rugged Claws
.Rough Skin

Mar 27, 2014
Name: Gojo Yokamama
Species: Orangutan Musketeer
Pirate Species: Musketeer.
Pirate Class: All classes.
How to get: Complete quest- A Rack Of Bullets
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Shotgun (same as samoorai musketeer companion)

Jun 08, 2012
Name: Thanatos
Pirate Species: Wraith Warrior
Pirate Class: Witchdoctor
How to get: Quest,"The Doors of Death"
Weapons of choice: Scythe and a huge obsidian blade
Image: Picture him as a huge skeleton. Kind of like Skeletor from He-Man (don't know why Skeletor was the first one to come to mind, but oh well. And sorry younger pirates who don't know what show I am talking about). He's a giant skeleton in a suit of black armor holding a scythe with a black sword in a scabbard. He's a physical witchdoctor as well, and he uses his sword during criticals. He has a critical strike, the ability to summon 1-3 skeletal warriors (random pick of how many summoned), and he comes with ghost wail (maybe later on he could get a promotion that gives an increased critical strike and upgrades ghost wail to soul reaver).
Quest info- After defeating Medusa in Aquila, Archimedes will allow you to obtain a quest. He speaks about how the people who turned to stone from Medusa, aren't coming back to life and aren't dying either. So Archimedes belives that there is an issue with Thanatos, and he sends you to go talk to his brother, Death (the guy in Cool Ranch who helped you kill Captain Blood).
So you meet with Death and he explains that he can't do anything because he only deals with the dead in Cool Ranch, and he sends you to the doors of death and to see if Thanatos can ever be freed.
Will he ever be freed? Will we get him as a companion? The only way to find out is if Kingsisle will create him or if I get more characters to type with!
But yeah, there's my idea. Sorry for typing so much, I hope you like my idea, because I had a great time writing it.

Petty Officer
Jul 18, 2012
I hope you guys don't think this is to lame but here I go

Name: Neapolitan
Pirate Species: Penguin
Pirate Class: Musketeer
Pirate Species: Penguin Archer
How to get Quest: "A Scoop of Each"/ "Saving Napoeguin's Nephew"
Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrows
Image: A small Penguin with dark brown bangs in his eyes and blue eyes. He wears a winter coat with your main flag color and snow boots with your secondary flag color. His bow is slightly too big for him and his quiver is black. When he uses his mega hit he pulls three scoops of ice cream (one vanilla one chocolate and one strawberry and fires them with his arrows. When he gets his first promotion he gets a black ski hat that let's his bangs still be visible but the rest of his hair not so much and he gets another black quiver.

Quest Info: If you are a buccaneer (he is not available to other classes) Avery will call you after you finish the quest "Saving Napoleguin's Nephew" telling you that Napoleguin's nephew has left Polaris because he thinks it's to cold. Once you get to his office Neapolitan happily says there he is there he is and asks to join your crew and you let him. Avery then tells you to be cautious when bringing him to Valencia, Monquesta or Marleybone (enemies of Polaris).

Storyline Quest Info: Napoleguin frantically is sending letters out to all his allies and you needing to hide Neapolitan somewhere safe due to the monquestan civil war. So you must then defeats ten armada ships ten Royal Navy ships and ten monqustador ships so Neapolitan can get to Avery's office for saftey.
Then "A Scoop of each" Unlocks

-Stormy Oliver Zabra Level 32

Petty Officer
Jul 18, 2012
Forgot I could edit stuff so I made two posts lol!

Jun 09, 2013
Name: Gear
Species: Robot Gunner
Class: Musketeer
Quest / How to Get: Either a Musketeer class exclusive companion or one of Gracie Conrad's creations (all classes get him)
Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle
Abilities: Overwatch,"Gunner's Repulse" (a mid-range, multiple target blast which knocks back enemies back a tile), "Mechanical Messenger" (summons a mechanical bird to battle)
Description: tall, humanoid shape, gold plating, sniper sight eye patch on right eye, metallic duster and tricorn

Name: Sleepy Hollow
Species: Treant
Class: Witchdoctor
Quest / How to Get: Witchdoctor class exclusive companion or Darkmoor quest
Weapon of Choice: Mojo Staff
Abilities: Improved Mojo Blast 2, Mojo Echo, Coward's Bane, "Haunting Hollows" (summons four Treants to battle)
Description: tall, looks like a Treant, Witchdoctor necklace, green mojo glowing in his eyes and hands

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
Name: Capitan Ladron
Species: Toad
Pirate Species: Banditoad Veteran
Pirate Class: Banditoad Veteran
How to get: Complete a secret boss battle with him in Santo Pollo
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Dual guns
True Grit

Capitan Ladron uses a poncho with an outline consisting of your flag colors. His sombrero is your flag colors, too. You need to find a hidden room in Santo Pollo, where he will commence battle with you. After you defeat him, all classes get him as a companion. At level 53, he promotes into Banditoad Sergeant.
Also, his name means "Thief Captain" in Spanish.

Mark Laveer, Buccaneer

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
I would like KingsIsle to expand the Grim Reaver Quest so it has more locations to visit, it is longer, and it offers...COMPANIONS FOR ALL CLASSES!!!


Name: Azor Shackles
Species: Skeleton
Pirate Species: Skeletal Warrior
Pirate Class: Buccaneer
How to get: Complete quest "A Chill Wind"
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: A battle axe

Imagine the skeleton lackeys that you fight in the Ancient Tunnels, except at your command!


Name: Zeet Well-Aimed
Species: Skeleton
Pirate Species: Skeletal Crossbowman
Pirate Class: Musketeer
How to get: Complete quest "A Chill Wind"
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Crossbow

Same as above

Name: Mete Slasher
Species: Skeleton
Pirate Species: Skeletal Pirate
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to get: Complete quest "A Chill Wind"
Weapon/Weapons's of choice: Cutlass
Same as above, except this time, it's the ones summoned by Dr. Scratch's Bone Chant.

Name: Kom-Kot Hod
Species: Aztecosaur
Pirate Species: Aztecosaur Mummy
Pirate Class: Privateer
How to get: Complete quest "A Chill Wind"
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Lasers
Think Eck Beh.

And Witchdoctors still get Bones McGee. Or they get a Captain Blood companion.

Mark Laveer, Buccaneer

Dec 15, 2012
I know there may be certain "reasons" why we can't have him but I'm sticking to it no matter what! And yes his name will sound familiar for a reason.

Name: Arthur Wethersfield (either same version of him from Wizard or a younger version)
Species: Marleybonian
Pirate Species: Dog sorcerer
Pirate Class: Witchdoctor
How to get: Is your foster father if you choose Marleybone as your foster home planet.
Weapon: Spells and whacking people with his suitcases :)

A little description: For those of you who don't play wizard101, or just forgot the characters, Arthur is the Balance school (aka sorcery school) instructor.