Game Update Notes


Welcome to the Test Realm

The Test Realm is an area where players can help test and preview new changes coming to Pirate101. It is only open to Members with an active Membership and Crowns players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30 days. We thank you for your help in testing Pirate101!

Monquista King

Ranked PvP

P.1.080 – Spiral Date 583182

Get ready to test your mettle! Mickey Dugan in Skull Island wants to introduce you to his friend Enzo Scorbutico in the Brawlin’ Hall to teach you about Ranked PVP. In Ranked PVP you can battle other players to earn ranks, badges and rewards! Members have unlimited access to Ranked PVP matches. Crowns players can purchase passes per match, day or season.

Don’t worry! The Spar Chamber is still available if you’d like some old fashioned practice PvP as well.

PvP Modes

There are two types of Ranked PVP matches available for play. In 1vs1 matches you face off against one other player in a test of wits and skill! In Battle Royale mode, four pirates enter the battle and only one will emerge victorious. When you sign up to participate in a Ranked PVP match, the matchmaking system will attempt to place you in a battle with appropriate opponents.

Scores, Ranking and Rewards

As you compete in Ranked PVP matches, you will gain points to raise your rank. There are 8 possible ranks to achieve: Contender, Brawler, Warrior, Gladiator, Veteran, Hero, Paragon and Champion. As you gain points your rank will increase, but if you lose matches your rank will decrease. For each match you complete you will receive an amount of Scrip as a reward. Winners will receive a higher amount of Scrip and this amount will increase with each rank you achieve!

With all of the Scrip you will acquire through Ranked PVP, you can purchase awesome rewards including powerful new weapons, cool new housing items and pets.

Ranked PvP Seasons

Compete to stay at the top of your game in PVP Seasons! Every three months, a new season will come to Ranked PVP. This will reset ranks and even the playing field for all players. At the end of each season, players who have rank Brawler and higher will receive a scrip reward based on their rank. With each new season, you can earn slightly different badges and rewards to show your skill and dedication to staying on top of the game!

New PvP Rewards and Vendors

New scrip vendors have entered the Brawlin’ Hall to reward you for your successful PvP matches! Now you can buy new pets, new weapons, and new housing items outside of the Black Market. While browsing these new wares, don’t miss Candyce Olsen’s very special “art books” that she has for sale. These unique housing items are placed in your player housing and allow you to flip through pages and pages of original concept art that made Pirate101 the great game it is!


Nautical Gauntlet

Pirates of Nautical Level 45 or above can visit Mickey Dugan in Skull Island to take on the quest “The Pirate’s Regatta!” for a new adventure! Gather three friends and get ready to take on a challenging Nautical Gauntlet, best experienced by players Level 65. Work together to defeat waves of enemy ships and face off against a powerful boss ship for rewards including Scrip and a chance at new pets!


Mysterious New Trainers

Tucked away in a hidden location you'll find this mysterious stranger (and other clandestine pirates) ready to teach you some powerful abilities. These trainers are busy folks, often off on adventures of their own, so they are not always available. Check back at various times to see who you might meet and what knowledge they have to impart.


Combats and Abilities

A new option has been added to reduce the amount of time required for combat animations to play. Visit the Gameplay Options screen and set Fast Combat to “Yar” in order to display the quicker combat animations. Please note: each player’s setting for Fast Combat only affects their own character and companions.

The following abilities are now PvE only (not usable in PvP):

  • Charm (and Charming Gaze)
  • Blood Flames (granted by Captain Blood's Jacket)
  • Infernal Wave (granted by Moo Manchu's hat)
  • Frozen Tide (granted by Moo Manchu's boots)

Abilities such as Piratey, Big Guns and Battle Banners will recognize Enemy Territory differently in Ranked PVP matches. Enemy Territory in Ranked PVP will refer to the area in which the opponent begins the match only.

In PVP, temporary stat increases, decreases and temporary talents will not stack. Instead, only the most powerful effect for each stat type will be used. These changes only apply in PvP; buffs are unchanged for the PvE experience.

Assassin’s Shroud cannot target objects.

Combat oriented elixirs are no longer usable in PVP.


Companion Changes

Since you'll no doubt be eager to tweak your strategy for PvP, we've dramatically reduced the cost to respec your companions. Crowns players will pay a fee in Crowns that scales based on level with a maximum cost of 2,000 Crowns. Gold cost for Members has also been reduced.



New hybrid combinations are available to be discovered, including some swimming, feathered and purring pets! Happy morphing, Pirates!


Other Changes

The entry sigil for Karo’s Lair has been updated to show the correct name.

Ranked PVP related phrases have been added to Menu Chat.

The Ronin Renegade and Enlightened One badges now appear in the Quest tab.

The Haunted Skyway Undertaker badge now appears in the Exploration tab.

The amount of Armor and Resist that applies to attacks has been increased to make these stats more effective.