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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

Diplomacy Forged on a Party Barge!

Captain Avery’s dream is coming true - Skull Island is going to be a republic! For players, this means new adventures await those who have completed the quest “Gunn’s Gold.” Avery’s new quests will take you across Skull Island and always guide you back to Zeke’s Party Barge.

Once you complete Avery’s initial quests, every 24 hours the diplomats on the Party Barge will offer you a level-banded repeatable quest that have a chance to reward you some of the rarest jewelry and totems from around the Spiral.

Once you earn your new badge from completing these quests, a new vendor will unlock on the Party Barge. Drop by the Party Barge often! You never know who or what you might see there!


Practice Ship PvP

Players have long requested a zone where they can faceoff in Broadside battle with other players’ ships. We’re happy to add this new form of “practice” ship PvP... with the hopes for more to come! For all those who are at least level three (and nautical level three), Mickey Dugan has a new quest titled “Broadside!” This quest will direct you to the Skipper and open the portal to a random location in our ship PvP zone. It’s sure to be a dangerous place!

Special Notes:

  • You won’t be able to change your ship in the zone.
  • You will spawn into the zone in a random location.
  • The only way to exit is to use your shortcut teleportation keys (...or get sent back to a life fountain from being defeated).
  • There are new badges for both sinking ships and for being sunk in Practice Ship PvP.


Team Up Ledger

Visit the new Join a Team Ledger in Skull Island proper to find a group for adventures! It will display a list of all teams that are waiting for additional members. Only the dungeons and worlds that your Pirate already has access to will be listed. Press the “Refresh” button at the bottom right to update the list and look for additional teams.

  • If you leave an incomplete dungeon after using Team Up, you will have to wait 10 minutes before you can Team Up or use the Join a Team kiosk again.
  • In minor dungeons, such as those with only one battle, the penalty is removed after a single battle.
  • When you leave a dungeon after using the Team Up Ledger, you will be returned to Skull Island.
  • Players are prevented from playing mini-games while waiting in a queue for Team Up!
  • Four New badges for helping players using Join a Team have been added. Enjoy!



Pirate101 now has emojis! Click the skull face icon on the right hand side of your chat window, and this will open up a menu of emojis you can add to your conversation. Click on the emoji you want to use and you’ll notice that this adds a keyword shortcut to the chat window (For example, the Swashbuckler school emoji is “:Swashbuckler”.) When you press enter, the keyword shortcut becomes an emoji in chat. (NOTE: We’ve started with a very basic set of emojis for now—the same ones that can be found on our official message boards—and have plans to add more in the future!)

If you’d rather not see emojis, there is a toggle now to turn these on and off from your options menu.



Visit the new Join a Team Ledger in Skull Island proper to find a group for adventures! It will display a list of all teams that are waiting for additional members. Only the dungeons and worlds that your Pirate already has access to will be listed. Press the “Refresh” button at the bottom right to update the list and look for additional teams.

Now your companions have been given intelligence to act of their own accord! The “Automate Companions” option now defaults to “on,” but you can toggle this off through your options menu.

While Automate Companions is on, whenever you don’t issue a command to a companion, they will approach and fight the enemy as they see fit. This also works for Henchmen!



  • Fixed a bug causing the Yule Trogg to not use the jump ability correctly.
  • Added the Scrip Only icon to the Clock-o-gators.
  • Fixed a bug causing some mount names to not be usable in chat.
  • Increased the max-friends limit to 150 for subscribers.
  • The Tower of Moo Manchu is no longer marked as a free to play zone and is now a part of the premium area for Book 12, Chapter 29.

Practice Ship PvP Changes

  • Safe Harbors – There are now Safe Harbors at both ends of the skyway, which are marked with a line of barrels that sit just below the skyway. When you enter Ship PvP, you’ll now enter within a Safe Harbor. When in a Safe Harbor, you won’t be able to attack or be attacked by other ships.
  • Other Ship PvP changes:
    • All ships are now set to the max player level (70) upon entry so non-max level ships can participate and not be instantly defeated by higher level ships. Watch out! Even if they can’t be as well equipped, rafts can be dangerous now too!
    • All ships are now granted 4x base damage to speed up the combat action! Let us know how it feels to you. Thanks for your feedback.
    • Yar! It’s now harder to run and hide from combat, ya scallywags!
      • Players can no longer use potions while in Ship PvP.
      • Players can no longer teleport out of the area before defeat.
      • Boost cannot be used while engaged in broadside.
      • Wind lanes are functional; however, now they do not disengage you from combat
    • Players can no longer login directly to the Ship PvP zone
    • Quest helper is no longer displayed during Ship PvP.

Other Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Removed the “wireframe” that was showing on many weapons from the Ashes of the Armada Pack.
  • Added the ability to leave a teleportation mark on the Party Barge.
  • Players will be dismounted when on the Party Barge.
  • Leaving the Party Barge from ship will no longer cause you to become stuck in Skull Island.
  • Cutthroat Ships in the Westminster Skyway no longer appear far above the skyway.
  • Whiskers McCray is now more readily available to combat and has a proper title.
  • Fixed a combat delay caused by multiple players having differing auto-companion settings.
  • Made a few minor spelling corrections from the new quest dialog.

September 22nd, 2017

Ship PvP

  • Players can now use a potion while inside the Safe Harbor of Ship PvP.
  • Modified statistics from Ship PvP are now properly removed after exiting the Ship PvP zone.
  • Players are no longer able to AOE heal nearby ships from the Safe Harbor in Ship PvP.
  • The Boost Button will now re-enable after you are sunk in Ship PvP.
  • Ship PvP now has exit teleporters in the Safe Zone.
  • The damage modifier on Ship PvP has been reduced to 2.5 times the damage instead of 4 times the damage.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Players who had befriended themselves will now be removed from their own Friend’s List.
  • Toothy McFinn can no longer attack at range with a sword.
  • Added 2H “Smashy” Sparkler to Party Barge Vendor.
  • The repeatable quests no longer give an additional gold reward.
  • Players can now say “Turret” and “emoji” in chat.
  • Emojis are now visible in Skyway Chat.
  • Mickey Dugan will no longer talk about the Team Up Ledger every time you log in.
  • Changed the location of the Marleybone enemies in the new quest so lower leveled players can still complete it.
  • Fixed a bug causing the countdown timer for the Regatta Quest to be hidden behind the transportalator.
  • Fixed the quest arrow that was pointing to De Monte ships instead of Monquistan Renegades.
  • The Sparkler effect on the new weapons no longer linger after you equip a mount.
  • Players should no longer find themselves in a skyway without a ship if they teleport from the dock of a ship.
  • The Dual Sparkler weapon now shows an effect when they shoot.
  • Players can now use team up for the Rebel Hideout encounters in Devilfish Hollow.
  • Fixed a couple of voice over and minor grammatical errors in the new Quests.