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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

June 2021 Game Update


Hello Pirate Friends,

We’re very excited to be able to resume some development on Pirate101! In this bug fix update, we were able to fix a few dozen of the pesky critters (some of which are not mentioned below because they were simply reinforcing backend stability), add new side quest content with a new farmable boss, and add some other new items not mentioned here that will appear in game later on.

KingsIsle is excited to give some attention to Pirate. We aim to use a subset of the Wizard team for any opportunity we can without impacting Wizard’s release schedule. We are still looking into doing some larger updates, but this will take more resources and time than we have currently. We’ll keep you in the loop on progress with that, but for now, please enjoy Sinbad’s new adventure and a slightly shinier and cleaner Spiral!

With fire,
Professor Falmea




A legendary sailor and his crew have come to Skull Island... and they need your help! Does your Pirate have what it takes to win the title of Best Pirate in the Spiral? Take your corner in this quick, no-holds-barred adventure full of thrills, chills, and much crushing.

To get started, your pirate needs to be level 70 and then you can speak to Albano in Avery’s Court to begin the adventure. You can find Albano between the Coin Drop Minigame and the Privateer’s Office.


We are aware of a couple of additional issues from the update and hope to have a fix for them in place asap. Please post your feedback on this update in the discussion forums. Thanks!

  • Black Annie Rackham and Verminious Blightbeard: Now recruit at player level
  • Charred Privateer: Now has the option to select Soul Shroud as one of their Epic Talents
  • Charred Shaman: Replaced duplicate talent with Bloodsucker rank 3 to all promo tiers
  • Giordano Bravo: Added proper talent selection at level 32
  • Verminious Blightbeard: Added some new housing items and pet snacks to his loot table
  • Players can no longer purchase the Yuletide pack if they have already received the companions
  • Certain animal type companions were buffed with a new power added to their repertoire
  • Fixed the quest helper arrow in the quest ‘Yak Where I Belong’
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from turning in the quest ‘Bring Me My Bow’
  • ‘Party Barge’ quest now correctly identified as a side quest
Items and Crown Shop
  • Champion Weapons are available for purchase again
  • Increased the variety of cheeses offered in the Crown Shop
  • Housing item 'All That and a Mooda’ is now sellable
  • Added level requirements to all Dark Sea Gear
  • Updated the "Scavenging" loot tables for Valencia 2
Graphics & Audio
  • Fixed an issue preventing Flint Locke from displaying the right variety of wares
  • Fixed an animation issue when switching between mounts
  • Updated the chat word list to include more in-game terms


Let us know what you think of this new Pirate101 update in the discussion forums!