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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

Game Updates: June 2022


Hotfix Notes can be found here

Tomorrow we publish the newest update for Pirate101!

Pirates, prepare for a journey to acquire new gear, new weapons, and a new mount! Reginald P. Jowlsley, located near the Skull Island main fountain, will offer one Event quest per day to obtain the week-specific event key. A player with 1 key may take themselves and 3 other Pirates through the new portal (conveniently located next to Reginald P. Jowlsley!) to fight for a chance to obtain new rare gear, weapons, and the ultra-rare new mount, Crow’s Wings.

Also included in this update is background tech that will allow us to create new bundles and packs. Be on the lookout for more NEW content coming out that is not included in these patch notes.

Here's to a bright Pirate future,

New Update! - Introducing Rotating Weekly Events


Weekly Event System Details

Please post your feedback on this update in the discussion forums. Thanks!

4 Rotating Weekly Event Quests Each event has a daily associated quest, given by Reginald P. Jowlsley, that drops a week-specific key. That key opens a boss fight with rare loot! All key fights have the chance to drop the new Crow’s Wings mount.
  • Only 1 event is active per week. They rotate every Tuesday at 10:30am CT
    • The first event active when this update becomes live will last until July 12th
  • Manchu's Mysterious Relics – Boss fight quest. Rare drop: new weapons
  • Manchu's Curious Coins – Collection quest. Rare drop: new boots
  • Manchu's Royal Jelly Jam – Non-boss fight quest. Rare drop: new hats
  • Manchu's Skyway Chicanery – Ship battle quest. Rare drop: new robes
4 New Rotating Boss Encounters Once you have a key, you may enter the portal near Reginald P. Jowlsley to encounter a boss fight
  • Each daily quest will provide the player with a skeleton key (1 key per character per day)
    • Since accounts can have multiple characters, you may obtain more than 1 key per day per account
    • Keys are NOT tradable
  • 1 key can be used to bring 4 players into the week-specific boss fight
  • These boss fights are difficult. Their week-specific loot is described above
6 Level Brackets for Key Fights 


  • The keyholder’s level determines the highest-level bracket the team may fight in
    • You may choose any level bracket equal to or lower than the key holder’s highest qualifying bracket
  • ONLY gear/weapon level is affected by the level bracket. Loot drop rates are not
  • These are the level brackets for key-fights
  • 1-14
  • 15-34
  • 35-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70


New “Salty” Gear Sets
  • 1 new hat, coat, and boots per class
  • 6 stat variants per item
  • 8 different level brackets per item
  • If you do the math, at 5 total classes, that’s 720 variations of 15 items

14 New “Salty” Weapons
  • Also includes level bracket variations
  • Notably includes the first Wand/Shield combo!
New Powers New crowd control/mobility powers! These powers are only on items dropped through these events. These new powers are found in the new gear.
  • Smoke Screen: Single target space at unlimited range that summons smoke for 3 turns. Enemies adjacent to the smoke have 50% reduced accuracy 
  • Faze Field: Teleport to any open square on the field and leave an AOE haze for 10 turns that lightly damages and Blinds enemies. Blinded enemies may move but may not attack
  • Escape Bunker: Dash to an open spot up to 9 squares away. Summons a ring of barrels around where you end up that lasts 4 turns
  • Leap Smash: Leap to an open square and smash the ground dealing damage and knocking back nearby enemies

Other Update Highlights

Super and Ultra variations of Packs
  • Super-packs have a 3x higher drop rate for companions and mounts
    • Can be purchased in the Crown Shop
  • Ultra-packs have a 5x higher drop rate for companions and mounts
    • Only available through giveaways
  • Grizzly Beast pack will NOT be getting a Super or Ultra version. This may change in the future.
Words Whitelisted for Chat
  • Notably: Night, Sinbad, Click, Wireless, Cutscene, Im, Oof, Wiki, Movie, Aaron
    • Sorry Aaron. You already have the A-ARON joke to deal with. Your name is legal now.
      • And sorry to folks that wanted to share in Aaron's pain with a hearty “Oof”.
        • Example: “Aaron, did you click on Sinbad?”.
          • “Yeah. Im waiting for this movie length cutscene to end”.
            • “Oof, good buddy. Oof.”
              • If you know an Aaron, tell them the good news.
                • #SorryAaron

Bug Fixes

  • Players can no longer restrict each other from dungeon access by using the crown shop.
  • “Stop Those Monsters!” quest will no longer lie about the location of Mr. Mansell.
  • “Yak Where We Belong” quest also told to not lie about Samoorai’s location. It better listen.
  • “Subterranean Centrifuge” quest no longer makes Manicotti Atrium unplayable after completion.
  • Hurl Blades description now accurately reflects the power: Reduces movement by 50%.
  • Frostlock now has an attack range for the 65 and 70 variants.
  • Matching type Nefarious weapons can now be stitched.
  • Helios Set and Frostlock can be stitched.
  • El Toro has had nothing changed. He is perfect. 🎺 🎵 🎵 🎺

Let us know what you think of this new Pirate101 update in the discussion forums!

July 6th Hotfix Notes

  • Salty gear is no longer able to be auctioned
  • Daily Event quests were not resetting. Daily event quests from Reginald now reset at 2am CT as intended
  • Dreadnaught Regal Instance bug - Quest shortened until permanent fix can be implemented
  • Event keys cannot be shared via bank anymore
  • Shortened Starter Bundle Descriptions