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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

Game Updates: May 2023

A new update for Pirate101 is here!!

Pirates, it is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to Sinbad Chapter 2: The Iron Lotus. This is the first of a few updates coming to Pirate101 this year, so raise your anchors and loose your sails!

In this update we continue the legendary tale of Sinbad after the events of our underground adventures in Devilfish Hollow. Ready yourself for a series of fights that will bring ill-prepared Pirates to their knees. Those with enough skill and bravery will find themselves adorned in never-before-seen weapons and accessories.

Max level Pirates will also have a new limited-edition challenge... a new Dreadnaught! Two days a week this monstruous battle will be available for daring Pirates to encounter. Make sure to talk to Padraig McCallum in Averys Court.... when he’s there.



Sinbad Chapter 2: The Iron Lotus

Please post your feedback on this update in the discord channel #sinbad-part2. We'll also be watching other social media pages, so be sure to #pirate101 in your feedback. Thanks!

The New Quest!

Your Pirate’s journey to track down Sinbad continues. This update features a brand-new questline with the following highlights:

  • 7-floor combat tower with one miniboss and a final boss
  • 2 new free companions for completing the quest
  • 20+ New unique Persian-themed weapons and accessories with powerful abilities
The Sinbad quests are no longer side-content and have been moved to the main storyline! To start this quest, talk to Albano in Avery's Court.

A New Dreadnaught


A new Dreadnaught, an armada skyway assault ship, is in Cool Ranch. Referred to as “Byrne’s Dreadnaught”

When this event is active, talk to Padraig McCallum in Avery's Court to find the Dreadnaught as a part of the Byrne Uprising quest.

The nefarious Byrne has co-opted some Haywire Armada weapons and made some devious modifications. Pirates have a chance to plunder some of these modified weapons!

Totally separate from the Sinbad update: This Dreadnaught acts as a special event that’s periodically turned on for limited periods of time.

Note: This Dreadnaught has a “cooldown” period for your Pirate after you fight it. You’ll need to wait an hour to redo the quest every time you fight it.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

Bug Fixes
  • Black Annie Rackham no longer loses range on her final promotion
  • Haywire shot now animates correctly on pistols and combo weapons
  • The Turquoise Jackalope pet no longer has a max willpower of 505. It is now a much more reasonable 50
  • The Black Market Tarantula can now make a hybrid pet with a certain other pet to create the Quesodillo
  • Exceptional Headwrap has been taught how to spell its own name. It is no longer Exceptional Headwrapr
  • Mustange Boots spelling has been corrected to Mustang Boots
  • El Toro has become 20% more Toro. Nothing has changed and this is a joke, but if you believe it, El Toro will seem 20% cooler

Balance Change
  • Blood Flames and Summer’s Fire are both being changed from x4 Spell Power to x2 Spell power
  • Blood flames and Summer's Fire have been on our radar for a long time. They are generally unique powers in that they deal 4x Spell Power. The next closest player trained AOE power deals 1.5x Spell Power. Thus we adjusted these powers closer to that standard while still leaving them with some extra value. We are continuing to look at the combat balance as a whole and other outlier powers such as the Mojo Flow line.

  • Borderless Fullscreen Mode! Click through the "Fullscreen" graphic option to find it

Please post your feedback on this update in the discord channel #sinbad-part2. Thanks!