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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

Monquista King

Captain’s Log—Spiral Date 411583

Since the last update, there have been more than 4,000 issues addressed and enhancements made! While it would be nearly impossible to list every small change and adjustment to the game, the highlights (with an emphasis on the bugs and comments you have submitted) are as follows:



  • Expanded the Sailing/Broadside Combat tutorial substantially and included much more information and gameplay mechanics.
  • Added dozens of new Tutorial Tips throughout the entire game.
  • Added Help Page functionality within the dropdown menu.


  • You will now be unable to visit your trainers until after Avery sends you to visit with them (this naturally occurs sometime around fourth level).
  • Made optimizations throughout the game to resolve player performance issues (lag).
  • Made the Teleport to Skull Island and Teleport to Home buttons act as way to let players also teleport back to their original location, provided your character doesn’t leave the Skull Island Town or player housing.
  • Addressed enemy respawn rates throughout the game.
  • Badges can now grant access to special rewards!
  • Retooled the rewards for all mini-games and did an artistic polish pass over all games.
  • Finalized all Puppet Shows, which have also received additional art polishing.
  • Solved many crash bugs.
  • Ensured players will no longer lose all abilities after reconnecting during combat.
  • Created a level cap of 50 for player levels.
Pirate101 Puppet Show


  • Expanded the Cool Ranch main storyline substantially with new encounters, new quests, and entire Side Quest lines.
  • Rebalanced the Side Quest rewards, which will now reward more gold and other goodies!
  • Performed a full balance pass for all quests. The quest content will now be more appropriate to player levels throughout the game.
  • Fixed numerous quest bugs throughout the game.


Pirate101 Combat
  • Fixed numerous combat bugs throughout the game.
  • Replaced Bonnie Anne’s Line of Attack with a Cone of Attack.
  • Added many new critical hit cinematics and animations.
  • Adjusted balance of multiplayer combat to make grouping more fun.
  • Retuned enemy talents and powers—especially the talents and powers of bosses.
  • Rebalanced several boss fights.

Powers and Talents

  • Upgraded and Expanded player powers significantly.
  • Rebalanced companions’ talents and epic powers completely.


  • Added thousands of items to the game, including boss drop items and numerous Cool Ranch and MooShu equipment items.
  • Attached powers to some items—Enjoy discovering which ones!
  • Added new art treatments to several Mooshu equipment items.
  • Added new inventory items to all shops throughout the game, including the Crowns Shop!
  • Added new color variants of pets in the Crowns Shop.

Ships & Broadside Combat

  • Added the Monquistan Galleon ship.
  • Created three ranks of Armor equipment for all Ships.
  • Added more than twice the number of Sail/Flag Emblem options offered previously.
  • Added tons of new Ship Equipment to both vendors and as drops in broadside combat. Note that many of these items can be dyed at the dye vendor.
  • Created many new powers for ship equipment—including new effects that can be placed on enemy ships.
  • Added new Broadside Combat Tokens that will place ice obstacles, traps, and exploding barrels to a ship.
  • Rebalanced ship levels to more evenly match expected player/ship levels.
  • Addressed enemy ship spacing in Skyways.


  • Integrated various VO lines that were previously missing.
  • Added musical stingers to critical hits and various dialogues.
  • Integrated all combat sounds.
  • Added several new interface sounds.
  • Added ambience to various zones which hadn’t received a full ambient sound review.


  • Cleared the enemies from Stormgate entrances, which are now safer to navigate.
  • All Mooshu zones have received additional art treatment.
  • Ensured travelling between skyways now leaves players on the correct Windlane.
  • Added even more Yum Yum fruit to additional zones!
  • Addressed numerous collision and art bugs.
  • Ensured all Life Fountains will now properly bind players to the correct locations.


  • Improved the vendor interfaces, including the Ship Vendor interface.
  • Added much more information to powers and talent cards.
  • Made multiple refinements to the battleboard interface to increase clarity, including group combat features like mousing over friends to display planned actions and visibly tagging squares.
  • Made victory conditions during combat much more apparent.
  • Ensured all equipment and companions now display their correct icons.

Hotfix -- Spiral Date 411742

  • Fixed the issue causing players to become stuck in combat when they were the last to enter the group.

Hotfix -- Spiral Date 412070

  • Fixed Brody's boat so it will now correctly appear in the Vortex of Doom.
  • Fixed the issue where the second player joining a battle was not appearing on the battleboard.
  • Fixed the Pirate101 Launcher so links will no longer cause players to crash out of the launcher.
  • Fixed the quest that was stopping players from progressing after exploring the Stormgate to Dragonspyre in the Tierra Primata Skyway.
  • Fixed the musical stingers that were causing the musical score to become muffled.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to become frozen when their characters became unsynced from the server.
  • Fixed player ships causing enemies to despawn when approached.