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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

Monquista King

Captain’s Log -- Spiral Date 404338

Thanks so much for all of the feedback we've been receiving from our top notch Beta testers! It's been an exciting couple of weeks since our last update, and we've made a lot of changes to everything from combat balance to added sound effects and polish. Check out the big list of notable changes below!


Combat Balance

  • Made the Scorpion Cave and Bison Burial Ground more challenging.
  • Adjusted difficulty of Duck of Death fight.
  • Adjusted difficulty of Stupendor X fight.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of all Cool Ranch combat encounters.
  • Removed the flanking ability from all non-companions (There will be no more spam messages in combat about accuracy/damage).



  • Removed the decrease in speed from adding Armor to your ship.
  • Fuel is now much cheaper to purchase, and a tank will last longer! Visit a fuel vendor on any dock!
  • Made the information on Power Cards easier to understand.
  • Increased ship health at higher levels and improved scaling of ship health through player progression.
  • Made Life Bolt an instant heal effect.
  • Fixed Mooshu Galleons to allow all 8 inventory slots to be equipped.
  • Provided easier access up the stairs leading to the steering wheel on the Skull Island Skiff.
  • Increased the drop rates of common ship items received after broadside combat.


  • Said thank you and farewell to our friend Boochbeard who has now departed from Avery’s Courtyard.
  • Adjusted Miranda and Blood’s Own Hand so they can now be completed by multiple players.
  • Fixed Band of the Hande so the quest is no longer blocked by hanging combat.
  • Tweaked the goals and drop rates of many collection quests in Cool Ranch and beyond.
  • Rebalanced the difficulty and level of many quests in Cool Ranch.
  • Made it so failing to collect a quest item after combat will now increase the chance of the quest item dropping after the next attempt.
  • Fixed the side quests in the Mysterious Tunnels so they aren’t improperly blocked.



  • Repaired Cooper’s Roost dock so player ships face the right direction.
  • Repaired the instancing of Cooper’s Roost dock so players won’t be stuck with an unbottled ship when the dock is full.
  • Removed the Bone Drakes that were lurking at the entrances to Stormgates in Avernus.

Other Notable Changes

  • Continued polishing the game by making many cosmetic tweaks and changes to all aspects of the game experience, such as combat sounds, vocalizations, portraits, wisps, grammar, typos, quest helper, collision effects, ambient effects, details, and shadows.
  • Added symbols on Power cards to indicate Turn Duration, Target Range, Target Action, Target Area/Type. (More information about these symbols will be published in an updated Beta guide soon).
  • Added some familiar keyboard shortcuts from Wizard101, such as Ctrl+M (realms list), Ctrl+S (crown shop), Ctrl+Shift+Q (point quest arrow to nearest quest).
  • Invited a few companions who were missing from the Tavern Cellars to come in and stay awhile.
  • Ensured statistic bonuses from increases to Strength, Agility, and Will now properly display their bonuses.
  • Added promotion quests for Barnabus and Birgus Latro.
  • Bid farewell to the Troggy pack in the crown shop for the time being.
  • Boosted the power of the Buccaneer Class by making changes to when the Vengeance Strike and Cleave abilities are available to be trained.
  • Fleeing a battle will also cause teleporting timers to be reset.