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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

Monquista King

Captain’s Log – Spiral Date 414722

We’ve made several small tweaks and adjustments to the newest version of the game as we continue to polish Pirate101 in preparation for launch! See the highlights below:


General Updates

  • Made additional character portrait updates.
  • Made additional Quest Helper updates and corrections.
  • Added new and unique pets to the Crown Shop.
  • Prepared for the launch of the game by naming the various crown micro-transaction points in Pirate101 and created crowns costs for accessing that content for players who wish to pay for content with crowns instead of through membership.
  • Corrected the “Redeem Code” button to “Redeem Gift”, which will now spawn an in-game gift interface window instead of sending players to the Pirate101 website to enter a code.
  • All players in a group now receive correct Goal step when one player in a group initiates combat first.
  • Made corrections to character selection environment so that it works well for widescreen format and has improved lighting.
  • Added new goal to use a grate object in the Monquista City Library to take the player back to their ship at the Drains Docks.
  • Fixed several issues with multiplayer combat:
    • Entering a combat area will pull players into combat immediately instead of waiting.
    • Fixed players freezing when entering combat late.
    • Fixed rare issue where camera could disconnect from player after treasure phase.

Hotfix - Spiral Date 414869

  • Fixed an issue where some players were being stuck on a loading screen while traveling to Avernus
  • Re-balanced the fight with Fin Dorsal on the Erebus by reducing the number of enemies players will have to defeat.
  • Fixed an issue causing other players/group members to crash when the ship captain fled combat.

Hotfix - Spiral Date 415093

  • Players no longer appear stuck inside an obstacle after they jumped over it while simultaneously being caught by an enemy with the Overwatch talent.
  • Made it so invalid quest goals (which could come from something as simple as renaming a quest) won't remove the quest from a player's Quest Log.
  • Created the "Upgrade Now" button for players who are non-subscribers.
  • Made the crown-shop ships, which are similar to another ship already available through other means in the game, two levels higher (and thus slightly more powerful) than their counterparts.
  • Fixed the “confused enemies” who appeared to be passing a turn by choosing to move to the exact same position they were already standing in.
  • Fixed an issue where in-game lighting would remain dimmed after a critical attack was displayed.
  • Fixed NPC Captain Michael Stone so he will permanently stay visible after you rescue him. Players no longer need to switch realms to find him.
  • Fixed a crash involving Intel 900 series video cards.
  • Fixed a crash caused by players casting a healing power in conjunction with using the Elusive Talent.
  • Said goodbye to the oversized Turtle Mount in the crowns shop. We’ll continue to evaluate this mount and you may see it again in the future in a different variation.
  • Passengers of a ship can no longer decide for a captain of a ship if they would like to dock a vessel during broadside combat.
  • Fixed the Valor's Shield Privateer power so it no longer lasts indefinitely
  • Fixed the bug causing Stingtail to spawn multiple copies of itself instead of regular scorpion minions.

Hotfix – Spiral Date 415361

  • Fixed the incorrect El Tiburon spawn activity in the Scurvy Dog Sunken Ship.
  • Fixed the "Missing Mails" quest so it now begins in Frontier Town and progresses through to Thunderbird Temple
  • Fixed a bug causing the icons to load incorrectly in the Vendor and backpack interfaces.
  • Fixed a bug involving the purchasing of non-furniture items with gold.
  • Fixed the broadside Obstacle Tokens that were not placing barrels on the battleboard.
  • Fixed the boss spawn and quest helper for the quest “Wan Mo Time” in the Mooshu Cavern of Whispers.
  • Fixed the Quest Helper arrow for the Swashbuckler training quest "Read The Manual".
  • Fixed inconsistent combat lighting in the Ancient Shrine.
  • Fixed a bug causing some players to not see the username and password fields in the game launcher.

Hotfix -- Spiral Date 415509

  • Realms displayed in the options menu, now accurately display population status.
  • Removed the Vermillion Dragon pet from the Crown Shop. Instead, this pet will now be a badge reward!
  • Egg Shen now has the “relentless” talent as part of his attacks.
  • Taking screenshots via the print screen button will no longer cause a video memory leak.
  • Players will no longer experience the rare occurrence of falling below the world when entering Avery’s Office.

Hotfix – Spiral Date 415809

  • All players who defeat Santa Rana and subsequently speak to El Toro will now properly have the quest advance for them.
  • Players who receive the message “That area is closed right now. Try again later” message will now have the ability to close the message window and proceed.
  • Multiple pirates entering the Summer Rental zone together can now all collect Ratbeard's blade.
  • Fixed a bug where Players became stuck after revisiting Avery's office immediately after the Life Fountain tutorial.
  • Musketeer Powers now have decreased damage at higher levels to balance the Class.
  • Fixed a bug where the Brass Monkey did not always spawn for his Boss fight on his ship in the Antilles Vortex.