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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

1.049 - Spiral Date 481901

The Haunted Season is upon us, and it's our Birthday all at the same time! Beyond that, we've reached a happy milestone for our game, and we've been making a few behind the scene changes we know you’ll like. Although we're not quite ready to share all of our surprises, you will instantly be seeing a few new fun things in and around the skyways starting today!


Happy Birth-o-ween

It's a special time of year for two reasons! It's our Birthday and Halloween, so we've combined the two into one grand celebration this year. You'll find festively colored banners, balloons, and interactive pumpkins and gift boxes all around Skull Island as we celebrate in style.

Details on a special code for a Pirate "Parrrty Hat" will be announced soon!


New in the Crown Shop!

The Haunted Galleon has sailed into the Crown Shop and is ready to delightfully frighten you with a spooky green-fog floor, creepy spying eyes, an explosive Jack-o-lantern figurehead, and festive sails that leave a trail of bats behind them.

Two new festive eye patches can be found in the Crown Shop for a great low price. Although these don't have stats associated with them, don’t let that stop you . . . we do have plans sometime in the future to allow eye patches to be stitched!

Don't delay! Both the new galleon and eye patches will be leaving the Crown Shop after Halloween.


Town Crier proclaims Five Million Pirates

That's right! We've recently reached a very important number as five million Pirates have now registered for Pirate101!

Coinciding with this real world event, a new mysterious statue has appeared outside of Avery's office! Check with Mickey Dugan, the town crier, to find out where this statue came from – he can be found between the Privateer and Buccaneer trainer offices.

Can you lift the strange curse surrounding the appearance of this statue?


Raise Your Standard!

A new feature is coming soon to Pirate101, and this latest update helps us prepare for the arrival of new Combat Battle Standards that are sure to give you an edge . . . if you use them right, of course!

Here are some key features you'll want to know about:

  • Battle Standards are items that are equipped in your token slot and grant you an exclusive power to plant a battle standard in a square next to you during combat.
  • Like other equipment that grants you powers, you'll need to arrange the power appropriately in your "My Powers" interface.
  • The planted Battle Standard grants a combat bonus to one type of Companion—anyone of that type that is close enough to the Standard will get the bonus.
  • Note that these standards are better used in boss fights or in PvP, but they can be used in any battle.
  • You'll get a second bonus if you plant this standard in enemy territory, but in PvP your enemy can knock your standard down if it isn’t protected! If that happens, your crew gets a penalty.

The first Battle Standard token item will be sold in a new Pre-paid Game Card . . . coming soon!


Other Upkeep and Maintenance

  • Privateers will now train Gunnery at 4th level instead of 7th and train Valor's Shield at 7th instead of 4th. Pre-requisite powers have been modified accordingly.
  • Wing Chun now has improved damage, health, dodge, and armor for all promotion tiers, and his primary stat is now just Will instead of both Agility and Will.
  • The Elusive talent will now display and function correctly.
  • Deacon's Ship is now simply known as "The Erebus" (not "The Abominable").
  • Free-to-Play Players will now receive the correct message if the number of players logged on at one time is at a maximum.

Upkeep and Improvements -- Spiral Date 484934 (10/30/2013)

  • Players will once again be able to receive the "Best Chum" Badge.
  • Privateers now begin the game with the Gunnery power, and Rouse is now the first trained power for Privateers at Level 4.
  • The Quest Helper will now point players in the right direction for the quest, "Where man? Wereman!!" when tasked with finding Dr. Glendon.