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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

Advanced Pets

A new era of Advanced Pets has come to the Spiral: Skull Island has been asked to participate in the Great Petathelon on Bestia in the Circus Maximus, the grand new Pet Pavilion in the Free-to-Play area of Pirate101! In the Circus Maximus you'll find Pet supplies, a Morphing Tent to create new Pets, and a Pet Sparring Arena where you can test your Pets’ grit against the guts and guile of other players’ Pets.

In Bestia you’ll learn more about your Pets: they’ve always been loyal allies that spar at your side in combat, but now you can raise their level by training—even getting them higher level than your pirate! Many new Pets can be found on vendors, as loot, as quest rewards, or purchased from the Crown Shop. Once a Pet’s egg hatches, you train your Pet to increase its level and improve its combat abilities both in regular combat and in the Pet Sparring Arena. Once your Pet levels up high enough, you can combine your Pet with others through morphing to create new Pets with the traits of both! Can you morph the best Pet? Will your Pet prevail in the Pet Sparring Arena?

Read on for more information!


Getting Started

When you first log in, any existing Pets you own will automatically be updated to new “advanced” Pets. To ensure you keep the power of your original Pet, your old Pets will receive a free “loyal” Pet talent and will be leveled up a bit to keep (and improve upon) their current strength. (Note: Your Loyal Pets will convert differently between the Test Realm and Live Realm)

The chances a Pet will appear in regular combat have also been updated! Advanced Pets will have a chance to appear every round of combat instead of just at the beginning. Moreover, the percentage chance for a Pet to appear isn’t a flat 50% anymore: A Pet’s chance to appear in combat may improve if they earn special talents to improve their chances.

A long new Pet quest will help get you started . . . and there's even a brand new puppet show to explain the origins of Bestia. We’ve added a boatload of new Pets, Pet animations, Pet statistics, Pet morphing, Pet training, Pet feeding, PvP Pet sparring, and more for this brand new system that will bring your Pets to new heights - literally! Advanced Pets grow in size as they age and gain new levels. They can grow to a legendary height that dwarfs their original size!

We’ll even be giving you new in-game badges for trying the Pet System out!

It’s a great time to be a Pet owner in Pirate101!


Training your Pets

Pets now gain experience by participating in special activities: athletic tests like Sculling, Planking, Anchor Lifts, Crane Meditation, Leg Lifts, Hay Bailing, Vestal Vaults, and more! Pet Activities aren’t tied to mini-games: the activity takes a set amount of time for your Pet to complete, but while your Pet is training, your pirate can do whatever they want: go questing, spar some PvP duels, decorate their houses, you name it.

Training activities take time, cost Energy, and most require special pieces of Pet gear.

The best way to earn gear is to complete training activities. You can also purchase gear from vendors and win it as rewards in the Pet Sparring Arena and by ordering your Companions to engage in the new “Pet Wranglin’” activity (more about this in a bit). Special gear packs are also available in the Crown Shop.

To train your Pet, open the Pet Roster, select a Pet, and click on the Train button. Select a world, and then select an activity. If you don’t have the gear for an activity, the activity’s card will be locked. Pets that are training can still be used in Pet Sparring Arena, and battleboard combat.

To complete a training activity once it’s done, open the Pet Roster, select your Pet, and click on the Finish button. Pets gain experience and stat boosts from training activities.

Be warned: Pets no longer level as your pirate does. If you don't train your Pet, it won't grow up! It's very important to pay attention to your Pet and train it as much as you can.


Pet Energy

You’ll notice that you also need Energy to train your Pets. Your Energy pool is represented by an orange globe at the lower left corner of your screen, next to your Health and Mojo Potion indicators. Spent Energy slowly regenerates over time. If you want to refill your Energy immediately, you can purchase an Energy Potion in the Crown Shop.

Feeding your Pets a Snack!

When your Pet finishes a training activity, you can feed your Pet a snack to grant them even more experience or stat upgrades! You can find snacks on vendors, in the Bazaar, as loot, as rewards for the Pet Sparring Arena, from Companion Pet Wranglin’ activities, or even from the Dueling Diego game on You can also purchase snack packs in the Crown Shop. Once your Pet finishes a training activity, select a Pet snack to feed your Pet and click the Feed button. You’re done! Your Pets earn their XP, Health, and any stats from both the training activity plus the snack's bonus. Pets will earn even more XP and stats if they like or love the snack they’re fed. You can tell if they like the snack because the completion screen will say “your Pet liked this snack” or “your Pet loved this snack.” A little trial and error should teach you which snacks will maximize your Pet's advancement. Once you've fed your Pet and collected the rewards, your Pet will be ready to begin a new training activity, Energy permitting. As a fun bonus, there are a couple of new hidden Pet Snack Vendors! Can you find them and earn the badge?


Pet Sparring

Speak to Decius Duelmaster in the Circus Maximus to join a Pet spar. You can choose to challenge other players in Pet Sparring PvP, or practice in a Pet Practice Match. Select up to four Pets and enter the arena!

You unlock the ability to spar with more than one Pet by competing in Pet matches and earning badges. Complete your first 5 practice matches against Decius and you unlock the ability to spar with two Pets and to spar against other players. Compete 15 times, and you unlock the ability to spar with three Pets. Compete 30 times to unlock the ability to spar with all four!

In sparring, Pet matches use a special system that is different from normal battleboard combat. Each Pet has an Action Meter, which you fill during the match cheering the Pet on. The number of times you can cheer is determined by your Pet’s Power pool. Select a Pet to cheer for them. The amount of Action your Pet receives for each cheer is determined by the Pet’s Guts, Guile, and Grit, special new Pet stats. Cheer at the right time, and your Pet earns more Action:

  • Guts. Pets with great Guts get more Action from cheering when their Health is high.
  • Grit. Pets with great Grit get more Action from cheering when their Health is low.
  • Guile. Pets with great Guile get more Action from cheering when their Health is mid-range.

It’s also important to watch your pets as they spar and time your cheers. Pets get bonus Action from cheering when they successfully attack (Strength-based cheer bonus), take damage from a hit (Will-based cheer bonus), or dodge (Agility-based cheer bonus). Knowing your pet’s forte with Strength, Will, and Agility will help make for winning decisions when it comes to cheering!

Once your Pet’s Action Meter is full, you can select a power for it to cast (out of the powers it’s unlocked from leveling).

The best time to cheer is when the cheer button is bright green and lit up. You can cheer when the button is blue, but it’s not as effective.

Cheer and cast the right powers at the right times, and your Pet will prevail!

Once the match is over, win or lose, you will earn some Pet gear and perhaps some snacks. Winning the match grants richer rewards, and the number of opponent Pets raises the rewards even higher.


Pet Statistics, Powers, and Talents

The Pet Roster allows you to browse your Pets and send them on training. Press the “I” key or select “My Pets” from the hook dropdown in the UI.

The buttons above the Pet’s preview window allow you to learn more about your selected Pet: the lightning button displays you your Pet’s powers, the star button displays your Pet’s talents, and the magnifying glass displays your Pet’s stats:

  • Strength. A measure of your Pet’s strength and conditioning. The higher your Pet’s Strength, Agility, and Will, the more damage your Pet will do in combat.
  • Agility. A measure of your Pet’s reflexes and coordination. The higher your Pet’s Strength, Agility, and Will, the more damage your Pet will do in combat.
  • Will. A measure of your Pet’s spirit and determination. The higher your Pet’s Strength, Agility, and Will, the more damage your Pet will do in combat.
  • Health. A Pet with more Health can spar longer.
  • Power. A Pet with more Power can be cheered for more often in Pet Match. Power also increases the damage that your Pet will do when it uses its special abilities.
  • Guts. Pets with great Guts get more Action from cheering when their Health is high.
  • Grit. Pets with great Grit get more Action from cheering when their Health is low.
  • Guile. Pets with great Guile get more Action from cheering when their Health is mid-range.

Rearrange your Pets on the roster by clicking on their portraits and dragging them to new locations. The order of your Pets determines the order in which they appear during bullpen selection for Pet Matches.

As Pets gain levels, their combat prowess improves, their size increases, and they unlock new talents and powers. The talents and powers Pets can unlock are set when the Pet hatches, based upon the Pet's type, or the Pets it was created from, if it's a morphed Pet. Talents and powers have a rarity – some of them are rarer than others. You can view your Pet’s talents and powers by clicking the lightning and star buttons in the Pet Roster Screen, but talents and powers will remain hidden and locked until they are earned. Your Pet has 10 potential talents or powers, but it will only unlock one new talent or power each time it increases its age rank. The power or talent that unlocks is chosen randomly.

Age ranks change every ten levels. The age ranks and what they unlock are as follows:

Level Age Rank Unlocked Abilities
1-9 Hatchling  
10-19 Baby 1 talent
20-29 Teen 1 power
30-39 Adult 1 talent
40-49 Ancient 1 power
50-59 Epic 1 talent
60-65 Mega 1 power

Pet Morphing

You can create a new Pet egg in the morphing tent in the Circus Maximus by morphing Adult (Level 30) or higher-rank Pets together. You can morph two of your own Pets, or pair up your Pet with somebody else's. Morphing costs gold and begins a timer – you can only morph every so often. If you don’t want to wait, you can purchase a bottle of Alhazred’s Elixir in the Crown Shop to instantly complete the morphing process. The morphing timer is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. Mouse over the egg icon to see the time remaining.

Pets produced by morphing have a chance to inherit the appearance, powers, talents, and maximum stats of either creator Pet. Your new Pet is more likely to inherit desired traits – talents, powers, and maximum stats – if the creator Pets are trained and leveled up.


Unleash your Pets (and mounts!)

Pets and mounts can now be placed in player housing! The next time you decorate your house, you'll see that Pets and mounts are now available from the “place housing items” button. Pets and mounts will wander a little, but do hang out near where you placed them. Each Pet and Mount counts as an item in your housing inventory. Players can have up to 50 Pets in a housing area at one time; that's 50 in a Dorm, 50 inside your Castle and 50 outside your Castle!

These Pets will respond when you walk around your house and react to the clap, dance and scold emotes. Give it a try: unleash your Pets today!


Advanced Companions

This update also brings the culmination of the Companion system - benching tokens are a thing of the past, and now your pirate can make every one of their Companions useful, regardless of the Companion's level or combat stats!

Read on for more information.

Getting Started

First things first! When you first log in after this update, you’re going to immediately receive a one-time bonus of a number of Companion training tomes equal to the number of Companions you own! Congratulations! We want to make sure your Companions are ready for action, so take this important opportunity to help get started right.

Also, because of the extent of companion and skill changes each Companion will be granted 1 free Reset. Once you use the free reset for a companion, the reset button will again return to a standard “reset” button, and you’ll have to pay for them once again. The free reset will only be used if you have spent more than 3 training points.

Orders are the heart of the new Companion system - whenever a Companion isn't eligible for combat, they’ll be able to perform jobs that can earn experience, gold, nautical experience, and more!

In addition to these upgrades, you’ll also notice changes in Companion management revolving around combat. By default the first three Companions on your roster will now always appear in combat, but these Companions suffer new consequences if they are defeated in battle. Companions can now be wounded, and they must either wait until they are fully healed or be cured by Miracle Mitch, a new NPC in Avery’s Court to get back in action quickly, but for a price.

And for those who might miss the randomization of companions, we’ve also added a new Advanced Gameplay Option that allows players to choose how companions are selected in Combat.

IN ORDER-- Your companions will appear in the order they appear in your roster.

FIRST MATE-- Your first mate will always appear, and the rest of your roster will be filled out randomly from among all combat ready companions (i.e., not on bed rest or any other task). Note that, unlike it was in the past, this randomization is not weighted but is a purely random draw of companions.

RANDOM-- Your roster will be filled randomly from all combat ready companions. This is a purely random draw with no weighting.

Get ready to take control of your crew and manage them like the pirate captain you are!

p.s. Don’t miss the all new class Companions! You can read more about them in the next section, Early Game Improvements.

Companion Management 2.0

Right off the bat you’ll notice that Companion Management has undergone a fundamental change: Companion selection in combat is no longer random. That’s right! You’re in charge of ordering your crew like a natural leader! Removing random selection also makes it possible to set which Companion always goes second, third, and fourth in the round, based on their place on your Companion roster. As born captain of your crew, you still go first each turn.

Note that whenever a new Companion joins your crew, that Companion appears in the second slot, after the first mate in the roster instead of at the end of the list. If you don't want to take the new Companion for an immediate test drive, make sure to rearrange your roster before continuing on. As before, new Companions of the right level will appear with talent slots ready to be filled - choose their talents immediately!


Companion Orders

Instead of benching your Companions, now you can put your crew to work! Instead of appearing in combat, your Companions can now perform tasks by following your pirate's orders.

Open your Companion management screen by pressing “u” and select a Companion who doesn't look busy. Click the orders button, select the task you want the Companion to do and click the Start button. Orders take time to complete - the countdown will appear on the Companion’s portrait in the Companion Management Screen. Your Companion can’t fight until the task timer expires. Special notes:

  • Companions must be at least 8th level before they can take special orders.
  • If all your Companions are on Bed Rest or following orders, you can cancel the task or skip to the end by clicking the Finish Task button on a Companion. If you want to skip the timer and finish a task early, there’s a Crowns fee.
  • When the task is complete, you must click the COLLECT button to receive the rewards from the task. After collection, your Companion will automatically be sent right back out on the same task. There’s also a new toggle if you’d like to not auto-reassign your companions on jobs. If auto-retasked and you don't want your Companion to continue with the same task, click the BELAY ORDERS button.

Each task also has an associated Companion talent, which increases the rewards a Companion earns from that task. The tasks and their talents are:

Task Talent Reward
Bed Rest Scrapper Recover from wounds faster
Plunderin' Plunderer Collect gold (And sometimes hit a gold mine!)
Scavengin' Scavenger Collect player loot
Sailin' Cannoneer Collect Nautical XP
Pet Wranglin' Pet Wrangler Collect Pet Loot
Keel-Haulin' Officer Collect training tome
Brawlin' Brawler Collect Companion XP

Task talents are considered normal talents—like increased Accuracy, Damage, Strength, for example. Your companions won’t have to use an Epic talent slot for the Task talents. In fact, your highest level companions will have enough normal talent slots that you can specialize them for non-combat tasks of all kinds.


Companion Wounding

Your Companions’ new abilities are accompanied by new risks: a Companion’s defeat in combat now has a far greater impact. Defeat in combat leaves a Companion wounded, with an automatic order of Bed Rest. At early levels, Bed Rest will be too short to even notice (more like a quick nap), but at higher levels your Companions can be out of commission for a lot longer.

Companions in Bed Rest cannot appear in combat - the next Companion down on your roster after all your active Companions will appear in their place. You can choose to wake your Companions from Bed Rest early by cancelling their Bed Rest orders, but they will suffer severe penalties in combat. The more times they've been wounded without recovering, the worse the penalties become, but a Companion can only ever have three wounds.

Life Fountains no longer revive your Companions to full Health, and they do not change a Companion's wounded status. To heal a Companion’s wounds, you’ll need to either wait for the timer to expire or make a visit to Miracle Mitch in Avery’s Court. Miracle Mitch is a new NPC who occupies a brand new building beside the Swashbuckler Trainer’s house. Miracle Mitch can remove your Companion's wounds, but his cures require expensive ingredients - Mitch passes the cost on to you, demanding gold in exchange for his services. As your Companions advance in levels, healing their wounds will get more expensive.


Gameplay Improvements

With all these game changing features being added, we just couldn’t stop ourselves from making a few extra changes that are long overdue and are sure to improve everyone’s game experience!

Mark and Recall

The most notable change is the inclusion of the long awaited mark and recall teleport buttons! To place a mark, use the up arrow or click the X button in the teleporting menu bar in the lower left corner of the screen, next to the Go to Skull Island or Go to House buttons. This marks your spot, so you can return here later. (Note that this does not cost you any Mojo whatsoever). After finishing your business elsewhere in the Spiral, press the down arrow or the “Return to X” button on the teleporting menu bar to be returned to the location where you left your mark.

    Special Notes:
  • If you don't currently have a marked location, using the teleport to Skull Island or Home buttons automatically places a mark for you. The Return to Skull Island and Home buttons no longer act as a toggle to return to your last spot. You must use your “return to X” button instead. Plan and place your marks wisely!
  • Note that marking your location on a boat will mark the skyway location, not the boat’s deck.

New Class Companions

All players will receive a quest around level 4 to take a special class Companion into your crew. These Companions are exclusive - they do not have variants anyone can purchase in the Crown Shop, and are designed to enhance and complement the play style of your pirate's class.

Get to know your new friends!

  • Musketeer: Chantal Livingstone—Colorful daughter of an old friend of Ol’ Fish Eye.
  • Swashbuckler: Fan Flanders—Famous frog thief recently escaped from Newgate Prison and friend of Morgan Lafitte.
  • Witchdoctor: Carcarius Grimtooth—The greatest shaman of the Grimtooth Clan.
  • Buccaneer: Peter Quint—Bounty Hunter Pelican of Skull Island and associate of Mordekai.
  • Privateer: The Marchioness—Monquistan Privateer out to strike a blow against the tyranny of the aristocracy.

Introduction and Prologue Part 1 Expansion

We’ve been working hard to make the initial experience in Pirate101 an even more amazing. First up, we’ve expanded Avery’s Court, which is now much roomier with a larger population limit. Welcome to your new Central Hub in Pirate101!

Next, we’ve expanded our free-to-play areas! Manny, now offers a new expanded adventure including a trip to an amazing new environment that's full of surprises! Moe and Jack's quests have also been expanded into full quest lines, which now serve as the Prologue Part 2 and Part 3. What once was Prologue Part 2 is now Prologue Part 4. If you purchased these chapters previously, you won’t have to buy them again.


Here’s some more detail:

New Story Line Section Title Cost Description
Prologue Part 1 Unfinished Business Free A quest to help a ghost find peace leads to an ancient mystery in the heart of Skull Island. Do you have the courage to face the scaly horrors lurking in Xol Akmul?
Prologue Part 2 The Golden Hook 375 Crowns Righting the wrong a poor pirate did to his true love puts you on a collision course with the Red Claw Gang. A famous treasure holds the key to success - but only if you take it from the Floating Dutchman!
Prologue Part 3 A Shark in the Fold 375 Crowns A restless spirit warns of a plot right under Captain Avery's nose. Who is the Master? Can you stop him before Skull Island falls?


Doubloons are special magic coins that grant powers you can use in combat – like increasing everyone’s combat statistics for a round, unleashing a volcano on your opponents, or even something as cool as summoning a group of Banditoad desperados to help you out for a round! After you receive Doubloons as loot, you can open your Doubloons page (Click P to open My Powers and use the arrow in the corner to access them) to view them and order them like powers. Doubloons closer to the top of the list have a greater chance of appearing during combat.

During combat, you’ll see a new scroll in the top right corner of the screen where you can choose from one or more Doubloons. If you are fighting alone, you can only draw one Doubloon each round. If other players join the combat, however, your selection of Doubloons increases by one for each ally who joins. You can choose to use a Doubloon or discard it, but once you use a Doubloon, it’s cashed in and gone until you find more.


Group Plunder Chests

You can only find these new Doubloons from exclusive Multiplayer Chests (Group Plunder Chests) that will now appear occasionally in addition to regular loot drops after combat. You might also stumble across Group Plunder Chests hidden randomly throughout the world - finding one is a perfect time to use Mark and Recall, to round up some friends to help you open the chest! These chests have multiple locks on them, and can only be opened if you have other players with you - in combat or out, they're a special reward for grouping up and playing the game with friends and family. These chests may also provide a chance at uncommon and rare items – the more locks on a chest, the rarer the loot potential! (Note: We’ve also added a “Help me open a group chest!” menu chat item to help you find nearby friends to open Group Plunder Chests.)


Player Interface

Combat and power-related Interface Changes

The combat interface has some new and improved features, and Power and Talent cards have seen major improvements to help make them more understandable. The Character Sheet has also been improved. Additional clarity has also been brought to the Companion Management window, and overall we’re hoping these adjustments really amp up your play experience and guide your tactical decision making!

You’ll also notice new effects happening during battleboard combat: new visual effects for ongoing powers, and new casting effects that bring the colors and flavor of the power's class to life!


Here are a few other major interface changes:

  • Added a “My Location” button under the top Chalice menu for opening the zone map.
  • At the beginning of the planning phase, the game will analyze the battleboard and your available powers and suggest a power to use by wiggling that power.
  • Players now receive a notification if a weapon they received is a better weapon than the one they have equipped. Clicking on that notification equips the weapon.
  • Talents and powers in your trainer's menu of available powers and talents are now visually distinct from each other.
  • Players now have their character creation choices (world of origin and orphaning event) listed on their Character Sheet!
  • Epic combat selection now displays the possible types of enemies that will appear in the fight, so you can better choose your Companions.
  • Redesigned Companion talent and epic talent lists accommodate a larger number of talents.
  • We've removed or improved overlapping damage numbers displayed on screen that were overlapping each other during “double hits” and “critical hits.”
  • Attacks with a “cone” style effect now correctly display their pattern in the symbol on the lower right hand corner of their power card.
  • Adding a henchman no longer resets other players’ battleboard planning.
  • The visual notification of late-joining players and Pets is now more distinct.
  • Clicking "Done" during Battleboard combat now greys out the Done button.
  • Players and Companions now face the nearest enemy after moving towards them.
  • Being defeated in combat now erases any existing buffs/debuffs.

Other interface changes:

  • The chat window has been improved and no longer automatically scrolls down when scrolling back through chat history if someone says something new. In addition the chat window’s down arrow blinks if new conversation has occurred while you are checking your chat history.
  • Friend and Group invitations no longer delete text that you were typing.
  • Selected quests in the Quest Dialog window are easier to spot.
  • Chat icons in the chat window correctly indicate the type of message sent.
  • A new toggle has been added to only show usable items in your inventory.
  • Rolling your mouse over colors in the vendor and dye shop changes the price and preview so players may easily compare costs.
  • Experience level and nautical level both now show when you hover over them with the mouse.
  • Both the current and maximum gold totals show when you hover over your gold amount on the character page.
  • Players now only have to hit enter once before typing if the chat window is closed.
  • We've fixed a few instances where players could only use the X key instead of left clicking to use an object.
  • Using the “Walk the Plank” button on an offline friend no longer forces the Captain to Walk the Plank.
  • Moving items from the Shared Bank to the Backpack or Bank no longer causes the Shared Bank to flip back to the first tab.
  • Filtering and Sorting in the Bazaar has been improved.
  • The Friends list no longer opens when a player is hidden to friends.
  • We've adjusted compass locations throughout the entire game to ensure they were placed more precisely.
  • Zeke and Eloise now share an icon on the maps where they appear together.
  • Searching through items in the Bazaar just got easier with multi-sorting capabilities.
  • Players can no longer ignore themselves.
  • Health bars of summoned creatures and the heads of the Hydra no longer stretch past in the borders of their portraits.


Rule Changes

  • We've reordered the categories of critical hits. “Epic” is now first, “Mega” is second, and “Super” critical hits are the most powerful critical hits.
  • Damage bonuses from Strength, Agility, or Will now scale at +1 percent per five points instead of +1 damage per five points.
  • Adjusted the rules on Epic Talents so that defending players respond to attacking players in the correct order of events. Epic Talents now trigger in a more orderly back-and-forth fashion.
  • The critical hit system has undergone some significant adjustments. Players now receive a bonus to their critical hit chance if their Strength, Agility, or Will is higher than their target. The higher your attack stat compared to the defender, the higher your critical hit bonus will be. You can review this bonus during combat by holding the mouse over your target. If no bonus is shown, your stats are not high enough to earn a bonus. Find better gear or use some buffs before you engage!
  • Power Durations--in general, lower level buffs have a smaller effect, but last longer; high level buffs have an increased effect, but don't last as long.
  • Double Tap, Bladestorm, and Mojo Rising will now work properly when you are holding a weapon of the appropriate type (i.e., Shooty for ranged, Staffy for magic, etc.) – this also will fix instances where players were acquiring a Double Tap bonus when defeating an enemy with Mojo Strike.

Other rules changes are as follows:

  • The Overwatch Talent now triggers consistently when two squares away from the incoming target for all ranks of the talent.
  • The damage from a Golem exploding has been adjusted to be more consistent with the Golem’s level.
  • Ettins now display that they cannot be flanked when you inspect them on the Battleboard.
  • We've slightly reduced the size of the PvP Battleboard in The Brawlin’ Hall PvP area.

Talents and Powers

Major Talent and Power changes are as follows:

  • A knockback effect has returned to the Tempest of Torpedoes power and powers with a knockback no longer cause Companions to become stuck in place.
  • Assassin’s Shroud now correctly prevents healing as advertised.
  • Adjusted training requirements on high level class powers so it is no longer possible to avoid training some talents.
  • Purge Magic now removes Heal over Time effects.
  • Spirit Sight now correctly adds an attack range bonus to combination weapons.
  • The Hold the Line Talent no longer activates against opponents who are already immobilized.
  • Flanking and Crossfire no longer activate against battleboard props.
  • The Coral Widow’s Web ability no longer activates on enemies more than 1 square away on the battleboard.

Other cosmetic changes to Talents and Powers are as follows:

  • Burst Fire was removed from the Monsoon Turtle Pet.
  • Combat items such as Proximity mines are no longer be healed by group healing spells.
  • Fixed the spelling error in the Tempest of “Torpedoes” power.
  • Fixed a misspelling on the Enduring Discipline Power Card.
  • Fixed the “Missing Texture” buff icon issues for Rally, Tower of Iron Will, and Revive.
  • The visual effect while casting the “Dress the Line” power now looks more like a Privateer power than a Buccaneer power.


The big news with gear is that we’ve separated the eye patches and appearance changing “Totems” and created an all new “Accessory” slot for your characters! Not only does this boost the power of your pirates with more stats, but it also will allow you to stitch your eye patches, glasses, and goggles! Upon logging in, any accessory items that are currently residing in your token slot will transfer over to your new accessory slot, and eye patches in the totem slot will be unequipped until you put them in your new Accessory Slot.

Here are some other more notable changes to characters gear with this update:

  • The Belt of Taurus has improved statistics.
  • Added new talents to a couple boss weapons in Aquila: for instance Hykssoss’ Falchion now has Repel Boarders.
  • The Power from Captain Blood’s Jacket now does 125 damage per tick, has a 10 round duration, and there is a chance the fire will extinguish when it does damage. In PVP, the opponent team can click on the flames to put them out (but they will burn you when you get close.) Note, these flames are now classified as traps; therefore, Swashbucklers with Trap Sense will take reduced damage from the flames.
  • The weapons received from the Tribal Crew pack will no longer incorrectly display their weapon’s damage twice in your damage score details.
  • Mojo Rising will now work with Staffy/Shooty combination weapons.
  • Witchdoctors using the The Deathdealer weapon will no longer trigger the Epic Talent Burst Fire.
  • Blades of Shade will now correctly add the Stabby Weapons talent damage modifier.
  • The Dreaded Headdress that used to show “0 resistance” as a stat will now have 3 resistance.
  • Fixed incorrectly displaying armor statistics for several shields.
  • Clarified the description for the power Unyielding Vengeance so players understand it only applies to melee-based Companions.
  • Stitched No Auction items will no longer be able to be sold at the Auction House.
  • Appearance items (like the Black Rain Shades) are now visible while on the Golem mount.
  • Switching between the Clockwork Wings mount and other mounts will no longer leave the character in an odd hovering position.
  • Removed the level requirement from Finn’s Cutters.
  • Many “Troggy” labeled items are now “Tribal” items.


Rule Changes

  • Player ships are no longer bottled in between log in and log out.
  • Broadside ship fires no longer hit Companions that jump over them.
  • Turret bosses now give much MUCH more Nautical XP for defeating them.
  • Raised the base speed of ships slightly.


  • Ghostly galleon Sails from the Hoodoo Bundle are now Dyeable.
  • The Hull Repair and Hull Integrity icons are now distinguishable from each other.
  • A new tutorial tip plays when you board another player’s ship from the docks.
  • Players can now change ship equipment when your inventory is full and receive better warnings or explanations when they can’t equip ship equipment.
  • Names of cannons should more accurately parallel their damage output.
  • Smoke will be less visually obscuring during ship to ship combat.
  • The Great Serpent ship horn Power will now correctly appear when used during the Scylla fight in Aquila.
  • Updated and clarified the tips displayed when hovering your mouse over your ship stats.
  • Attaining nautical levels is now accompanied with extra pizazz!
  • Armada ships will no longer show powers activating from the wrong angle.

Enemy Ships

  • The ships in the Santo Pollo Skyway are spread out a bit more and follow a more defined path.
  • Teleporting to a friend who is in deckside combat with an enemy ship no longer results in your ship overlapping the battleboard.

Docks and Windlanes

  • The Docks at Achaea are now consistently named “Sparta Achaea.”
  • Fixed the Ship Docks at Ithaca so players are no longer parking in a land mass.
  • Players will no longer experience a slow down after exiting the Icy Dock in Subata Skyway.
  • Exiting from the Skull Island Skyway to the Flotsam skyway will now place ships correctly on the Blue Windlane.


General Quest Improvements

  • The Town Crier will direct you to Avery, Class Trainers, and other locations when an extra reminder is needed to guide you through the story of Pirate101.
  • We’ve expanded Quest Sharing and made several more side quests available to be shared in other worlds besides Skull Island. (If you need a refresher on the Quest Sharing system, please see the Update Notes for May 2013)
  • Adjusted several quest goals that were giving confusing goal locations, such as “Explore St. Fido’s Church in St. Fido’s Church” (which is now Banish the Spirits in St. Fido’s Church).
  • Added prerequisite quest requirements for several side quests that were missing them.

In addition to these general quest improvements, we’ve been listening to your many requests, feedback, and bug reports and made many improvements in every corner of the The Spiral. Thank you and read on to see what’s changing:

Skull Island

  • Skull Island Side Quests now give more experience!
  • Reduced the levels of Ordaz and Gortez in the Valley of the Gold Monkey dungeon.
  • Reduced the Epic Talents of Haku in the Ancient Tomb.
  • Reduced the Epic Talents and powers of Nim in The Warrens.
  • Reduced the level of Optimus Viridis in the Shipbreaker Tempest.
  • Reduced the level of Black Jaques for the quest “Jacques of Diamonds.”
  • Ratbeard now flees at the beginning of his encounter for the quest “Bad Company.”
  • Chumba Wumba will no longer become unbeatable when repeating the encounter while using Ratbeard as a Companion.
  • The “Quid Pro Quo” quest goals have been clarified that a player should “Attain the spices” instead of “Find the Presidio.”
  • Terrain will no longer block the line of sight for Musketeers for those engaging Troggies on their journey to the Temple of Gloom.
  • Chief Gunner Ribgy, Lt. Smollet, and all other human characters on Skull Island now have talking animations.
  • Defeating NPCs in the Presidio will no longer also count toward the quest, “Super Secret Blueprints.”


  • The Monquista City Drains will no longer pull players from far away to battle Bloodbats.


  • Bone Drakes will no longer count as a goal towards defeating Batacudas for the quest, “Crafting Canteens.”
  • Reduced the number of enemies found in Granchia.

Cool Ranch

  • Reduced the required kill counts or item gathering targets and made quest items easier to obtain for the following quests:
    • "Buffaloon Round Up"
    • "Sasperilla Shortage"
    • "The Shadow of Death"
    • "Stray Feathers"
    • "Mighty Medicine"
    • "Troubled Spirits"
    • "Are You Chicken?"
    • "The Famous Dos Amigos y Uno"
    • "Sombrero Love"
    • "Rosita's Tortillas"
  • Players will now only have to defeat eight ships for the following Cool Ranch Nautical quests: Range War!, Blasted Desperadoes!, Captain Blood's Treasure, Showdown at Boot Hill, Be True to Your Sky, and Lonely Dove.
  • Improved the Libirdy Valance boss fight!
  • The gold reward for completing “The Legend of Burly’s Gold” has been increased to 5,000 gold.
  • Made it a bit easier to complete the Dungeon, “Bronco Busting!”
  • Billy the Kid no longer appears in jail after freeing him in the quest, “Jail Break!”
  • Deacon’s Caltrop Traps no longer injure flying Companions.
  • Don Rafael does not appear outside Mausoleum until after he is summoned during the quest Showdown at Boot Hill.
  • Removed the strange word pairing “underwater lake” from the Scorpion Cave encounter.
  • Multiple players may now complete the quest "Lies, Lies, They're All Lies!" at the same time.
  • Made banditoads spawn in timed intervals for the quest "Lies, Lies, They're All Lies!" so players are less likely to be overwhelmed with banditoads for the entire encounter.
  • Cisco, Poncho, Butch Chickadee, The Sundance Kid, Frank Crane, Jesse Crane, and the Bird with No Name are now elite bosses and will be a bit tougher to defeat.
  • Reduced the amount of epics found on Monterey Jack.
  • Added more Yum Yum fruit to the Scorpion Cave, and removed the chest that spawned additional Skeletal Cowboys.
  • Only four players will now be able to enter the battleboard for the Queen Hornet.
  • Adjusted the battleboards in the Bison Burial Grounds so the spirits won’t appear stuck in the ground.
  • The “Angry Bison” quest will no longer have repeating dialog lines and will now provide a pause between combat for healing.
  • Parking multiple ships next to the Silver Stallion will no longer cause ships to overlap.


  • Improved the chance players will receive the key from Inoshishi Bandits during the quest, “That Was Yesterday.”
  • Improved the drop rate of Wild Rice for the quest, “Wild Rice.”
  • The Harp of Harmony for the quest “Wild Horses” will drop much more frequently.
  • Extended and improved the “Death and Taxes,” “Boar to the Core,” “The Tomb of Kow Cheng,” and “Only A Moomori” encounters.
  • Made it so it isn’t as easy to get quickly pulled into combat after listening to the voice over in the quest “Save Your Local Samoorai.”
  • Samoorai Musketeers will now only appear in Khotan.
  • Miss Owens will no longer be seen standing on the docks in MooShu until after completing the quest, "Hanna and The King."
  • Improved the transition after the puppet show during the quest “Wan Mo Time.”
  • Players will no longer be unable to complete the quest “A Lady Set Adrift” if they had already completed the quest “Hannah and The King.”
  • Something nefarious is happening over a certain tower in Mooshu lately!
  • Added a Second Chance Chest to the Temple of Kow Cheng encounter.


  • Greatly improved the quest “Some Assembly Required” by adding new zones and challenges to the quest.
  • Using the cannon during the quest “The Battle of Trafalgar” will now leave a hole in the hull as it should.
  • Players will now have time to loot treasure chests after multiplayer combat with Captain Kidd.
  • The Box of Valves in the quest, “Marleybone Steel” will no longer take 30 seconds to respawn for each player in a group.
  • Fixed the battleboard spawning for the side quest, “Twixt of Fate.”
  • Female characters completing the quest The Verdict will no longer be referred to as a male in the voiceover.
  • Corporal Lams in Marleybone is now correctly known as Corporal Iams (yes, it’s a bad joke).
  • When on the Beachhead Docks, the compass location for Westminster Skyway will display correctly, and the Invader Fortress in Marleybone now shows its name in the compass location bubble.
  • The Radical Dog’s critical attacks no longer sound like a slashy weapon instead of a lead pipe.


  • The sigil for Yoomad Cave will now remain active after completing the instance.
  • Reduced the number of Golems needed to be defeated and also improved the drop rates during the encounter, “Cut Your Colossus.”
  • All Colossi now count toward the defeat and collect goals for the quest, “Like Father, Like Son.”
  • Added dungeon warnings to the “2 Heads Worse Than 1,” “Homecoming,” “Ode to Brilliant Eagilles,” and “Laestrygon and On” Encounters.
  • Players will no longer get multiple Ulysses Allies while playing multiplayer combat during the “Homecoming!” Dungeon.
  • Stout Branches for the quest “Caduceus, You Say!” will now respawn more quickly.
  • Argos will now appear after the Hydra is defeated to take the Hydra’s chain.
  • The Eagle Sailors in “Here We Go Again...” are now Eagle Centurions.
  • Players are correctly directed to Ophidian ships which will correctly drop ginger for the quest “'Til Siren Voices Wake Us.”
  • All players in the encounter will now be able to hear the dialog between the Minotaur and Hawkules for the quest “Mazing Stories.”
  • Made the Knossos Eagle for the Zeke’s Aquila quest easier to see.
  • Aquila Satyrs no longer count toward the quest goals for the Mooshu side quest, “Ring Those Bells.”
  • Polished a lot of the quest goal text in Aquila, for example, "Find Knossos Docks in Achaean Way" instead of “"Find Knossos Docks in Knossos Docks."
  • Now allowing a bit of a breather between the vulture clash battles in the Halls of Minos.
  • Added more wisps to the Labyrinth instance.
  • Increased the proximity of lemons during the quest “Til Siren Voices Wake Us.”
  • The reward for the “Hello Walls” quest will now be indicated as a surprise.

Promotion Quests

  • Fusilier Powder Kegs for Louis LeBisque’s quest, “I've Got the Powder” now have a much higher drop rate.
  • Made it easier to grab the Ammo Crate during Bonnie Anne’s Promotion quest, “In Her Majesty's Secret Service.”
  • Removed the experience reward granted from Mormo’s Promotion Quest, “Evil Unmasked” as Promotion Quests do not grant experience.
  • Players will now be able to dock at Boothill before they have reached that part of the story if they need to finish Old Scratch’s promotion quest.


  • Companions who are under level 12 will now only be able to train in the basic statistics: Tough, Rough, Dodge, and Accuracy.
  • Updated Bonnie Anne’s promotion quest so that it may be completed in the free to play areas of the game.
  • Zeena's Rain of Fire will...
    • No longer damage players on your team.
    • No longer incorrectly trigger Burst Fire.
    • Now summon fires that must be walked through to do damage as they were incorrectly damaging any who came close to them.
  • New animations were added for both Lefty’s and Handsome Dan’s critical attacks.
  • Ratbeard will now show a casting animation when he uses the power Triton’s Song.
  • Black Angus’s critical strikes will no longer fade the background music afterwards.
  • Oingo Boingo will now change appearance when he promotes.
  • Froggo Villa will no longer appear in jail after becoming a player’s Companion.
  • Wagyu will now have the same critical attacks as Kobe.
  • Fin Dorsal’s hip pack for his Promoted look will no longer stretch when he moves.
  • All Companions now use the “ñ” in “Señor” and “Señora” correctly in their speech.
  • Corrected the spelling of “Duck Holliday” where needed.
  • Doomhorn has been slightly scaled down to be more in line with the other Aztecosaur companions.
  • Privateer companions may now use Will to attack, to properly benefit from their high Will.


Rejoice! We’ve added housing previews in Pirate101! Now when you select a house in the Crown Shop, you can also click on the magnifying glass icon in the preview window and you will be taken to the house to wander through it to “try before you buy.”

More reasons to rejoice! We’ve added several new Aquila and Marleybone furniture drops throughout those two worlds of the Spiral! We hope you enjoy discovering all these new items.

You’ll also find the Town Crier has a new quest to introduce players to their player housing.

See below for other housing changes:

  • Made it so the class-themed lamp can sit on top of the class-themed end table and is able to be turned on and off.
  • The wood fence near the PvP sigil in the Witchdoctor house will fade during combat.
  • The Gratitude statue is now a No Auction item, but it can still be sold to vendors.
  • Having a frigate or galleon docked at the Witchdoctor Class house will no longer block certain furniture objects from being placed.
  • Fixed the “Page Forward” button when decorating houses to display its correct name.
  • Players will now be able to use the “Go To” button from within their player housing.
  • The Gobbler Piñata housing object has a slight sway to it now.
  • Added vendor prices to the Crystalline Tile Floor and Underwater Wallpaper. (Tier 7 rewards from Dueling Diego)
  • The Commodore’s Garrison (Player House) now has a map.
  • Player housing deeds now show the number of items that can be put in a house when you inspect them.
  • Rejoice! We’ve added the oft requested and highly desired Tatami Floor Mat housing item to certain MooShu bosses!

Crown Shop

  • Purchasing a Premium Area will now be more accurately named in your purchasing history.
  • Some Crown Shop items (Pets, Cosmetic Mounts with no speed boost, and a few accessories) have been added to rare loot tables.
  • Rooke’s Second Chance chest now appears for all players in multiplayer combat instead of just the first player.
  • We have restored the original powers formerly removed from class Henchmen. The level 65 Buccaneer Mercenary now knows Reckless Frenzy, The level 65 Musketeer Mercenary now has Tempest of Torpedoes, the level 65 Musketeer Henchman now knows Powder Monkey's Palisade, the level 65 Privateer Henchman now knows Focus Fire, and the level 65 Witchdoctor Henchman now performs Mojo Echo.
  • Removed the level restriction from the Pirate Paladin's Cabasset.
  • Modified the names of several pieces of armor in the Crown Shop so they more closely match the sets they belong with.
  • Elixirs are now always shown in the Crown Shop, even if you're not allowed to buy more.
  • The Crown Shop items can now be viewed in a list view.
  • Companions in the Crown Shop no longer disappear after they are purchased, instead they will display with a lock and indicate you already purchased this Companion.
  • The Gift Window will no longer highlight the first item of the list when first opening it.
  • All Frostlock weapons now have a range of 4.
  • The Tusken Set weapon from the Tribal Crew pack is now correctly marked “Slashy/Stabby.”
  • Added new Smashy weapons, elixirs, and pet related pack items.
  • The Bric-a-Brac Elixir will now display in the Crown Shop even if you don’t have a house equipped.


Now introducing Skyway Chat! Now when you’re in a big Skyway zone, you’ll be able to send messages to anywhere in the Skyway despite their enormous sizes. Ask for help from across the skyway and socialize with others out in the open Skyways! We hope you’ll use Skyway Chat to group up and enjoy sinking ships together!

Other chat changes are listed below:

  • The quick chat menu is no longer hidden in the drop down menu.
  • Added “I’m sorry!” to combat menu chat.
  • Added "Please, may I join?" and "I got it in the Crown Shop" to menu chat.
  • Removed the emote selections from menu chat during combat.
  • Made it so pressing the space bar repeatedly after a message no longer puts the message outside of the chat bubble.
  • Players will now be able to type the heart "<3" symbol in open chat.
  • Added new Quick Chat options for Battle Board Commands!


  • Avast ye’ new Myrmidon, Veteran, Superior, Duelist, and Oracle Pirates! Players will now receive new Class Titles every 10 levels just like you would in Wizard101. Log in to find out your new class level title!
  • A new Zeke badge has been added for finishing his quests in Mooshu, Marleybone, and Aquila.
  • Fixed an issue with the Chapter 13 Sidequest badge.
  • Badges will now be awarded for defeating Ophidians and Vultures in Aquila.
  • The badge “Le Chat Noire” is now “Le Chat Noir.”
  • Added the missing icons for the Asclepiad and Aquila Oculist badges.
  • Players will once again be able to obtain the Skull Mountaineer badge.


There were many cosmetic touchups done throughout all of Pirate101. Everything from portraits to icons, to textures and camera angles . . . you’ll be noticing a bit more polish in some of the farther corners of the Spiral. We’ve even made a few minor tweaks and added polish on Puppet Shows! Not everything is listed, but read on for a few of the notable cosmetic changes.

  • Screenshots will no longer display file location information if taken quickly one after another.
  • Camera movement is a bit faster during combat with Ettins.
  • Class Trainers and Avery should appear more reliably when players enter their rooms.
  • Slightly improved the look of the 5 million player statue.
  • Added new ambient creatures throughout all worlds of the Spiral.
  • “Maxiums Polleo” will now be correctly named “Maximus Polleo.”
  • Polished some character animations and timing issues such as Ike Bronco’s Gunfire and the Oracle’s hand gestures during conversation.
  • Added several missing boss icons to several zone maps, so players may know where to revisit them more easily.
  • Ophidian Caster enemies were missing a critical attack animation that has now been added.
  • Ophidian Archers will no longer sometimes appear posed in the air with their bow and arrow next to them.
  • Skeleton Hoplites in Aquila no longer appear to hold their shields backwards.
  • Fixed the spelling of Atalanta’s name in all Magnificent Seven promotion quests.
  • The random girl pirate NPC in Achaea who was missing a name has made her departure.
  • The Port Regal Skyway will no longer be named “Stormgate to Skull Island” on its map.
  • Fixed the instances where Sarah Steele’s portrait was incorrectly showing a regular Mouse Fencer portrait.
  • Fixed several sigils that visually still glowed as if an active quest was in the instance after they had been completed.
  • The Monkey Mask will no longer appear on players in Monquista City after completing the quest “Victory or Death!”
  • Gortez’s icon will no longer display black and white for his Puppet Show (or elsewhere).
  • The Hamamitsu Skyway will no longer be labeled the “Stormgate to MooShu” on the map. Samoorai Ghosts on the path of penance will now appear blue (instead of pink).

General Fixes

  • Ryan’s Yum-N-Ade stand now sells Mojo Potion refills instead of Health refills (since the life fountain provides this service now). The cost to fill a Mojo Potion scales with the player’s level and the amount of Mojo being restored.
  • Adjusted the limits of several dungeon zones that were allowing more than four players to enter at once.
  • Added secret chests to many zones in Skull Island, Valencia, and Mooshu that were missing them.
  • Mounts can no longer be ridden in Motherlode Mine.
  • Removed the Skull Island-themed chests that were being awarded in MooShu.
  • Players who have been muted will no longer receive a reminder every time they zone.
  • The Life Fountain in the Palace of Hyssarik will now correctly bind players to its location.
  • The Life Fountain in the Ancient Ruins will now properly bind players to the location.
  • Banned players are automatically removed from player friend lists.
  • Blue Yum fruit now grants a 20% Mojo refill on both land and in skyway.
  • Changed the Error Message, “That area is closed right now. Try again later.” To “Unable to connect to server.”
  • Replaced the last name Offington with Norrington.
  • Pets now announce their arrival in combat like Henchmen do.
  • When you select your character, it will now tell you where your character is located in the world (upon first login it will state you’re “adrift,” but will retain your location on your next log in).
  • Added the Slippery Talent to the Monsoon Turtle.

Voice Text Mismatches

The following is an extensive list of quests that were modified to match up the words and dialogue when they weren’t matching:

  • A Diplomatic Mission
  • A Dragon and His Gold...
  • A Felon's Employment
  • A Lady Set Adrift
  • A Pirate Most Fowl
  • A Warrior's Honor
  • Anarchy in the MB!
  • Bad Company
  • Bigger Guns
  • Black Storm Rising
  • Bring Me My Bow
  • Bronco Busting!
  • Captain Blood's Treasure
  • Chicken Take Out
  • Cipher
  • Conundrums of War
  • Crok Solid
  • Evil Unmasked
  • Fearful Symmetry
  • For Science!
  • Gears In The Golem
  • Ghost Town
  • Go Go Stormzilla!
  • Golem Gee!
  • Gypsy Kings
  • Hot Potato
  • Hurly Burly
  • If Eye Had a Hammer
  • It's Sabotage!
  • Kidnapped!
  • Lies, Lies, They're All Lies!
  • Like Cats and Dogs
  • Like Father, Like Son.
  • Lost!
  • Making Preservations
  • Mission Improbable
  • Nave-al Maneuvers
  • Officer Training
  • One Man's Trash
  • On Strike!
  • Only a Moomori
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Restoring the Balance
  • Sasperilla Shortage
  • Scorpion Marks the Spot.
  • Shogun Wedding
  • Snake Pit
  • Steal From The Rich
  • Tastes GrrrrEAT!
  • The Battle of Trafalgar
  • The Chains That Bind
  • The Contest of Champions
  • The Curious Birds
  • The Enemy Revealed
  • The Fourth Card
  • The Fruit of Creation
  • The Gang's All Here
  • The Great and Powerful Turtle
  • The Guns of Marleybone
  • The Halls of Minos
  • The Lapsed Action Hero
  • The Locket of Strength.
  • The Mysterious Monument
  • The Shadow of Death
  • The Silk One
  • The Temple Circuit
  • The Things They Parried
  • The Thin Orange Line
  • The Tomb of Marco Pollo
  • The Verdict
  • The Water of Life
  • The Worst Kind of Evil
  • Them Crooked Vultures
  • Thieving Toy Snatchers
  • This Little Pigsy
  • Three Eyes Are Better
  • ‘Til Siren Voices Wake Us
  • Time of Your Life
  • Tis the Glory We Steer
  • To the Rescue!
  • Training Day
  • Tso Not Ready
  • Tweet, Tweet!
  • Under New Management
  • V for Vulpine
  • Victory or Death!
  • Vulture Culture
  • Wan Mo Time
  • Waponi Wumpus
  • With Catlike Tread
  • Yak In Business
  • Zhu Ro, My Hero


  • The sounds of multiple fires on the battleboard will no longer stack and cause a big increase in volume.
  • Frido Banditoad, Isao Murasaki, The Inoshishi Necromancer, The Inoshishi Warlord, Eki Eki Zip Boing, The Evil Spirit, and The Queen Hornet will now taunt players before engaging in combat.
  • All Companions and NPCs now have footstep sounds . . . be it snakes, Cyclops, or peg legged rat!
  • Adjusted the volume of several ambient sounds, stingers, and sound effects.
  • Jumping now has sound for when you land.
  • Added ambient sounds to the PvP Spar Chambers.
  • War Golems will play a sound when they are hit.
  • Added ambient sound to several housing objects.
  • The music has been changed from a Skull Island theme to a Marleybone theme in the Snail and Newt Tavern.
  • The Music in the PvP Halls will now correctly play Combat music instead of the world music of the area you last visited.
  • Added more combat sounds to a few Companions that were missing combat chatter.
  • The correct voice is now used during the quest, "Hurly Burly."
  • Bomb dropping powers have a new “whistling” sound effect and bomb exploding powers have a new explosive sound.
  • Adjusted volume of many voiceovers in Marleybone and Aquila.
  • Dog Pirates no longer share combat critical music with Lucky Jack Russell – they have their own sinister versions now.
  • Sound in the Hydra battle will now be more in sync with the action happening on the Battleboard.
  • Chopper’s “…” text will now be heard as a cricket sound.
  • The "Tres e Uno" performers in Cool Ranch have a little more gusto after they finish their song animation.
  • Added a new tutorial tip to explain about ship levels.
  • Several new tutorial tips and adjusted several existing tutorial tips.
  • Added battle music for saloon combat.
  • Added new Lyre music during the Ode to Bright Eagilles for the quest "Lyre Lyre."
  • Added sound for when you click on the Transportalate button.
  • Added new sounds for the Shark Pirate Companion from the Cutthroat Bundle.
  • Added new sounds for the Redcoat (Dog Rifleman) Companions.
  • Added new sounds for the Rooster Cogburn, Chicken Ranger, and Chicken Pugilist Companions and enemy lookalikes.
  • Added new sounds for when the Buffaloon’s cower.
  • Updated sounds for the Banditoads.
  • Updated sounds for Blood Bats.
  • Added new sounds to Ryan’s yum maker at his yum-n-ade stand.
  • Improved the combat sound effects for Satyrs.
  • Improved the combat sound effects for Batacudas, Drowned Zombies, Flying fish, Skeletal Cowboy, Chicken Union Soldiers, and Tyson.
  • Selecting a companion in the Crown Shop will now play a voiceover for them.
  • Switching a power, companion, or pet between pages now plays a sound when you place it on the new page.
  • Bat Masterson’s Jobu’s Breath power uses an improved sound.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Upkeep and Maintenance—Spiral Date 522816 (5/13/2014)

  • Fixed a bug causing a few players to crash while joining/leaving Pet Sparring.
  • Fixed a bug that was stopping some players from interacting with the following NPCs: Professor Diaz, Father McKenzie, Constable Talbot, Conquest Cutler, and Uma-Guma.

Upkeep and Maintenance—Spiral Date 523487 (5/15/2014)

  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to lose connection to the queue for Pet Sparring after they exited Circus Maximus.

Upkeep and Maintenance


Upkeep and Maintenance—Spiral Date 524731 (5/21/2014)


  • Fixed a bug causing wounded companions to remain wounded for too long or permanently. Note that if you had any companion that was wounded to any degree before tonight’s fix, they will be fully healed when we return from our downtime.
  • Collecting items from Pet Wrangling now displays a unique symbol instead of the standard “boot” icon in the companion display.


  • Reckless Frenzy will no longer cause a pirate to continue attacking even after a battle has been won.
  • Fixed a bug with damage prediction on Power cards. Predicted damage totals will be more reliable.
  • The Shield Wall Doubloon will now advertise and absorb a more predictable amount of damage.
  • The Doomed damage over time effect of Soulreaver and Mounsong will now be applied correctly.
  • The combat battleboard interface now updates and shows a blocked square if another player selects that space before you do.
  • Fleeing and rejoining combat will no longer cause your pirate to sometimes appear invisible.
  • Clarified the wording on summoning doubloons.


  • Pets placed in player housing now move and play for your visitors as well as for you.
  • The Slippery Talent now shows the text “Increased Dodge” when it is used by a pet.
  • Epic, Mega, and Super strikes for advanced pets have been modified and will no longer do the wrong amount of damage.
  • Players will no longer see an “undefined” message when the match maker for pet sparring fails to find an opponent.
  • A Pet’s Power levels will now be raised after they enjoy a “liked” snack.
  • Ability cards are updated correctly when debuffs/buffs are applied and removed during Pet Sparring.
  • Balanced pet equipment prices to reflect their rarity.
  • Added a “No Auction” notification to pet equipment items that were not meant to be sold in the bazaar.
  • Players will no longer be able to access the pet feeding screen while in the midst of Pet Sparring.
  • The North Wind Lion’s egg now better matches the pet’s color.
  • The “Charming Gaze” and “Sneaky Sneaky” pet talents now correctly display that they only have a chance of being activated.


  • Ch’ok Ak’ab will now drop more outfits, hats, boots, totems, necklaces, rings, and housing items in addition to his horde of Pet Snacks.
  • Removed multiplayer chests from Cadmus’ Cave and the Archery Range in Aquila.
  • Fixed the spelling of the “Shrimpy” Sapphire Necklace.


  • Don Silvestro can no longer be avoided during the Summer Palace dungeon.
  • Chumba Wumba’s Witch Hunter and Bladestorm are now only Rank 1.
  • Your everyday common Water Mole Slingman will no longer have a damage cap on the amount of damage players may do with one hit.
  • Abigail Downton’s last name now appears correctly in the quest log.
  • Leaving the Fireship Dock from a multiplayer encounter will no longer show your ship’s health being zero.
  • The Temple of Hephaestus now shows its name in the prompt when you need to interact with its door.
  • Lowered the strange floating hat in the Captain’s Cabin of the Marie Celestia.


  • Fixed a bug causing player ships to remain visible even after a player logged out.
  • Players will now be able to place flooring in both the upstairs and downstairs of the Castaway’s Cove separately.
  • Gifted furniture packs now show correctly in the Gift Window.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be stuck at character selection.
  • Fixed a few mismatched voice over and text issues.

Upkeep and Maintenance—Spiral Date 525838 (5/28/2014)

  • Only the longest wound timer will display under a companion’s portrait after they are wounded repeatedly.
  • The words "Pirate" and "Elusive" will again display on the screen when those talents activate.
  • Hold the Line 2 now has the proper training requirements and will be able to be trained at level 35.

Upkeep and Maintenance--Spiral Date 530776 (6/24/2014)

  • Moosashi Mooyamoto now appears as expected during El Toro's promotion quest, The Way of The Sword.
  • All statistic increasing or decreasing powers cast from doubloons now show their popup text simultaneously when used.
  • Chantal Livingstone's Sniper Shot now shows an animation when used.
  • Adjusted the amount of collection items needed to complete the quests, The City that Time Forgot and Out of Time's Abyss.
  • Players will encounter reduced numbers of enemies in Xol Akmul when in multi-player combat to help relieve frustration and congestion.