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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

Captain's Quarters

P.1.070 – Spiral Date 566128


Take a break from broadside combat in your brand new ship cabin! All ships come equipped with a Basic Cabin for you to decorate. Use the sigil on the deck of your ship to enter the cabin. Visit the first tab of the My Ship Equipment page to equip an upgraded cabin from the Crowns Shop or the Black Market. Go talk to Mickey Dugan for the quest “Cabin Fever” to learn more.


Black Market


A new currency called “Scrip” has made its way into the Spiral. You can earn Scrip in the Smuggler's Arena (See below). You can sometimes also find Scrip by sinking ships; the farther away from Skull Island (the Black Market hub) you go, the more Scrip you are likely to find.

You can use Scrip to buy lots of nefarious goodies on the Black Market. Visit Mickey Dugan for the quest “Cabin Fever” to be introduced to the shady smuggler, and head of the Black Market, Squid Viscous. The Black Market is located through the door on the right inside the Skull Island Bazaar. You’ll find a Deluxe Ship Cabin, Housing and Cabin decorations, accessories, equipment, doubloons and more for sale.


Companions and Ships in Houses


Ready for a house party? Companions can now be placed in houses! While in a house, companions will be on the “Hangin’ Out” task and will not be able to complete other tasks.

Show off your collection of ships in the new Shipyard!
Go to the Attic while in your house to access your Shipyard and display up to 5 ships in the skyway surrounding your house. Move ships that you do not have equipped from your backpack to the Shipyard by selecting them and clicking the Shipyard button.


Smuggler's Arena


Test your mettle in the new Smuggler’s Arena. Enter this new housing Gauntlet and visit Scriptop to play in one of two modes. In a Practice Match you can face off against powerful foes to test new strategies in combat. Grab some friends or go it alone in a Challenge Match to face the toughest battle yet, and earn Scrip. Master these endurance fights for as many rounds as you can to earn the most Scrip. When you are ready to call it a day, choose “Surrender” and collect your winnings from previous successful rounds. Then you can come back in 2 hours to face another Challenge Match. Show off your skill with cool new badges for both Practice and Challenge matches.


New Puppet Show


Accept the Quest “If Eye Had a Hammer” to see a new Puppet Show that explores the backstory of the monstrous Minotaur.

If you’ve already completed this quest, the new Puppet Show will be available to watch on your My Puppet Shows page.



  • Completion of Pet training properly changes the button from “Finish Now” to “Finish.”
  • Fixed a bug causing some dragon pets to have too much armor.
  • The Mechanical Owl has returned to its original coloration that includes pink markings.


  • Summoned pets and creatures from doubloons will now properly display a name and title.
  • Gracie Conrad’s golem summon will now be influenced by her proficiency in the Spooky Talent.
  • Buccaneer Smash criticals now trigger Bladestorm correctly.
  • Baron Samedi’s Standard will properly bolster multiple adjacent Skeleton Hoplites.
  • Players can now flee while in combat with Shiruku Neko in Cavern of the Orchid.
  • Players can now move out of harm’s way while listening to dialog after combat during “The Moo Manchurian Candidate” quest.
  • Bomb Traps that fall into a space occupied by a target do not leave a bomb (even if the target is defeated).
  • Soul Shroud will activate properly in combat when below 50% health with Death’s Bargain equipped.
  • Buccaneers with Dragon Axe of Doom will no longer trigger Flames of Corruption onto themselves after defeating an enemy while using Reckless Frenzy.
  • Fire obstacles on ships can now be targeted and destroyed.
  • Players or enemies that have been moved by Tempest of Torpedos or Rain of Mortarshells can no longer be hit twice by a single area of effect attack.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to target allies with Davy Jones’ Reach.
  • The Blood Flames card now displays that it lasts 10 turns.
  • Bosun Budd’s Consume Starfish ability now properly heals him.
  • A reduced Dodge icon will display over an enemy that has been affected by Hold the Line Rank 3.

Quest and Enemy

  • Pirates who have taken the Nefarious elixir will no longer see Moo Manchu’s message about not taking the elixir.
  • Players are now required to have Gracie Conrad in their crew before completing the side quest “Covering Tracks.”
  • The quest text for “The Water of Life” now specifies that the player must defeat venomous jellyfish.
  • Waponi Idols can be destroyed by a player that has teleported to a friend during the quest “Gunn’s Gold.”
  • Blade Storm is now properly activated for enemies who get a critical or defeat with Vengeance Strike.
  • Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + Q will show your nearest Quest objective.
  • Talos will now have a second chance chest.


  • Players can now access their bank from any location inside of their house, so bank chest items have been removed from houses.
  • Placing the Flat Wooden Platform in a house will no longer cause an error message.
  • Changing the flooring or wallpaper in your house while your bank and backpack are full will no longer destroy the flooring or wallpaper item.
  • Players can now pick up rugs placed in the exterior of Emperor's Villa.
  • Mounts will no longer fall through the Wooden Pedestal housing item.
  • Interaction text now matches the inscription on the Blades of Valor fountain.


  • Items that increase your max energy are now displayed when the player puts the mouse over their energy in the character sheet.
  • Weapons will no longer display while riding the Armored Scorpion mount.
  • Broadside combat in Tumbleweed Skyway will no longer play Monquista battle music.
  • Female WarfRats no longer sound like ghosts.
  • Stacks of Pet Snacks can be moved to the Bank.
  • Rainbow Friendship Mask and Magic Friendship Mask can be worn with most hats.
  • Changing flag colors at Major Flagstaff will update the clothing colors of your First Mate follower.
  • Armada troops in Aragon Skyway now have voiceover to go with their dialogue.
  • Companions with completed tasks will no longer trigger a warning that progress on that task will be lost if they are moved into First Mate position.
  • August Armor will display the player’s flag emblem when equipped to a Mooshu Galleon.
  • Rigged Top Sails show the player’s flag emblem when equipped to a Pirate Origin Galleon.
  • When purchasing an item that can be dyed from a vendor, no extra cost will be added when choosing color options. The price for dyeing existing items in your inventory will no longer vary based on the color chosen.
  • Wild Rice and Wondercud Pet Snacks can now be sold.
  • Wearing and then removing Moo Manchu’s Hat no longer causes player’s hair to change.
  • Perform the new Good Luck emote to increase drop rates on rare items!*
  • Various spelling errors have been corrected.
*Does not actually increase drop rates on rare items.

Upkeep and Maintenance--Spiral Date 567190 (12/12/2014)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from targeting Royal Squadron or Holy Monquisition ships in Tierra Primata Skyway.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented housing items from being picked up.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to complete quests that required the action "Talk to Nurse Quinn."
  • Folded Towels: Green and Orange are no longer listed as No Auction.
  • Vermillion Vincent Hex will no longer appear as Dastardly Damon Dee in the Crown Shop.
  • Pets can no longer be trashed from the Attic inventory.

Upkeep and Maintenance--Spiral Date 567887 (12/17/2014)

  • Dutchman’s Sapphire Charm can be sold, traded and discarded.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to attack Ninja Pigs after fleeing the dungeon for the quest Journey Into Shadow.
  • Pets that are on a training task or have a finished training task cannot be placed in houses.
  • The following quests in Cool Ranch have had their collection requirements reduced or drop rates for quest items increased:
    • Two Down
    • Hungry, Hungry Orphans
    • Spiffy Chaps
    • In the Name of Science
    • Logistical Nightmare
    • Building Fences
    • Troubled Spirits
    • Hungry Like the Wolf
    • The Great Hunt
    • Stray Feathers
    • Setting Things Right
    • A Spoonful of Stingers
    • If I Were a Rich Rooster
    • Are You Chicken?
    • Trouble Times: Banditoad Baggage
    • The Famous Dos Amigos Y Uno
    • Sombrero Love
    • Rosita’s Tortillas
    • Curses!

Upkeep and Maintenance--Spiral Date 568277 (12/18/2014)

  • Holiday Reindeer Flooring can be purchased for gold.
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly displayed the location of trainers for class quests as Bestia.

Upkeep and Maintenance--Spiral Date 569331 (1/7/2015)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Rooke’s second chance chest from being used.
  • Holiday companions now display the Crown Shop icon.
  • The Palace Drains dungeon will be properly labeled on the return to boss button.
  • Text and voice over now match for the quest “The Great and Powerful Turtle.”