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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

New Updates for Pirate101!

P.1.050 -- Spiral Date 492332

While we’re preparing Pirate101 for a much larger update coming in the future, we still felt there were a few pressing items we could no longer wait to introduce . . . things like major bug fixes, Buccaneer class improvements, improved Kraken Skulls Tavern companions, simplification of ship combat, new holiday items and some all new Skull Island themed gear! Read on to get all the details of this latest update to Pirate101.


Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Players will less frequently zone into wrong locations and be unable to move.
  • Players will less frequently experience wandering or floating NPCs outside of their normal locations.
  • Powers will more reliably retain their placement order when sorted by players.
  • Reduced occurrence where sometimes a player’s turn is skipped in both single player and PvP combat.
  • Battle Angels in the “Mission Improbable” instance will no longer trigger the Flanking epic talent when next to caltrop traps.
  • Traps will no longer be active but invisible when a player flees the battleboard in Multiplayer combat or PvP.
  • Players and Companions can now use their Jump ability to leap over obstacles in PVP combat.

Early Gameplay Improvements

  • Slightly improved each class’ main statistic. For example, Witchdoctors will now start the game with an improved Will statistic.
  • In the start of the game, players will only need to command the actions of one Companion up until the Troggie Shrine encounter for the quest “Into the Skull Cave.”
  • Reduced the health of the Troggy Warriors and Hunters in the initial Skull Mountain battles, up to Livsey’s cage.
  • Reduced the level of the crab enemies for "Up for Crabs."
  • Reduced the level of Deadeye Deidre for "A Flask of Pure Gold."
  • Removed those pesky crab crawlies from the entrance of Traitor’s Cave.
  • Reduced the level of the Batacudas in the Skull Island Skyway.

Buccaneer Improvements

  • Buccaneers will now be seen as more of a threat to enemies and will now be targeted more often, as intended.
  • The Buccaneer's Mighty Charge line of powers have been substantially tweaked. All powers gain a single, second swing called a "Glancing Blow." In addition, we have removed the accuracy debuff from the low-level Mighty Charge to simplify the power for new players.

Other Gameplay Improvements

  • You may have noticed some odd mini-game high scores due to a few tricky pirates who should have known better! Yarr! Shall we be makin’ ye’ walk the plank, ye scurvy dogs?! To further discourage this behavior, we’ve made it a little more difficult for these kinds of tricks. Along with that change, we’ve also reset the mini-game high scores, so now’s a good time to claim your fame in your favorite mini-game!
  • We’ve replaced the old resistance icon. The new icon shows a purple "mojo burst" on a green shield, and indicates resistance to energy attacks-- including the magical spells cast by witchdoctors and the lightning damage caused by most Musketeer's weapons.

Companion Changes

  • The Kraken Skulls Companions (Barnabus, Ensign Emmitt, Louis LeBisque, Mormo, and Sarah Steele) have been improved! Be sure to check out their newfound power.
  • The battleboard no longer appears at an angle after Catbeard makes a critical attack against Ettins.
  • Zeena's Rain of Fire will no longer display several zeros during an Epic critical hit.
  • Companions defeated with a Damage Over Time effect will no longer appear to celebrate.


  • Damaging a ship in Broadside Combat now affects the starting health of enemies in any resulting battleboard combat with the ship. The lower the enemy ship’s health when deckside combat starts, the lower the enemies’ health.
  • We have simplified ship equipment by removing the “size” requirement from Armor, Figureheads, Rudders, and Sails.
  • Non-grouped passengers riding on ships will receive Nautical experience for successful broadside as well as grouped passengers.
  • Friendly player ship names will no longer appear red.


We frequently receive requests for new pirate-y looking apparel beyond the styles regularly received in Skull Island. Because of this we’ve added new, uncommon styles throughout the post-combat treasure chests of Skull Island for you to discover!

In addition, players may also find more powerful uncommon clothing in Skull Island with improved statistics. Be on the hunt for this new gear for your low level Pirates.



  • Increased the damage from the Powder Monkey Barrels for the Level 65 Musketeer Power.
  • *Removed the knockback effect from Tempest of Torpedoes.
  • Mojo Rising will now work with high level staves as intended.
  • Focus Fire will no longer provide a buff to the targeted enemy.
  • Buccaneers will no longer continue attacking with Reckless Frenzy after they have been defeated.
  • The main ability buffs will now buff all allies on your team who use that ability, regardless of range, and they will continue to buff anybody standing adjacent to the caster. We hope you find these powers more useful with this little tweak. Note, this does not affect the Juju line of powers.
* NOTE: Fixing the knockback turns out to be trickier than expected, so rather than leave the power in a state that caused glitches and frustration in PVP, we've temporarily removed the knockback until we can implement a thorough fix.

Crowns Items

  • Players can now use up to six Crown Shop elixirs at one time, instead of 3.
  • A player’s current Crown Balance will be shown when using a Second Chance Chest.


  • Fixed a bug that was allowing players to apply wallpaper in some rooms of player housing yet there was no change in appearance.
  • The experience rewards will now display correctly for the “It’s Sabotage!” encounters.
  • Characters and battleboard props will now remain slightly visible during the combat execution phase instead of fading out completely.
  • The Helm of Athena can now be dyed.
  • The camera will now show all the traps being cast from the Yakooza Crossbowman during the “Whacko Yak-o” Quest.
  • Adjusted the colors of Iago's tier 2 and 3 look to more closely match player flag colors.
  • Adjusted the lighting in the Brawlin' Hall.
  • Fixed the Troggy Herald Figurehead appearance issues.

Upkeep and Maintenance – Spiral Date 493796 (12/18/2013)

  • Ensured all classes were correctly receiving an improved main statistic, not just Privateers.
  • The Great Serpent animation will now show when used against Armada Ships.
  • Zeena's Epic Ability "Rain of Fire” will now display correctly when viewing her statistics from the "My Companions" Screen.
  • The Baubleloon pets will appear more zoomed in when viewing them in the Crown Shop Preview Window.

Upkeep and Maintenance – Spiral Date 494882 (1/8/2014)

  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect damage values to be shown while previewing companions in the Crown Shop.
  • Fixed a bug causing a long delay between turns when a new player joined combat.

More Free to Play Improvements! (1/30/2014)

P.1.052 – Spiral Date 498516

  • Both the enemies in the Ancient Tunnels of Skull Island and the Cutthroats found in the Skull Island Skyway have had their levels decreased to be in line with similar free-to-play content.
  • Both the Crokagators in the Temple of Gloom and the Flying Fish of Skull Island Skyway will be less dangerous as they no longer possess the Relentless talent.
  • The Cutthroat ships of Skull Island Skyway have been spread farther apart to decrease the chances of two ships attacking you at once and will no longer use powers that cause tokens to spawn on your ship during ship-to-ship combat.
  • Mack the Shark has set sail to a more out of the way destination behind Jonah Town.
  • The Watermole ships have migrated to the opposite side of Rapa Nui.

More Bug Fixes and Combat Adjustments (3/5/2014)

P.1.053 – Spiral Date 506588

  • Players will no longer be stuck in combat with Chumba Wumba from using powers on the tiki statues.
  • Negative effects from Battle Standards will now be correctly applied when they are destroyed.
  • Traps will no longer be triggered if the enemy is defeated by another type of attack on the same tile as the trap.
  • Added battle objectives for the Sea Cave fight during the "Adventures In Caving" quest on Unoculum in Aqulia.
  • Bundle houses will no longer be destroyed if they are accidentally redeemed from the gift window when there isn't an available housing slot.
  • Corrected the level restriction for the Pirate Paladin's Cabasset in the Crown Shop.
  • Made it easier to avoid accidental combat in Granchia.
  • Lowered the difficulty of the Gortez and Ordaz encounters in the Valley of the Gold Monkey dungeon.
  • Lowered the difficulty of The Erebus encounter with Fin Dorsal and Optimus Viridius.
  • Lowered the levels of the Skeletal Cowboys, increased the number of yum fruit in the area, and removed the trap chests that would spawn additional Skeletal Cowboys in the Scorpion Cave.
  • Further reduced the damage output of the Jungle Croks in the Temple of Gloom.

Upkeep and Maintenance – Spiral Date 510363 (3/20/2014)

  • All stitched items now inherit the "No Trade" classification as intended.
  • Logging out while viewing a loading screen will no longer cause players to be stuck during character selection with a "Verifying Character...Please Wait" notification.