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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

Welcome the Henchmen!

P.1.048 -- Spiral Date 471821

Helpful Pirate Henchmen from all around The Spiral are now available to assist you in battle! If you find yourself in a tough fight and in need of an extra hand, you'll now be able to use Crowns to hire one of the several Henchmen of every class from level 15 to 65. Even better, you'll be able to command this Henchman as if he or she was one of your own crew members. Need more help than that? A new Henchman slot will become available for every Companion (or Henchman) of yours that was knocked out during a fight.

Much like Wizard101’s Henchmen, these hired hands only last for the duration of one complete fight; however, you will find these Henchmen are more powerful and versatile than the ones you find in Wizard101 and have been priced accordingly. Major highlights:

  • Unlike Wizard101, you can command these Henchmen on the battle board, making them extremely flexible and less likely to interfere with your strategy.
  • Henchmen are stronger than typical Companions of the same level!
  • Henchmen have all the powers a typical player of the same level would have, meaning Privateer Henchmen have all the buffing and healing powers you’d expect from them, Musketeer Henchmen can place bombs and traps, Witchdoctor Henchmen can use powerful AoE spells, and so forth.
  • With a single click from your battle board you may now access the Henchman page of the Crown Shop and purchase them directly, increasing their ease of use by clicking on any black silhouette in the lower left corner during combat.
  • Buying a Henchman resets the Planning Phase timer.

Note, the following Henchman power adjustments will be changing when all current issues have been addressed:

  • Constant Calpurnia Cato (level 65 Privateer Henchman) will temporarily replace his Focus Fire Power with an additional Battle Zeal power.
  • Dominating Decimus Dorso (level 65 Buccaneer Henchman) will temporarily replace his Reckless Frenzy power with Relentless Rank 2.
  • Sure-Fire Severus Regulus (level 65 Musketeer Henchman) will temporary replace his Powder Monkey Palisade with an additional Scatter Spike power; we've also replaced his Tempest of Torpedoes with an additional Rain of Mortarshells power.

Free-to-Play Changes

It will no longer be necessary to defeat Marcus for the quest "Into the Skull Cave." However, Marcus will still be a part of the side quest, "the MooShu Falcon."



  • Created a little extra space near the walls of the large dining hall of the Skullrock Stronghold (Buccaneer) House so that furniture will no longer clip into the walls.
  • Fixed the walls in the basement of the Sharpshooter’s Citadel (Musketeer) House so fixtures can be placed on them.
  • Added more space around the player bank in the Commodore’s Garrison (Privateer) and Rake’s Lagoon (Swashbuckler) houses.
  • Made a few changes to the Sharpshooter’s Citadel (Musketeer) House:
    • Fixed a gap between the stairway and the wall.
    • Touched up a couple areas that had invisible collision.
    • Fixed a spot on the floor that wasn't allowing furniture to be placed on it.
  • Paintings in the Haunted Grotto (Witchdoctor) House will now be selectable after being placed on some angled walls of the house.
  • Stone Walls in the Commodore’s Garrison (Privateer) House will now correctly fade during PvP.
  • Lowered the player bank in the Commodore’s Garrison (Privateer) House closer to the floor.

Crowns Items/Crown Shop

  • The Redeem Gift button from the drop-down menu under the Crowns symbol will now appear greyed out if you have no gifts to redeem.
  • Accessing the Crown Shop during the Troggy Drain encounter for the quest, "Into the Skull Cave" will no longer show 3 arrows moving back and forth over the interface.
  • Removed the extra word from the message you receive when purchasing unlimited fuel.
  • General Tso's Second Chance Chest will now give level 40+ clothing and jewelry.
  • Players will no longer be able to access their gifts during combat.


  • Performed cosmetic cleanup to some areas that needed a bit of touch-up (like the rafters of St. Fido’s church and Lytton’s House).
  • "St. Fido's Crypts” will now display its name when you walk up to its sigil during the quest "Nave-al Maneuvers."
  • The Hope and Anchor Tavern in Port Regal will now proudly display it's a Tavern on both sides of the sign outside its door.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that were causing the game to crash.