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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

Game Updates: 2024 April


Please remember that it is TEST REALM. Everything you see may still be in development, may need polishing, and also may not make it to the final release phase. We need your feedback on what you experience with the content to ensure it’s ready. Thank you in advance for helping out!

When on Test Realm, first use the in-game bug reporting tool if you notice an issue. You can also post in the Test Realm section of Discord. Please also post in Discord any balance and general considerations you wish us to see.

Information and the download location can be found on this page: Test Realm Information and Download


Bells toll from the deep. Your parents call.
Welcome to the newest chapter in the Main Storyline of Pirate101. Are you ready to sail.......

...........Through Death’s Door...........

April 2024 Update Notes


Kane’s Armada is defeated, but Pirate101’s adventures are just beginning! After recovering the fabulous Eye of the Lyger from renegade warlord Klaw the Merciless, the voices of the Pirate’s dead parents echoed from the strange jewel! Their last spectral message had told the young Captain to give up their search for El Dorado, but now the ghosts warn of danger. Spirit mediums can’t locate the spirits of the Pirate’s parents anymore – they’ve been taken! But by whom? To find out, return to Aquila and dare to brave the caverns of Tartarus, realm of Hades! Ten new quests stand before you.

Talk to Madam Vadima to start your journey


New Items


  • 1 new set of Hades armor. One set of variations for each class and a dyeable class-nonspecific one.
  • 1 new pet Orthrus, the goodest boy, which has 10 variations.
  • 10 new housing items.
  • 4 new pet snacks.
  • The Mask of Death: Facepaint that uses the power of souls to raise your damage as much as it looks cool.
  • Cerberus' Collar: An Amulet that's giving EVERYONE a reason to attack more often.
  • Gorgon's Petrified Band: Call in the reinforcements!
  • Legionnaire's Obol: A Totem made for leaders. This lucky coin is more than superstition.

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Music Sounds Better With You


The sounds of the Pirate Spiral are now yours to enjoy! The new music box is a housing item capable of playing Music Scrolls. Music Scrolls can be purchased inside the Crown Shop and are a part of monster loot tables.

Bug Fixes

  • Leap smash fix 2.0.
  • Finding Sinbad Part 1 should now be universally possible
  • Obsidian Dutchman loot POTENTIAL fix. We're looking for specific feedback on this bug during test realm.
  • Jungle Crossbow no longer shooting bullets.
  • Sinbad Chapter 3 difficulty nerfed.
  • Male Staffy weapons no longer occasionally use female vocals
  • Captain Avery is now 1.5% more judgmental. You can tell. By the way he is. (joke)


Let us know what you think of this new Pirate101 update in the Discord!