Pirate101 Prepaid Game Cards

Access Premium Content with Prepaid Game Cards

With Pirate101 prepaid game cards, you can access all game worlds without having to have a credit card! Players who wish to explore beyond the Free to Play Pirate online game areas can purchase Prepaid Game Cards for prepaid time in the game or Crowns.

Each $10 and $20 prepaid game card comes with a Free Pet.

Prepaid game cards cannot be combined for larger purchases and cannot be used to unlock Open Chat. After purchased and activated in the store, prepaid game cards can be redeemed in Pirate101 at a later time.


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Australian Pirate101 prepaid game cards are available at the following locations. Click a store to see what cards are available there!

EB Games

Special Prepaid Game Card Bundles

EB Games Prepaid Game Cards

EB Games $25 prepaid game cards are available at most Australian locations. Find a EB Games' near you!

This card comes with 10,000 Crowns or 2 Months Prepaid Membership and a free Star Walktopus pet (with Repel Boarders Talent)


How do Prepaid Game Cards Work?

When you redeem your Prepaid game card, you can unlock new zones of the game or purchase equipment and accessories for your Pirate101 characters, such as wands, treasure cards and holiday items. Each card also offers a limited edition collectible pet available upon redemption.

Prepaid game cards cannot be combined for larger purchases and cannot be used to unlock Open Chat.

$10 cards can be redeemed for 1 month of Prepaid time or 5,000 Crowns.
$20 cards can be redeemed for two consecutive months of Prepaid time on the same account or 10,000 Crowns.

How do I get my Pet?

Your Pet is Waiting in Game for You!
The next time you log in to Pirate101 the game, you will see this icon appear to alert you that you have a present waiting. You can redeem the pet on any character on that account.

Why US only?

At this time, we are unable to offer Pirate101 Game Cards in countries outside of the United States, but we offer our players the alternative to purchase Gift Certificates on our website. For more information on Gift Certificates, please see Pirate101 gift certificates.