Hoodoo Bundle!


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The Hoodoo Bundle has all the items to give your Pirate a dark, spooky edge!


Get epic powers with the Conqueroo's Outfit and Monkey Witchdoctor companion.


The Conqueroo's Outfit is perfect for any Pirate looking to add some magic to their adventures.


The Witchdoctor's Lab housing add-on is spooky scary!


Your new Ghostly Galleon is haunted with dye-able fog that seeps around the ship.


Baron Samedi's Standard boosts special powers and Companions during battles!


Up to Level 60 Gear Available

Want to save some powerful gear for your Pirate character when you're at a higher level? You can redeem the Hoodoo Bundle in-game items whenever you want. Use them now to give your character a boost or wait until you're at a higher level - your choice!


The Hoodoo Bundle Includes

  • Ghostly Galleon
  • Mojo Monkey Companion
  • Conqueroo's Outfit
  • Witchdoctor's Lab Housing Add-On
  • Baron Samedi's Battle Standard
  • 5,000 Crowns
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