Empire Bundle!


Empire Bundle Available Online at Pirate101!

Available for purchase online at Pirate101.com!

Have a commanding presence with the Gladiator Outfit and Lady Centaur Companion.

The Imperial Galleon is sure to stop enemy ships in their tracks!

This large galleon has plenty of room for friends and is loaded with details.

Step inside the Emperor's Villa for a touch of Roman architecture.

The Emperor's Villa rests back on a beautiful island for your Pirate.

Use the Imperator's Standard to boost the talents of your feathered friends.

Up to Level 60 Gear Available

Want to save some powerful gear for your Pirate character when you're at a higher level? You can redeem the Empire Bundle in-game items whenever you want. Use them now to give your character boost or wait until you're at a higher level - your choice!


The Empire Bundle Includes

  • Emperor's Villa
  • Imperial Galleon
  • Gladiator Outfit
  • Imperator's Standard
  • Lady Centaur Companion
  • 5,000 Crowns
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