Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Snacks, Training & Leveling

Pets gain levels and improve their stats by training and eating pet snacks. Training activities take time, cost Energy, and most require pet gear.

  • You can find snacks on vendors, in the Bazaar, as loot, and as rewards for the Pet Battle Arena, the Pet Wranglin’ companion order, or for mini-games on You can also purchase snack packs in the Crown Shop.
  • The best way to earn gear is to complete training activities. You can also find gear on vendors and as rewards for the Pet Battle Arena and the Pet Wranglin’ companion order. There are also gear packs in the Crown Shop.
  • Your Energy pool is represented by an orange globe at the lower left corner of your screen, and it slowly regenerates over time. If you want to refill it immediately, you can purchase an Energy Potion in the Crown Shop.

To train your pet, open the Pet Roster, select your pet, and click on the Choose button. Select a world, then select an activity. If you don’t have the gear for an activity, you’ll see a lock icon on the activity’s card. Pets that are in training can still be used in Pet Battle Arena, and can appear in battleboard combat.


To complete a training activity once it’s done, open the Pet Roster, select your pet, and click on the Finish button. Select a pet snack to feed then click Feed. You’re done! Your pets earn their XP, health, and any stats conferred by the training activity and the snack. Pets will earn more XP and power if they like or love the snack they’re fed. You can tell if they like the snack because the completion screen will say “your pet liked this snack” or “your pet loved this snack.”

Pet training activities that train Guts, Guile or Grits do not give the option to feed. It will inform you that your pet is not hungry.


As pets level, their prowess in combat improves, their size increases, and they learn new talents and powers. The talents and powers they may learn are determined when the pet hatches, and they’re determined by the pet itself, or, if it was morphed, the pets it was created from. Talents and powers have rarity – some of them are more rare than others. You can preview your pet’s potential talents and powers by clicking the lightning and star buttons in the Pet Roster UI. Your pet has 10 potential talents or powers, but it will only learn one new talent or power each time it increases its age. They are chosen randomly.

Level Age Rank Unlocked Abilities
1-9 Hatchling  
10-19 Baby 1 talent
20-29 Teen 1 power
30-39 Adult 1 talent
40-49 Ancient 1 power
50-59 Epic 1 talent
60-69 Mega 1 power