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Who is your Favorite Companion?

Jul 28, 2015
Prestopirate on Apr 21, 2018 wrote:
My favorite is Dan Drake!
I do love duck companions and he is green like a Mallard.
I hope he gets a promotion someday!
my fav is ridolofo capoferro is does so much damage ridolfo+=

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
cyborgplays on Dec 28, 2018 wrote:
my fav is ridolofo capoferro is does so much damage ridolfo+=
Welcome to the message boards, cyborgplays! Ridolfo is great!

First Mate
Feb 12, 2015
cyborgplays on Dec 28, 2018 wrote:
my fav is ridolofo capoferro is does so much damage ridolfo+=
Ridolfo! I thought I was the only one who still cared about him! Tell everyone he's amazing! Because he is.

Aug 20, 2017
Paige MoonShade on Oct 19, 2012 wrote:
Bonnie Anne

I can keep her in the background range firing while my swashbuckler goes up front. Plus she looks great after she has her second promotion.
Lol Paige I like your houses in wizard 101 I wish we become friends so you can take me around different dungeons
My name is brave blaze walkers L65 at pirate
While blaze shadow wraith L26 storm at wizard 101

Mar 08, 2017
my sergeant shepherd! he can get the most criticals more than anyone, even el toro! he is strong, if you train him right.

-noble valkoor Hawkins lv 70

Mar 28, 2018
Subodai, i loved his wicked sense of humour when trashing the wedding

Jun 13, 2013
Mine is most certainly Kan Po. He's so kind and I consider him to be like a grandpa to our pirate. I also love how serene he is normally but then becomes the most vicious person in battle, for me at least. Not to mention the fact that he has a hide, critical strike AND a heal. He's also the main reason I'm going through witch doctor a second time. I'm in AQ and have used him since SI.

Mar 23, 2017
I have a couple of favorites:

Monkey King (Celestial Trickster) - I absolutely love his cynical attitude throughout the story. Every time he speaks I got super excited. I like his design as well

Lt. Springer (Dog Colonel) - Purely design wise. I love Marleybone as a whole, and Lt. Springer is definitely one of my top three favorites. Plus, he's got that relentless/blade-storm combo as well, which makes him useful throughout the story

Froggo Villa (Salamander Backstabber) - He's just cool

Lu Lin (Horse Crossbowman) - Got him towards the end of MooShu on my Privateer, and I don't know why I love him so much. I have kept him in my main crew for awhile now.

Taro Moomori (Samoorai Champion) - I've always loved the Samoorai, and now I can use one! He's also a solid companion.

Mustang Toreador (Toreador Maestro) - That darn smile.

However, none of these companions come even close to the heavenly companion that is.....

EL TORO (Masked Champion)

On my first playthrough, I was kinda slogging through Cool Ranch because of how long it is. I remember first seeing El Toro in Santa Pollo, and I couldn't wait to get him. Now I have him and I love it.

- Every time he speaks in the story I just get a nice warm feeling
- He is a very good combat companion, one of the best in the game actually.
- He is inspired by my one of my favorite fictional characters, Zoro
- He is one of the few general companions that everyone gets, no matter what

I can only think of one issue with the greatness that is El Toro
- His gosh darn walk cycle has a glaring frame clip that annoys the hornets outta me when he's my First Mate

Other than that, he is the best.

First Mate
Feb 12, 2015
El Toro, Sarah Steele, and the rest are all nice, but none can ever compare to the one and only NINJA PIG!

He's one of the Swashbucklers that doesn't need a hide to score big hits. He's not like most of them, he fares great in melee combat. And his criticals! He can get a lot of them, and when he does he can do upwards of a thousand damage! without a hide! He fits in perfectly with my playing style. I also adore mine for his rarity.

It's the year of the Ninja Pig! Everybody oink out!