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Skills and Powers

Not long after you begin your adventures in Skull Island, you will meet your Class Trainer, a person you’ll want to remember and visit often. One such trainer can be seen below:

Skills and Powers

Class Trainers

Once you've chosen your character class, it's time to learn some pirate skills. Each of the five classes has their own Trainer, a character in the game responsible for teaching you the ins and outs of piracy. Your Trainer can grant you talents and abilities and even special powers. You can even pick up a few tricks from other class Trainers by spending special training points with them! All the Trainers in the game are headquartered in the Skull Island courtyard buildings. Don't forget to pay a visit to them all!

Your Class Trainer can teach you all of the Skills and Powers that your class is granted. Those abilities will be recorded on your “My Skills and Powers” page under your Pirate page (hotkey C). Use the left and right arrows to scroll through multiple pages, as seen below:

My Skills and Powers

Once you have met your Trainer, you should make a habit of returning to Skull Island each time you gain a level, to see if there is anything new for you to learn.

Tip! Get More Training Points

You earn additional training points at 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th, and every five levels past 20th. You also can earn extra training points from completing Quests from Prospector Zeke.