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Time to Don the Helm of Ultimate Protection!

Yarr, Pirates! We hope you enjoyed March and the beginning of a brand new PvP season in Pirate101. We also hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s Day offerings this year.

If you haven’t seen them yet, don’t miss out! The last day to pick up a Rubber Ducky Mount in the Crown Shop is April 5th. Also make sure to redeem the code "besthatever" before April 6th to get your free Helm of Ultimate Protection. You’ll need that to protect you from the conspiracy theories of late, savvy?

Read on for more fun and information about Pirate101.


Rogue’s Gallery: Milo Greytail

Last month we revealed a bit more information about Gaspard De Vole; this month we’re looking at another of the “Presidio Five” companions, Milo Greytail, a swashbuckling rat brigand with an eye for good business. Let’s take a closer look at this rat’s past.

“Subject: Milo Graytail
Home: Skull Island
Weapon of Choice: Cutlass
Occupation: Pirate

Welcome to the Pirate101 Rogue’s Gallery. Subject, Milo Graytail

The Graytails had lived in Marleybone for as long as anyone could remember. They were a simple family, hardy and adaptable folk from the emerald hills of Albion. When it became too hard to farm they moved to the city and remained there for years... but that became harder too. Soon Milo’s Dad could find no work and the spectre of debtor’s prison began to take on a truer and more solid reality. Dad reckoned the family was better off moving again...

And that’s how Milo's family came to Scrimshaw in Skull Island. Things weren’t as posh as Marleybone had been, but both Mum and Dad Graytail found work, which meant little Milo and his twenty siblings grew up mostly unsupervised on the hardscrabble streets of Scrimshaw.

Luckily, Milo’s good-naturedness immediately made him a mascot and “little brother” of the various sailors and skyfaring types that made Scrimshaw a regular port of call. By the time he was a teenager Milo felt as at home on a vessel as he did in his parent’s house. It was only natural that he would heed the call of the skyways!

Being young and impressionable, Milo was a little astounded to find that his first crew was a bunch of pirates. But it was hard not to be during the Napoleguinic wars – if you tried to join a merchant crew you’d often find yourself pressed into military service of some kind. In its own way piracy was safer - or at least it seemed that way.

That was before Milo’s ship came under attack by Goatbeard – Scourge of the Seven Skyways! In a devastating attack Milo found his ship destroyed, most of his crew lost, and himself chained to an oar in the galley of Goatbeard’s Galleon, The Shepherd’s Crook. It seemed quite likely he’d spend the rest of his life there too.

Fortunately for Milo, Goatbeard was attacked soon after by another Pirate crew, one led by an amiable married couple...

The pair not only freed Milo, they made him part of their own crew, with equal share of all loot! Milo had found yet another home. He happily sailed with the couple until sadly they were lost to a storm.

Heartbroken, Milo served here and there on several other Pirate crews around Skull Island. The rising tensions between Marleybone and Monquista created ample opportunities for pirates looking for plunder. But Milo took one easy job too many: his ship was attacked by Monquistans and he found himself in chains in the Presidio.

These pirates and more await you when you play for free at Pirate101.com.”



The Hunt for Hybrids!

Stop the presses! A new hybrid has been found! Congratulations to Clever Brianna Everret for discovering the Heck Scarab. If you’re looking for very detailed examination of this new hybrid, be sure to read more on Swordroll’s Blog.

Just as a side note about pets in general, did you know there are around 400 in the game currently? Did you also see the new PVP Grudgehogs? How about that new Spring Grouper?

There’s plenty of fun going on with pets these days! Don’t forget to share your pet findings in the Circus Maximus section of the Pirate101 Messageboards. Best of luck on the hunt!


Puppet Pirates

Gandry: Just a little more and this treasure be ours!

Boochbeard: Monkey pick your pace up I can hear them comin'! The ol' hook won't last forever!
by Crafty Ulysses

Who will caption the next Puppet Pirates? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to enter your caption on the next Puppet Pirates.


A Newsflash of Fans!

We hope you all enjoyed March in Pirate101! We found several good posts this past month that made us smile. Here’s a few we thought you might like to see:


Things to Come in Pirate101?

Excitement is starting to build from fans about things being slowly teased by our producer, Falmea. First there was a Falmea Friday in February that introduced a new face to us. Last month, Falmea penned a Falmea Thursday (offices were closed on that Friday, so we had to skip the opportunity for alliteration) that showed an interesting environment shot.

It was fun to see the theories being made by our fans . . . like this one from Darkmoor Dude . . . or this one from FrostCaller! One thing is sure, we love hearing about your speculation in the Tavern section of the Pirate101 Messageboards. Log in, and join in the discussion! What do you think is coming up next?