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The Great War (Part II) by Dead-Eye Malcolm Moone

Part II: The Armada

The Great War had officially begun. Death was waiting eagerly for this war to begin between the Cats and Dogs. The Dogs had the Cats most dreadful and dangerous cat, Meowiarty. While Meowiarty had been imprisoned at Newgate, no one has yet to decode this mastermind. His evil smile made it impossible for anyone to talk to him. He will soon become The Spiral’s most malevolent criminal.

After the mission was successful, news had arrived in Valencia. Spy Knight Morthorax had news of the assassination of the Archdog. The Armada’s Grand Design was back on schedule for completion. Armada leader, King Carson was extremely pleased with Meowiarty’s success and therefore, he devised a plan for Meowiarty’s escape. King Carson had called for a Royal meeting of his Inner Court members. The elite Seven had arrived. They were the most powerful and secretive agents in the Armada. King Carson, supreme leader of the Armada, Knight Morthorax, Spy for the Armada, Jester Jack the Manipulator who has the ability to manipulate anyone’s mind, Admiral Rayne, leader of the Armada’s Ship Force, Alchemist Solis who uses magic to increase power and speed of the Armada, Queen Costas whose abilities remain unknown. The last of the Elite Seven remains a secret as he is considered the most powerful creation in the Armada.

“We must get him out of there. He is vital to the Grand Design,” Alchemist Solis explained.

“It’s the most heavily guarded place in the Spiral. We’ll need our whole army to get him out of there,” Knight Morthorax replied.

“Aww, my children,” King Carson announces. “You forgot about our most powerful creation. He will get him out of there. After all, the Dogs have no idea about our invasion of the Isle of Dogs. There military headquarters will be unstable after Admiral Rayne positions his ship, The Relentless, into range. Once our invasion begins on the Isle of Dogs, all of the Dogs’ forces will be directed in resisting our force, therefore lowering the security on Newgate allowing us to release Meowiarty. Jester Jack and Alchemist Solis will be responsible for Meowiarty’s escape.”

“Great plan, my Lord,” replied Admiral Rayne. “How will we surprise the Dogs though, my Lord?”

“If I may Lord” answered Alchemist Solis. “With the use of our treaty with Mooshu, we will enter Marleybone not from Valencia, but from Mooshu. Admiral Rayne will first enter Marleybone, followed by me and Jester Jack. Before the invasion, I will create a Shield potion, making it impossible for the Dogs to sink The Relentless. Then, Jack and I will make our way towards Newgate where there will be very little security due to the invasion on the Isle of Dogs. Jester Jack will manipulate the guards’ minds allowing us to easily enter the prison. Our force will be unstoppable once we get Meowiarty out.”

“What a brilliant plan, Solis,” replied Carson.

“Should we bring our secret creation, my Lord,” Jack asked.

“Not this time.”

“I must add though, what about the Isle of Fetch,” asked Rayne. “The Kurghas are powerful allies for the Dogs, and they will help them once they see us attacking The Isle of Dogs.”

“I will sabotage the Kurghas,” replied Knight Morthorax. “After further intelligence of the Kurghas was established, they prefer unpleasant tasting food. I will make their food good, which will cause them to rebel against the Dogs.”

“Brilliant once again. This is why you all are my most powerful friends. We will soon control the whole spiral once Meowiarty becomes part of the Armada. Prepare for the invasion. We will begin our invasion in three days.”


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