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The Great War (Part III) by Dead-Eye Malcolm Moone

Part III: The Dogs

“Why did you do it,” Sherlock Bones questioned.

He looked at the investigator with a wry smile. “You really don’t know much, do you Bones? I thought you were Marleybone’s best investigator. An amateur ought to be able to solve an obvious investigation. Tell me Bones, why do you think I did it?”

“You pitiful cat. You think you’re able to manipulate me? Once you’re locked up in Newgate, have fun being locked up in a cell for the rest of eternity.”

“Hahaha. Don’t you remember what happened twenty years ago? Both of us know that without me, you would suffer. What do you think your life will be like if I didn’t do what I did twenty years ago?”

“Get him to Newgate instantly!” cried Sherlock Bones. “I’m not dealing with this wretch any longer!”

“See you when I escape Bones,” replied Meowiarty as the guards took him away.

Meanwhile on the Isle of Dogs

The air is polluted. Silence roams throughout the island. Crime surrounds the sewers in The Isle of Dogs. The highest member of the Dogs meet in the War Room. The Royal Navy has become unstable after the assassination of the Archdog. The Dogs leader, King Duke meets with the members of the Royal Army.

“What’s the news with Meowiarty?” asked King Duke.

Admiral MacArthur was shaking his head in disappointment. “He’s committed the worst crime in history, Sir. Sherlock Bones is on his way. We should have more information once he arrives. In the meantime, we have our forces lined up for the attacks in Albion.”

“We plan on attacking the Cats in three days at their most vulnerable time,” added Captain McArkel. “Operation Boom will be child’s play against the Cats. Their army consists of Skiffs that will be no match for our Frigates. It will leave them no choice but to surrender within a couple of days.”

“There is someone that I’d like to meet. Get over here Lieutenant” announced Admiral MacArthur. “This is Lieutenant McIntyre. He is better known throughout Marleybone as “The Compromiser.” He was responsible creating the peaceful relationship with the Kurghas.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant,” saying King Duke. “Oh, and what a surprise, Bones has arrived.”

The War Room was filled with pleasure for once, but soon would fade away after Bones had arrived with dire news. The doors opened, and Sherlock Bones was walking steadily holding his cane with a cigar in his mouth. His face was weary, and his eyes were droopy. The investigator looked frightened from what he had learned during his time at Newgate.

“Hello Bones,” King Duke greeted. “How was Newgate?”

“We have no time for that, Sir. I must talk to you in private, Sir.”

“Why sure, Bones. What is it?”

Sherlock Bones had whispered something so frightening to King Duke, his eyes widened in fear with his mouth dropping, and he began to sweat. King Duke could not believe what he just heard.

“Is everything alright over there,” Admiral MacArthur hesitated.

Everyone saw the fear that was shown in King Duke’s face. King Duke looked out the window, and whispered something to Sherlock Bones, but Bones shook his head implying that he couldn’t do anything about it.

“I must tell all of you now,” Bones announced. “Do not worry about the Cats, because I know who was responsible for the Archdog’s assassination.”

“Who was it then?” asked Captain McArkel.

“It was The A–,” but Sherlock Bones struck the ground.

Someone on the roof tops shot Sherlock Bones with a bullet through the window that King Duke was looking out of moments before. Everyone had ducked afraid of being shot. Everyone had looked out of the window, but didn’t see anyone in sight. After a few moments, the people in the War Room slowly stood up.

“Is he dead?” asked the Admiral.

“No, but he will be if we don’t get something quickly,” replied King Duke.

“What did he tell you? I must know. It had to be very important,” insisted Captain McArkel.

“He said: Get Meowiarty quickly.”


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