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The Great War by Dead-Eye Malcom Moone

Part I: How It All Began

It all started thirty years in a world far from Skull Island. On a beautiful day in Regent’s Square, the lovely Queen Collie had just married Archdog Shephard at Wolfminster Abbey. The two were given a special ceremony around Regent’s Square. The newly married couple toured many of the wonders in Marleybone such as Big Ben. What they did not no though, is that an evil assassination group were plotting to assassinate the beloved Archdog Shephard. They were called the Black Cats.

The Black Cats consisted of members from around the world powers of the Spiral. Krokagrax of Krokotopia, Sergei Kronov of Avernus, Bohr Ravenclaw of Grizzleheim, King Caesar of Aquila, and mastermind, Meowiarty of Marleybone. These people were promised unlimited wealth and power from the Armada if their task was successfully completed.

Black Cat leader, Meowiarty, was a famous criminal known for burglary and tax evasion. He is considered Marleybone’s most dangerous criminal. He has escaped Scotland Yard and Newgate Prison numerous times by using his devious plans of escape. Sherlock Bones has yet to find a way to keep this mastermind locked up for good.

The Armada persuaded the Black Cats to commit this crime that would change the whole Spiral. Under the Armada, Secret Spy Knight Morthorax picked up intelligence of the Archdog Shephard. If the Archdog were to become King of Marleybone, the Armada wouldn’t be successful in carrying out their plans for the Grand Design.

While the Archdog and Queen were circling around Regent’s Square, the Black Cats were scattered around the Square in order to carry out their mission. As the carriage passed Krokagrax, he could not commit this crime because it was forbidden by the Gods of Krokotopia. As the Carriage approached the Royal Museum, Sergei Kronov was ready to destruct his War Golem in order to carry out the mission. The War Golem had malfunctioned, so Sergei wished to poison himself and jump into the fountain at Regent’s Square. The poison did not work, and Redcoat guards carried the criminal to Scotland Yard. As the Archdog and Queen carried on with their tour, Bohr Ravenclaw and King Caesar were surprised to see that the Archdog was still alive.

Last of the Black Cats was Meowiarty. He was standing near Barkingham Palace dressed as a Redcoat Guard. He saw that none of the other members had carried out the mission. Meowiarty was determined to finish the task, so as the carriage passed, Meowiarty pulled out his musket, and shot the Archdog. Redcoats rushed to find Meowiarty with a grin on his face. Instantly, guards carried him straight to Marleybone’s most heavily guarded place, Newgate Prison. After news of this event, Sherlock Bones rushed to meet the mastermind while at Big Ben, the House of Dogs had declared war on the cats.

The Great War had begun.


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