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The Toymaker (Chapter III) by Nimble Ginelle Quinn

Chapter three (in which Brie rescues the twins (and Richard), and takes them out of Travis’s cabin)

As they started up the stairs, they heard the door to Richard’s room open up and the sound of someone in trouble.

“Somebody help me!!!” Richard screamed, flailing his arms as two other shadow men tackled him, knocking him to the floor. One man snatched Richard’s left arm and held it behind the uncle’s back, ensuring that Richard wouldn’t escape.

The man behind the twins ran up directly behind them, and his eyes narrowed. Supposedly, the man must have been smiling evilly, but his smile didn’t last long.

Suddenly, Brie lifted her head, and her brown beady eyes flashed. Her eyes slid shut, and when they reopened, her eyes had a slight blue hue behind them.

She gasped and wiggled out of Danielle’s arms, landing on the floor with both feet. She turned to face the shadow men who still had Richard held down on the ground. They were looking at her in shock.

“Let these kids’ uncle go,” she warned, holding up a paw at them. “Or else.”

“Brie can talk?!” Desmond exclaimed.

“Did that doll just talk to us?” one of the shadow men asked in surprise.

“Alright, you asked for it,” Brie answered simply. Her paw flashed green, and a pulse of blue light surrounded her paw. Her eyes sparked in the same color, and the pulse of light shot from her paw and struck the two men, sending them tumbling down the hall.

She swiveled around and glared at the man behind the twins. “You want a piece of me too, buddy?” she asked, her eyes narrowed.

The man shook his hooded head, obviously terrified of the little toy. He spun around and dashed down the stairs and right out the door, without stopping for anything. Danielle glanced out the window and saw that the man had gotten into a gondola and was paddling away at rapid speeds.

Desmond smiled at Brie in wonder. “Wow, you can talk and use spells? That is the coolest thing ever!”

Brie gave a graceful bow. “Why, thank you very much, Master Talbott. It’s what I was made to do.”

“What exactly are you supposed to do?” Richard asked, groaning in pain as he got to his feet.

“I am your loyal guardian,” Brie answered with a salute. “I have a message of urgency regarding the twins. The Rebel Sages want you to join them so they can use your powers to take over the Spiral and kill the Sages of Light.”

“Whoa, slow down little doggie,” Desmond mumbled, waving his arms in front of him. “What are you talking about?”

Suddenly, the sound of the two shadow men struggling to stand up in the back of the hallway frightened the stuffed animal.

“We can’t stay here any longer!” she hissed urgently, “or those men will kidnap the twins! I have to get you to Nightopia, to safety!”

Before Richard could start complaining, Brie grabbed the twins’ arms, dragging the twins down the stairs and forcing their uncle to follow. She lead the three out of the little cabin and over to the last gondola docked on the cabin’s side of the lake. She shoved them into the boat along with their uncle, and taking one of the oars, she rowed the gondola out across the lake as fast as she could.

Back at the door of the cabin, the two shadow men stared out over the lake’s surface with bleary eyes, but they didn’t say a word, instead stumbling off into the woods.

Brie spun around and sighed with relief. “Thank goodness for that! We made it out alive, that’s what matters.”

“Who were those men, and why are they after my nephew and niece?!” Richard demanded, getting red in the face.

“Calm down, sir, there is no need to fret,” Brie assured him with a smile that apparently wasn’t reassuring or helpful whatsoever.

“We need to know what’s going on,” Danielle said in an urgent voice. “Brie, could you please explain what is going on?”

Brie cleared her voice and narrowed her eyes, focusing on the twins and Richard. “You’ve probably heard of El Dorado and the Aztecosaurs that ruled all over the Spiral, but they didn’t build the cities by themselves: they had mysterious helpers that taught them how. Some people have always wondered who could’ve been responsible for teaching the Aztecosaurs, and only a secret society in Nightopia knows the truth. I will now commence in telling you the legendary secret of the Sages of Light, a race of beings so ancient that time itself cannot uncover their secrets.”

Brie paused for a moment as the gondola docked at the lakeshore. She got out and waved to the twins and Richard to follow her, and she lead them through the woodland. While they walked Brie began talking again.

“The Sages of Light were like the guardians of the Spiral, travelling around to the different Aztecosaur empires, speaking to them and showing them how to build and design certain things that would later on change the Spiral forever. The Sage generals and warriors had special powers that allowed them to transform into Aztecosaurs themselves, fighting alongside and protecting their tribal friends. The Sage council members kept everything in check, making sure to keep peace within tribes and cities. The empires ruled peacefully, always caring for one another and keeping each other in check.

But then the conflict came like a terrible storm. Some of the council felt that they had helped the Aztecosaurs enough, and that the dinosaurs should return the “favor”. The council disagreed, saying the tribes and cities didn’t owe the Sages anything, and that the Sages had everything they needed already. This disagreement lead to a secession of some council members, who will forever be known as the Rebel Sages. They had a huge war, lasting at least 5 years. Monsters and tribes and soldiers all fought against each other, like brother against brother. The council felt bad for the Aztecosaurs, so they defeated the rebels rather quickly…and just left. No one who knows about them has any idea where they went after the civil war, but with the sudden appearance of Rebel Sages in certain parts of the Spiral has led to much speculation. And the secret society in Nightopia knows what the rebels want: you two.” She pointed at Danielle and Desmond, and the twins gasped.


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