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The Toymaker by Nimbelle Ginelle Quinn


Navajo Redd walked down the windy street, shrouded in the darkness of the night. Shadows draped everything on the street, but the Sage of Light was not deterred by its darkness. He continued on, carrying with him a message of warning for the old toymaker.

A flock of scarakeets flew overhead, but Navajo kept on walking. Under a dimly lit street lantern, he found the bypass that he needed to travel on. He followed the trail until he reached the lake edge. He looked out on the lake surface, trying to make out the small island in the distance, but he couldn’t quite see through the seething fog. Taking out a pocket lantern, he lit it with a match and then walked alongside the shore, searching for a boat.

There’s the boat, he said in his mind as he saw the small gondola floating in the gentle waves. He climbed on board and sat down.

He silently chanted a silent spell, and the gondola flew through the water like a raging dragon. The boat took no more than a minute as it literally docked itself at the small island. Navajo left the boat and walked ashore, slowly pacing through the woods until he reached the tall, elegant log cabin. The cabin stood silent like a statue in the dark woodland, and the lights were on in the first floor. Straightening his sash tie, he walked on the cobblestone path and into the little cabin.

An elderly man with white hair, a mustache, and a little bit of stubble on his chin looked up from his work on a small bench table. He wore spectacles and a blacksmith’s outfit even though he was not a blacksmith, and his brown pants and boots were splotched with paint.

“Ah, Navajo Redd, how are you?” the man asked, holding out his hand.

Navajo shook his hand for a moment, but immediately took his hand away. “I have important matters to discuss, Silas. The children are in danger, from the forces of darkness, if you know what I mean.”

Silas’s face grew grim, for he knew exactly what was wrong. “I-I thought it would never happen…are you sure they are in danger?”

“Yes, I am very certain,” Navajo said sternly, his eyes narrowed. “That is why I have a task for you to fulfill, Silas Larson.”

The toymaker knelt on one knee and bowed his head. “I am at your command, Navajo Redd of the Sages of Light.”

Navajo put his hand on the toymaker’s shoulder. “You must create a guardian for the children, a toy with the special powers of this.” He withdrew a glowing box from within his long frock coat, and he handed it to the toymaker as the toymaker got to his feet. “Use these powers wisely, and remember; this toy must protect them, or the enemy will catch them.”

“How do I get it to the children?” Silas asked, with a worried expression on his face.

Navajo gave him a sly but not quite reassuring grin. “The Sages will take care of that, I assure you. But you must make the toy now; the children’s safety is at stake!”

In a flash of white light, the sage vanished, leaving behind a small whirlwind of smoke. The cabin was completely silent after that, with no noise whatsoever.

And so Silas Larson quickly got to work. He pushed his former project away and quickly got out scrap paper, immediately jotting down ideas. A few hours passed by, and he finally got an idea; what better guardian than a dog?

He searched for available fabric in a natural color, but all he could find was a sky blue fabric, with white splotches that resembled clouds. He laid the fabric out on his work table and immediately sketched on the fabric, creating the right shapes he would need. He also got out a packet of beads for the dog’s ‘stuffing’, a pink oval shaped nose, and brown bead eyes the size of marbles. He searched around for one last final touch, and he found the perfect thing; a light blue ribbon that he could make into a bowtie for the dog.

After a few long hours into the night, he had successfully stitched the dog together, and finished tying on its bowtie. He set his finished work sitting up straight on the table surface. The toymaker looked over at the glowing box, pondering at the mysterious powers locked inside. He unlatched the box cover and stuck his hand inside, removing a glimmering, gold-colored powder from inside.

“I suppose I ought to use this,” he said, clenching the powder in his hand. He then threw it at the stuffed animal and cried, “For the safety of the children!”


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