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The Toymaker (Chapter I) by Nimble Ginelle Quinn

The Toymaker Chapter one: in which we meet our heroes and their rather boring and highly optimistic cousin (by Nimble Ginelle Quinn

Desmond Talbott was in pain as of right now.

He was arm-wrestling his twin sister Danielle, and right now, he wasn’t winning. Ever since the two were born, his sister, who was born only five seconds after him, always was more competitive. Sure, the two were both 13 years old, but surprisingly they acted in quite different ways. For example, Danielle loved flowers, elegant dresses, and surprisingly monsters, while Desmond loved pirate stories, awesome weapons, and surprisingly Valencian artwork. Both had their little likes and dislikes, but all in all they would forever be known as ‘twins’, unless something bad happened, but I can assure you, nothing seriously bad happens to them. They still have to go through quite a few bad things; otherwise this wouldn’t be a story.

“Danielle…could you please *sputter* go easy on me?” Desmond gasped, his arm aching. He was sweating a bit, and felt slightly disoriented; hopefully Danielle would go easy on him!

But Danielle simply gave a sly smile in response, and he knew all too well what that meant. “Sorry Desmond, but you know the rules in twin arm wrestling: no going easy on the other twin.”

With that, she slammed his arm down on the table with such a force that the sound bounced throughout the entire cabin. Sadly, that was a huge mistake that the two had made, and that was disturbing Richard.


Desmond and Danielle moved their black hair behind their ears and looked at each other, and then began to snicker. Richard was always such a complainer, as far as they could remember.

They had to move to their Uncle Travis’s old dusty cabin for the entire summer, simply because their parents didn’t want to deal with them during the hottest time of the year. They wish they could at least spend the next two months with their cousin Alexandria Quinn, over at her new house and meeting her new friends. Their parents wouldn’t allow it however, and therefore Uncle Travis had to step in and take care of them. And that meant dealing with their other ‘cousin’, Richard.

Richard was what the twins considered their “cuzuncle”. Technically, he wasn’t 100% cousin; he was the way younger brother of Uncle Travis.

He was still too young to be an uncle, but too formal and strict to technically be a cousin, so the twins settled with cuzuncle, and that was that.

“Want to go bother Richard some more?” Danielle asked, smiling evilly.

“Sure, because I won’t be winning in arm wrestling anytime soon,” Desmond responded with a shrug. He got out of his chair, and so did Danielle, and the two raced into the living room.

Richard was sitting in his giant leather armchair as he always was, reading the same old book Batacudas and other monsters of the Spiral. He never actually read the book, but rather he used it as a ‘blockade’ to keep Desmond and Danielle from bugging him. Richard had red hair and was wearing a fancy yet short frock coat, leather pants, and reading glasses even though he could read perfectly fine without the glasses (yet another reason to keep the twins away). No matter what he used to hide himself, Richard always chose the wrong moment to yell out his opinion on certain things, often when no one wants to hear whatsoever. That was just how Richard was, although nobody would ever be able to get used to his very optimistic opinions.

Danielle walked over to Richard’s right side and smiled sweetly. “Hello Richard, how is my favorite cousin?”

Richard put his book down rather harshly and gave her a very flat look. “First off, I am your uncle, not your cousin,” he said sternly. “Second, please go away.”

Desmond rolled his eyes and stomped his foot down, clearing his throat. “Richard, come on, you always ignore us! Just talk to us for maybe 20 minutes, and we’ll leave you alone, okay?”

Richard glanced over at him for a second, stared down at his book, and then shut it. “Very well, I’ll chat for a bit. Tell me what troubles you first, before anything else.”

Danielle crossed her arms and sat down in the other leather chair and examined her fingernails before speaking. “Well, for starters, we’re spending the summer at your brother’s house rather than with Cousin Alex. We’re spending this day cooped up inside a dusty, old cabin while it’s storming outside, with absolutely nothing fun to do. The cabin is located on a tiny island in some unknown skyway that probably no one, not even Uncle Travis, actually knows about!”

Richard nodded his head, for he was experiencing the exact same thing at that moment. “I don’t want to be here anymore than you do, but what can I say? We’re all trapped here for the time being.”

“I heard that Alex rode on the back of a giant dragon, travelled to unknown islands, and discovered a huge treasure!” Desmond exclaimed, his eyes filled with wonder. “Why can’t we do anything like that?”

“Basically because of what your twin sister said,” Richard explained with a wave of his hand. “We are living these summer days in a remote part of the Spiral, and the chance of any adventure reaching us is slim. Your cousin may come and visit sometime, but for today, we remain as bored as ever.”

“Great, just great,” Danielle muttered. She walked off over to the balcony and peered out over the stormy skyway and the swaying trees.

The cabin they were staying in was rather compact as far as cabins go, for the bottom floor was basically the basement, and the top floor the first floor. The first floor had a kitchen, living room, three bathrooms, and four bedrooms. All of the rooms were rather small, big enough for only one person at a time. The cabin itself was located on a desolate little island, with a lake that spanned out all around the house, and the lake was surrounded by tons upon tons of tall pine trees, taller than any other species of tree that the twins knew of. That’s why when visitors come, they can’t tell who it is until the person rows to their house in their custom-made gondolas that are docked on both sides of the lake for visitors (and them) to use.

In fact, there was a knocking at the door at that exact moment.


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