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The Spy from the West by Blake Visser

Part one: Kidnapped

One lone day I was at the docks running a port after my father and mother were killed by the armada. I had just sold a galleon as the wind shifted too much to be nature itself. Then I saw it, A cool ranch ship coming to make trade...I directed them in and we sat at my house, a shack right by the gates of scrimshaw.

"What you got kid?" asked both of the traders. One was a turkey named Brawler and the other was a rooster named Bulls-Eye; they were some of the toughest and meanest traders in the spiral.

I put a small chest on the polished wooden table, and I said:"38,584 gold boys." Then they smiled and glared at me.

"Half of that for food--that'll last you a month."

"You're insane!" I said. They were trying to make me angry, but I couldn't resist.

"Well then, If you don't like our offer, and we refuse to leave without one, I suppose we have no choice!" Brawler shoved me against the wall and everything went black.

Part two: Life in cool ranch

I woke up tied up to the mast. we were coming into Cool Ranch, the capital of the ruthless planet. once we reached the dock Brawler and Bulls-eye dragged me to thier mansion, and there they trained me to be like them: a ruthless and tough shooter and Brawler. I went to school but never made friends, and I found that I was quite a valuable pirate to have on a ship. Trade was crazy in Cool Ranch, and when Bulls-Eye and Brawler released me into the world, I had money, I had ships, and I had a small empire.

For the next 6 years I lived a rich, sheltered life that was until a feared pirate named Captain Avery blew through my defenses and defeated me single handedly. My empire fell, and I went home even though by this time I considered myself as a pirate of the west.

Part three: The spy

When Avery called me in I studied him: an Old man, elegant clothes, a parrot on his shoulder, and a wicked sword with a curved blade on his belt.

"As you know my name is Avery I am a secret rebel against the armada and I am in need of more pirates. you are known in many titles but I do not know your name, may I have it?"

I was very aware of the pirates outside looking through Avery's large windows.

"The name is Blake Visser."

"Ahh yes, your known as lord of Cool Ranch?" I nodded slowly. "Now if you accept my offer you can have you revenge for your parents' death" I didn't even hesitate, and I accepted the offer. He then said that because of my three talents: stealth, strength, and accuracy that I would be a perfect spy. He told me I had to teach myself since there was no spy teacher and that I would need a small, fast, armored ship to bypass enemy lines.

My first mission was to help out the rebel Monquistians battling against the crown spying on the king and queen and the captains of monquistia then report info to rebels and Avery. My most dangerous missions were trying to make alliances with Marleybonians and spying on them and the armada.

Once I had done enough missions, I had become known as "the spy from the west" but this doesn't mean my career of being a spy is far from over. This is Blake visser signing out...



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