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Spy of the West (Parts IV - VI) by Blake Visser

Part four: The war

I am back. Blake Visser from Scrimshaw or if you prefer Cool ranch. It's been 2 years since I last talked. I walked around Skull island headed to Avery's office. Avery is one of the many thousands of rebel pirates against the Armada a group of clockworks planning to overthrow the pirates of the Spiral. Anyways on my way there I noticed some fights going onbut didn't bother to stop them. Avery gave me a somewhat forced smile.

"Ahhh... Blake my most trusted spy, I have a not-so-secret plan for you." he hesitated as if someone was watching us. "There's war on Mushoo. the military generals have been defending there poor planet, the attacker? Armada troops."

"Why am I not surprised?" I say. Truth be told the armada have been taking over the jungle of skull island for over a year.

"Here's your mission," he say's. "I need you to take some men I'm giving you and launch a forward attack on the Armada fleet blocking the main storm gate to Mushoo. You then sneak behind enemy lines and you and your remaining troops attack the flagship full force, to do this I'm giving you a galleon." That last part caught me off guard for the fact that pirates very rarely give others things unless it was deadly, that of course was a crime here but..."now why don't you go down to the tavern and have some yum hmm? I have someone waiting for you Blake." said Avery pleased when I headed for the door.

Part five: I meet Alexander

As I headed to the tavern I was beginning to sense some thing was wrong, the forced smile and the suicide mission and then there was the waiting at the tavern. I was at the taverns doors when I start to realize the trap and when he, a crazy cutthroat came busting out of the doors quickly dragging me in, I tried to fight him but it was like trying to arm-wrestle with Mordekai: pointless.

He told me his name and that name connected to a very feared buccaneer: Fin Dorsal. He then tied me to a steak carrying loads of yum with him and gold, lots of gold. My mind started forming his plan and a very risky one too: He was going to sail to Mushoo and because the emperor of Mushoo outlawed yum, yum, fruit he could realize that every year we steal the healing fruit, he'll make peace and form alliances with the Armada and soon over take every other huge spiral landmark, including Skull island.

Once I heard his ship set sail, I seeked a way to escape then I noticed a wickedly sharp sword partially tipping off A large polished table I somehow managed to tip the steak over an with one cut the sword cut the rope that imprisoned me. I was safe except for one thing: the shark had disarmed me. to solve that problem I claimed the sword. not my type of sword but it felt good in my hands so I decided to keep it.

I walked to Avery's mansion, angry that he never warned me and that I was not going on that mission. When I enter the room Avery is talking to someone else.

"Get rid of him for me Alex." Said Avery. Merciless Alexander Carter turned around clearly not happy with a Fin Dorsal WANTED poster on his belt.

"I hate working with other captains." Said Alex.

"You tricked me! No one tricks me!" I lunged at Alex knowing I couldn't beat Avery myself. Merciless was quick, he blocked my blade. "Listen Alex. He wants us gone! he wants us to tear each other apart in out partnership. but he still didn't put away his blade.

"Now, now I have changed my mind. I want you to track Fin down and capture him, don't go into the suicide mission." When that didn't work he make a offering. "50,000 gold each?" Me and Merciless glanced at each other and Merciless made a silent connection: You take the armada, I take Fin and we both take Samurais.

"We'll do it." I said as me and him put our blades away.

"Excellent! go now get your men and ships!"

Part six: Battle springs, cannons roar, and the battle ends.

We headed out of the door. Our crew members were waiting in the PvP area (pirate v.s pirate) getting a warm up before we headed out. We pulled our fleet together. both of us had about 20 crew men and both of us had 5 boats combined: Merciless with 3 and me with 2. We loaded the cannons, put 4 crewmen on each boat not including me and Alex. We loaded the cannons, set the sails and soon we were on our way to the Mushoo storm gate.

"Darabiria! Get the cannons locked and loaded." My second-in-command started shouting orders to the automatic cannons (A new weapon) and soon you could hear the wheels rolling into there marked places.

That's when the bombs went off. I could hear one boat fall apart and I quickly boosted the ship with the fuel. Cannons were like fireballs in the night sky and the smell of gunpowder made me almost black out so I decided to hurry down the deck before things went from bad to worse. I helped repair the automatic cannons and did some broadside combat. After three hours we broke through into Mushoo. we found a unclaimed island and set foot there. the entire crew stopped near a river in a thick forest.

Merciless had broken his wrist in the fight and lost 2 crewmen considering we didn't have enough yum yum fruit with us before they passed. In fact we were very low on medical supplies so when Merciless broke his wrist he made a makeshift cast by ripping of some smooth bark from a tree and then used vines to rap the bark around his arm, very basic medical treatment. I on the other hand got the better of the battle with a broken finger and loss of one cannon.

We were eating flying fish for dinner when sounds alerted everyone.

A sound of gears breaking, a roar of a cutthroat, armor hitting the ground and a troggie yelp. Then I caught a fierce pirate cry and Merciless managed a smile. It was a girl's cry no doubt and when the noises stopped five pirates came out of the cover. One of them was older than the rest and looked a bit like Merciless. Her name clicked before Alex even said his sister's name: fierce Sarah carter. Merciless went from his tough, angry attitude to a happy guy. Sarah had long brown hair, blue eyes, the rest was in a cute elfish way: pointed ears and sharp angles. in other words, she was cute. It seemed weird considering she was Merciless' sister, but, oh well.

Sarah sat down on the ground eagerly grabbing a piece of flying fish. When Sarah asked what we were doing, Alex glared at me in disgust then he turned his attention back toward his sister. "We were sent by Avery to find Fin Dorsal and I got stuck with this loser."

"Oh really cause thanks to me, Marleybone and the Valencia aren't in world domination!"

"Alright I get it. lets go see where we need to scout." Said Sarah as she led us to a tent more...fancy, should I say. inside the tent were three chairs, a table with a map on it and for light we had a small but bright candle. On the table, small little wooden toy soldiers mark the places of battle. We sat down on the comfortable chairs. ""We've looked here, here, and here. You/us are right here on the southern side of Island of the dragon temple.



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