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Secret of the Spiral Part II by Sly Scarlet Everhart

“What now?!” I asked myself. I sighed. To do list: Avenge father, find mother, I thought. After Boochbeard dropped me off in Skull Island I didn't know anyone or anything. I decided to find somewhere to go. I stopped at a tall building and pulled open the doors. There were many a pirates swarming around. I found an official-looking man in a green jacket and white bird on his arm and asked,

"I am Everhart. Scarlet Everhart. I just got to this town. Do you you have any of the idea of where I could find and place to hide from the Armada and a good steady job?"

"Nice to meet you Scarlet. I'm Captain Avery. You could find shelter here. For a price."

"What price do you speak of?"

"I need a pirate to acquire a emerald necklace of mine from an old accomplice of mine."

"Which 'accomplice' do you speak of?"

"A coven of hammerheads, haha, underground"

"I'm no pirate. I was brought up with magic, not swordplay."

"Hmm. Go to Witchdoctor's Grove and tell the teacher I sent ya. She'll put some combat magic in your system."

"Aye. I'll see you with that necklace."


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