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Secret of the Spiral by Sly Scarlet Everhart


I have been breaking the law for the past 10 years. I’m Scarlet. Scarlet Everhart. I was born and raised to my parents, Davis and Miranda Everhart. My dad was killed by the Armada protecting me and my mother from the Armada invading our dwelling. From that day on, I promised my dad’s soul that I would avenge him. My mother has taught me magic since I could toddle. But my life was turned upside down by the Armada. It started on my 10th birthday...

I was practicing a summoning spell on my model ship when a loud crash interrupted my thought. A large masked man walked in and said, “You are under arrest for practicing magic.” He grabbed my mom’s wrist and took out a sparkthrower. Before I could scream, he then blew up a gunpowder barrel of my father’s, smoke went everywhere, and I blacked out.

I woke up with a white light covering my eyes. A blindfold. When I tried to talk I realized they got my mouth, too. I tried to get up and there was a sharp pain in my wrists. Handcuffs!? Really!? I then heard a large explosion. I used a repelling spell to move the blindfold ever so slightly, so I could see something. The knot wasn’t tied very good. The blindfold came off. I heard someone yell, “There she is!” Someone removed my handcuffs; and when I went to thank them, I realized it was a small monkeylike man. Wait. It was a monkey! I peered around and saw a man with a large beard and then remembered it was Boochbeard. “Have you seen my mother?” I pleadingly asked. “There is no other prisoner on this collywobble driven ship.” He answered gruffly. He lead me out of the cell and up the stairs.

When we finally arrived at Skull Mountain after fighting clockworks, I couldn’t help but remember the last words Deacon, my kidnapper, said to me. “You may have your freedom. For now.”


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