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Secrets of the Spiral (Chapter 3) by Sly Scarlett Everheart

I wandered about the streets until I found a street vendor. While another customer was distracting the vendor I managed to swipe a few rings, an expensive looking necklace, and a pastry that sat on the shelf uneaten. I stuffed the pastry in my mouth and shoved the rings and necklace in my coat pocket. Unfortunately, the vendor turned around and to his surprise saw me examining a watch I had pickpocketed out of his coat. I turned on my heel and ran as fast as I could down the street. As the angry vendor chased me, I took a sharp turn and felt a hand pull me in a dark alley. One hand was over my eyes and the other around my mouth. First I cried out in surprise, then I bit the hand as hard as I could. That’s when I heard a pained shout and was pushed to the dirty ground. I scrambled backwards, half expected to see a member of the Armada.

“Ugh, you idiot! You bit me!” A strangely familiar voice complained. I stayed with my face to the ground, thinking that someone was about to attack me.

“Well get up!” the voice said.

Wait a minute... I have DEFINITELY heard that voice before. I turned over quickly to see a face that I would be able to recognize anywhere.

It was none other than Henry . . . my long-lost brother.


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