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The Second Polarian War (Part 3) by Honest Patrick Hawkins

Chapter 4 trouble brewing

A storm is coming. Those were the words Marleybonian newspapers used to describe the jailbreak of Napoleguin and the declaration of war from Marleybone to Valencia. Phule who was locked up in Fort Helena had been accused of 10 charges of attacking Marleybonian ships and was accused of kidnapping the daughter of Port Regal’s governor. He had been freed by his own troops which had resulted in dozens of casualties, a fortune in reparation costs to the prison and the escape of Napoleguin because of the prison break. This was all the reason Marleybone needed to officially declare war on Valencia.

The corridor was long and gloomy, what once had been one of the most beautiful corridors in the spiral was now a dark and cold tunnel that incited every form of fear imaginable. Where once if one had stopped and looked at the walls he would have seen images of Valencian royalty and Valencian Landscapes painted by some of the best painters in the Spiral, now you just saw and two shallow walls without paintings or decorations, stripped of all things of value with two clockwork soldiers at the end guarding a big black door. The one walking through these halls however had no interest in paintings or decorations. Everything that was luxury had to be sold and turned into funding for creating more clockworks. Kane had turned Cadiz in just two years’ time into the most inaccessible place in the Spiral by abiding this principle of following the most efficient course of action to achieve his goals, and was about to do just that today. He entered the cold and Iron conference room which was just as gloomy as the corridor not even greeting his officers with a mind only focused on one thing.

“What of Napoleguin.” Said Kane with an emotionless voice as always.

“We have yet to receive the latest Intel from my spies in Skull Island, but it seems this wasn’t a ploy from Napoleguin. He had during these years of confinement no way of communicating with his loyalist in Polaris, and even they could not have thought this up. They just don’t have the brains or funds for this. In other words someone is pulling strings here.”

“I didn’t pull you out from cool ranch to state the obvious Deacon”. Said Kane with a cold voice. “That’s not good enough I need to know who or at least who knows who is pulling those strings”.

“What does it matter who they are?” Asked Rooke impatiently.” Our grand design is much more important than chasing some relic of the past. If anything we should be chasing you know who, he still poses a huge threat to us, much more than some fallen dictator.”

“Although I would agree with you if this was something thought up by Napoleguin himself, the fact that someone has the resources and guts or stupidity to bust Napoleguin out worries me.” Said Kane with a dominant tone. “If freeing Napoleguin is a part of someone’s scheme than we can expect the work of a mastermind in the shadows working on troublesome plans for our future.

“Bishop how is the work on beachhead progressing”? Said Rooke now fully aware of the situation.

“Ah yes”. Said Bishop slightly startled by the conversation. “The work is about eighty percent done. With the pace it’s being constructed and the plan Kane devised it should take us no more than a month or so to subdue Marleybone. Then we can go back to focusing on the Grand design.

“Deacon, what of the pirate ship that our troops spotted while invading fort Helena?" asked Kane.

“My spies identified it to be the ship of some local no name crew by our standards, most likely nothing more than the tools used to free Napoleguin. I’ve told all my spies to inform me immediately of their location if they’re spotted, but if I was the mastermind I would cut of the loose ends as soon as possible.”

“Good, continue your search for now and if they don’t turn up alive within the week go back to Cool Ranch and proceed with the plan there.” Said Kane. “Rooke, I’m sending you to Mooshu to proceed with the battle plan against Marleybone and to find the translation for the map piece that we have, as well as to find the one hidden in Mooshu. You’ll meet up with the lady after you’ve accomplished these tasks to proceed with making the treaty.

“I obey.” Said Rooke. "But I do not need her to help me establish a treaty with Mooshu! She’s too arrogant to be called one of us and she rarely listens to the orders you give her."

Kane was silent for a moment. “While it is true that she’s the least obedient of my officers, there’s no one better than her when it comes to diplomacy. This reminds me, Phule, I’m assigning you to tracking down and capturing those pirates who freed Napoleguin as soon as they turn up. Make no mistake; following the Grand Design is still top priority. But we will not be hindered by unforeseen obstacles, not by Marleybone and not by anyone, dismissed!”


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