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Second Polarian War (Part 4) by Honest Patrick Hawkins

“A few months ago I was contacted by a lone vulture pirate from Aquila claiming to represent the pirate lord of Aquila. He said that he needed my help and was willing to pay quite a hefty sum if I became the tool and executor of his grand scheme to free Napoleguin. Needless to say that I was on guard back then, and not just because it was my understanding that Aquila does not have a pirate lord, just a few vulture pirates and renegade eagles using the war there as an excuse to raid ships. Nonetheless I traveled to Aquila and met with this pirate lord, and I was absolutely marveled by the amount of money I was offered for the job and the amount of soldiers that this pirate lord has working under him. However I was a bit discouraged by the amount of Soldiers that I would have to get past by in Fort Helena, that’s why I hired you for a slightly smaller price. But like I said I am hired just like you, the difference was that I was in charge of the details and the selection of the right people for the right job and you were those people. Now I have just gotten word from our now mutual friend and he says that he is very pleased with your work and wants you to be the crew that smugg... uh I mean escorts the emperor back to Polaris. Of course I know you are still worried about the future of The Spiral but you now have two choices. You can either try to kill us all and die if not here and now than in the near future when this pirate lord finds you, which he will… or you can sail from now on under the protection of a pirate lord… that is if you are successful in your mission.”

When Catbeard was done I looked at the captain. He seemed to be deep in thought.

“Now that the Armada and Marleybone are so tense that they can start a war at any moment there exists an opportunity for the other big names of The Spiral to start moving. Monquista is in a civil war right now, Mooshu is becoming a crime-ridden hole now that the emperor is cursed and Skull-Island might become the battlefield for the first battle between Marleybone and the Armada. You would be wise to accept.” Mr. Norrington the second in command on the ship seemed annoyed by the captain’s indecisiveness.

It was as if the entire crew was frozen by the magnitude of the conversation and who could blame them.

“It seems that we don’t have a choice. However I don’t mind making some far off Pirate lord my enemy but you’re right about Skull Island now becoming a very dangerous place. Now that there’s going to be a war, all the gangs will start to get active to try and establish a firm grip on the region so that they can plunder the supply ships of both sides. I would rather not be a part of something so pointless.”

The captain’s words were like a wake-up call for the rest of the crew. We were not like the other pirate crews, we were not interested in fights for supremacy. We joined this crew in the name of freedom, adventure, and the never-ending skyways or to get away from the life which we once had and despised. Our place was not in a war our place was where the winds would carry us and now the captain felt that our path was to go to Polaris.

“Marvelous, it seems we have reached an agreement I’ll tell him you have accepted this new mission. I assure you that the reward will make this chest seem small in comparison. Well then, I wish you the best of luck captain on your journey.” Said Catbeard as if to say that there is no turning back.

As we were leaving Catbeard’s ship the crew and I myself were starting to feel that we had gotten ourselves into something big. Even though we knew that talking the captain out of is pointless we still could not help but feel that we might have gotten in way over our heads. Wars, emperors, pirate lords and revolutions were not the sort of thing we involved ourselves with in the past.

“John I do hope you know what you are doing. We have never done something as immense as this before.” I said to the captain when we were leaving the lair.

“I must admit that even I am a little worried about the consequences this time.” It was the first time in a long time that I heard the captain worried.

Look at these men captain, each one of them myself included chose this path not because you promised us gold or fame or yum so delicious you’d think it was made in paradise but because we believed in your way. It was your adventurous ideology, your free spirit and your devilish luck that guided us to you.

“You’re forgetting my charming good looks," said the captain while glaring at Cassandra.

We both could not help but laugh for a moment. For a brief instant our worries were gone, there were no thoughts of war or Polaris in our heads all that was left were two old friends reminiscing about the past.

"Tell Fernando to set sail for Puerto Mico to resupply after that we’ll head for the frozen gate.” The captain had returned to his serious self.

“Surely there are better ways to get into Polaris than through that accursed entrance. Especially now that we have rescued Napoleguin the stormgate to Polaris will be even less accessible.”

“It is the closest besides, it’s not like I don’t have a plan ready. After all this is not an ordinary smuggling job, we are going to need some equipment to pull this off. Tell Catherine, Remi and Cassandra to come to my cabin later.”

“Are you sure that Cassandra alone isn’t going to be enough?" I said teasingly

“Keep your jokes for after this job is done," said the captain while glaring at me in a dissatisfied manner.

“Alright then let’s forget I said anything. Fernando! Set sail for Puerto Mico, we’re short on supplies!"

As my voice echoed all over the deck of the ship and we set sail for our next destination I could not help but already feel the cold chill we would encounter in Polaris and when we would face the second national stormgate of Polaris ”the frozen gate.”


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