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The second Polarian war (Part 1) by Honest Patrick Hawkins

Chapter 1: Attack on Fort Elena

“Hurry it up”! The captain sounded as if the grim reaper himself was behind us, which would be an exaggeration if we weren’t invading one of the most well-guarded prisons during an Armada attack and one mistake could mean that we’d get to see him up close!

“I’m going as fast as I can captain”! Shouted the old dog. I guess the years must have been catching up on him recently because when I joined the crew he was the second if not the fittest member of the crew.

“Hurry it up the armada will have discovered the hole in the wall we made by now and will use it to invade and take over the prison. We must secure the target and leave before that happens”.

“Well whose idea was it to invade the Marleybonian’s prison in the middle of an Armada attack”? I shouted almost out of breath as well.

“Ha-ha do you know how much gold coins Catbeard will pay us if we succeed, Patrick”? Shouted the captain back amused by my sudden fear of death.

“Yeah the same amount of extra holes we’ll have to breathe from if the Armada or the redcoats catch us”. I muttered to myself.

We were starting to reach the lower levels of the prison and hoped that the guards would be busy outside manning the cannons to destroy the armada ships. I myself would have preferred to try and buy our way in instead of taking such huge risks, unfortunately the captain rarely believes in bribes. We reached the lower levels without any resistance and finally reached the lowest level where they held our target.

To this day the events of that day are seen as the little ripple in the water that came before the huge wave that would engulf the spiral. As the prisoner we were sent to rescue was none other than the convicted dictator and former emperor of Polaris, Napoleguin.

Chapter 2: Napoleguin the great?

We reached the door of the chamber where they held Napoleguin, the entire crew was nervous. If Catbeard was wrong about the location we would not have the time to search the rest of the prison before either the redcoats or the clockworks would find us and the escape plan would fail.

“Got it”! Shouted the rat. “That lock was easy to pick, I just hope that’s not a bad sign”!

We entered the room and saw five cages in each one a shadow.

“Cassandra light up a torch will ya”. Said the captain with a careful voice.

The witch muttered some gibberish and a bright flame light up from the torch.

“There will be no need to check the cages you fools I’m the one you’re looking for”.

The voice with the thick Polarian accent came from the farthest cage in the room. When we light it up we saw a small robust penguin in a decorated uniform glaring at us with strangely intimidating eyes.

“Well what are you waiting for?! Open this cage so that I may begin executing the plan that I have worked on for years.

Without even waiting for the order Remi started picking the lock of the cage as if he had always been serving him. I myself was still in awe of how he had foreseen that we would come or how relaxed he was despite probably knowing how it was that we were able to infiltrate.

“Hurry it up you imbeciles! I will not let years of planning go down the drain because of some incompetent cretins. And while you’re rescuing me you may also free my servants they’re in those cages over there”.

I looked at the captain while he took his watch out. “We have some time left, Remi when you’re done free them as well”.

After a coldhearted greeting from Napoleguin to his servants we took off to the stairs.

“Now you will fight your way out while protecting your emperor”!

“Actually your majesty we have our own way of getting out which should be starting to work right about…NOW”!

An earsplitting noise was heard throughout the entire prison. The vibrations could be felt even in the lowest level. “Looks like the bombs exploded nicely we should have a clear path outside”. Said the captain while smiling broadly.

“You mean you are responsible for those explosions”?

“That’s right your majesty we placed bombs on our way in so we’d have a clear path out. Did you actually think we would fight our way out against an army of clockworks and redcoats?

“You imbecile what would you have done if something went wrong? Have you no sense of danger”?

“We can argue about strategies later, let’s go we won’t have another chance”! Said the captain slightly irritated by Napoleguin’s arrogance. When we finally reached the outside we realized just how badly the armada had damaged fort Elena and that any doubt we had was gone. This would mean a war between Marleybone and Valencia, one that we started.

“Quickly get on board before the armada blasts us out of the sky”! Shouted Fernando. The guinea-pig was right we had no time to rethink our actions or we would be blasted to pieces by the Armada’s ships. We quickly got on board of our ship the Iron Stallion and sailed away leaving the burning prison of fort Elena behind us with.


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