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The second Polarian war (Part 2) by Honest Patrick Hawkins

Chapter 3 Introductions

I guess I should formally introduce myself and the rest of my crew before I continue telling the story. I am Patrick Hawkins member and first mate of the crew. I was recruited by the captain six years ago after he saw my dueling skills when I beat five cutthroats with nothing but a blunt knife. After that he challenged me to a duel of which the outcome we still dispute over. But one thing is for sure after that duel we became friends for life.

My captain and leader of our crew is a legend amongst the right people. Jonathan the Black sky Swiftstrike, he’s called that because of the legendary battle he fought when he was young against the Armada. Stories tell that his first ship was surrounded by ten armada battleships. Even then he refused to give up and fought with everything he had and destroyed two of them. When it seemed that everything was lost, as if by divine judgment, suddenly one of the worst storms you have seen started brewing and destroyed the eight remaining Armada ships while hardly damaging the captain’s ship.

Coincidence you might say? Perhaps, perhaps not who is to say strange things never happen in this world. Regardless of that he has many other great achievements which I have seen with my own eyes, such as stealing gold from monquistan nobles or smuggling jade out of Mooshu.

Our shipwright guinea-pig is called Fernando. He used to be a guinea-pig slave for Valencian nobles until he escaped with one of their ships and became one of Skull Island’s best pirate shipwrights. Naturally our captain had to recruit him.

Cassandra is both our ship’s doctor and witchdoctor. She’s always in her cabin brewing up something. We don’t know much about her, she just appeared one day offering her services and seeing as it can’t hurt to have someone who knows something about hoodoo aboard the captain took her in.

Also there’s Remi our lock picker and thief who tried to steal from the captain when we first met and ended up being chased through half of gullet only to be told when the captain caught him that he was hired. And of course we have roger Barkley the once greatest prodigy of tactical warfare in the Marleybonian navy. He was then blamed by the royal navy for the near loss of the Polarian war due to his bad strategies at the frontlines to cover up their own shame.

Besides them we have Olaf the fearsome bear from Grizzelheim who is in exile because he didn’t follow some warrior code or something. We don’t know precisely what we do know is that he can rip armada soldiers apart with his bare hands which is handy if you have need of raw power.

Aeneas, our eagle lookout, once served the emperor Tibirdius and king Eaglememnon until he got fed up with always living in their shadows and set out looking for adventure. The captain often jokes about how his eyes are so sharp he could spot a ship before it comes out of a stormgate.

Tompa our musical buffalo and one of the best archers in Cool Ranch but he is so loved with us because he’s fun to have around when you’re in need of a comic relief and a bit of first class music to relieve the stress. There’s just one problem, he and Cassandra are like fire and ice--something about believing in different magic. Cassandra always says; “his mojo and mine they be clashing.”

And last but not least Catherine Slick our cat navigator and master of explosives. She used to be the captain of her own band of cat smugglers until she got caught and was thrown in jail and by chance was in the same cell as the captain because of a job he was doing. When he busted out he brought her along and now she owns him a lifetime of service.

So there you have it each of us has a story to tell and our own secrets as well as our own reasons to follow the captain but with this story I hope to pass on you will come to learn just how one pirate crew truly can make a difference.

We ten are the best when it comes to sneaky and risky jobs. The ten of us ride our proud ship the iron Stallion and are renowned as the maelstrom pirates. We are called that because we have a reputation of leaving a mess behind and frankly our captain likes sailing through storms that other captains would call a seaman’s grave. He even uses the storms as cover sometimes to attack ships undetected.

You’d ask why follow such a brazen captain? Well despite his crazy plans none of our crewmembers have ever died on the job and the crew itself has never been caught or at least caught and punished. We have always stayed clear of political games and missions that influence or even could influence the stability of Skull Island which can hardly be called stable. But not too long ago a renowned pirate called Catbeard approached us and offered us a treasure size bounty for helping him free a certain prisoner from Fort Elena.

Roger and I desperately tried to convince the captain to declining the offer. But the captain almost immediately agreed saying that it will be good for the crew to engage in a real adventure. And so we followed Catbeard's "genius" plan to turn the Armada and Marleybone against each other so that Marleybone would supposedly capture an Armada officer who was in the middle of negotiating trade agreements with the dogs and force the Armada to attack Fort Elena making it easier for us to infiltrate.

We ended up executing the mission as planned and miraculously survived and in one piece. Now we find ourselves at Catbeard's lair waiting for our gold and curious to find out why in the world Catbeard would free Napoleguin and how Napoleguin knew we were coming despite being in the most isolated prison in the Spiral.


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