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My Little Piece of the World (Part III) by Shy Catherine Holystone

Chapter 4: History Repeats Itself

"Up and at'em pirates!" said Boochbeard. Another boring day on the ship. I am seriously wondering when we will actually fight something or invade a ship. I got dressed and grabbed my sword and shield. I went up on deck to find my friends. My friends Blaze, Connor, and Jonah were right at our table closest to the ship. "Hey Cat!" Blaze yelled,"you're usually the first person here." I tried to sit down as quickly as possible. "Sorry, Gandry was trying to talk to me about being prepared for the upcoming winter festival." All 3 of them put their heads down. Nothing wrong here, just eating. After breakfast, we all went down to the training hall to prepare for practice, as always. Surprisingly, Gandry came inside instead of Boochbeard. "Good morning lady and gentlemen." I rolled my eyes, Gandry is always trying to act humorous but always fails. "So... why isn't Boochbeard here to start training, we are not that early, right?" "That's why I don't have too much time to talk." Gandry explained, "you see, we got a tipline that some Armada soldiers have found a map to Skull Island and we are hiring you 4 to ambush them out of here and get that map from the Armada's clutches, you got that?" We nodded. Finally!, a mission that involves us fighting something real for a change! So we were off, running as fast as we could, "I have been waiting... to do something... like this... my whole life!" Jonah said trying to take in breaths while talking. We were going to be heroes!

The Armada ship was a lot bigger and nicer than I thought. I guess even clockwork villains have to live it big. "Thank God we made it on the trip no problem." I said to them as we quietly landed on board. "Now let's find that map!" Blaze put up his hand telling me to wait,"Not so fast Cat." he replied,"These guys have a lot of incredible weapons... and look at that new supply of Yum! Wasn't that Skull Island's shipment?" Connor agreed with him by saying," I will be able to get a lot faster with my weapons since these guys come back up so quickly, it will help me in my fighting in the long haul." Jonah thought so to,"With the massive amount of yum and all these other captured exports, I can finally create that eternal youth potion that I was telling you about and other medicines too!" To seal the deal, Blaze agreed by saying, "Look at all these weapons and jewels, I could make a fortune out of these!" Of course, I had no choice but to let them off like wild geese, "OK. But we meet right back here in an hour, got it?" And like that, they were off.

Chapter 4A: Blaze's Capturing

Alright, off loose on a ship filled with mechanical goons--can't do anything stupid. But I see a gun there that looks like I could kill 20 of those goons in one shot. I'm in the storage where only a single lamp lights the way, no wonder there are tons of weapons that were never taken out. Well, more for me I guess. That gun does look real promising. So I decided to go take a grab at it. The gun had golden embroidery, a trigger that had a comfort grip, and it smelled freshly polished. If this was a trap, I do not mind getting caught. I wish Cat and the gang could see this. Oops! Sounds like somebody's coming, gotta hide! I hide behind a box, classic good hiding spot, as long as it does not catch on fire! Everything went quiet, I think the coast is clear. I grab the gun and get the heck out of there. But I trip over something, lifted in the air, and a purple gas forms around me and the world goes black. Last thing I hear is mechanical footsteps.


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