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My Little Piece of the World by Shy Cahterine Holystone

Chapter 1: The Days Before Pirates

It was nine p.m., and I was back at my home waiting for more tasks from Professor Ambrose from the the Glowbox but nothing was coming in. The year was 2010 and I was at the end of my wizard journey unfortunately, but as young as I was, I was not ready to let go of my magic journey quite just yet. The Glowbox turned on and Merle's face rippled in its golden light. "Good Evening, Catherine." he said with his natural calm, pleasant voice. "Good Evening, Professor Ambrose, what's on today's agenda?" I said in my shy but joyful voice. "That's what I needed to tell you Catherine. You have been in Wizard City for a year and a half and started at an extremely young age and achieved your potential in spades." I nodded and bowed to the professor, "Why thank you!" I replied. Then the bad news came."Catherine listen to me, as our land increases so does the amount of wizards who want to come and stay for longer times, but I think Ms.Sparklesinger (My old last name) your wizard journey is coming to an end, I'm sorry." All the hard work I have done seemed to slip away. "But what about Cyrus? He is my teacher, does he know?" "Yes," Professor Ambrose replied,"you were one of his favorites dear, always trying to see the good of people, even people as bitter as him, you will be dearly missed by us all." "Thank you Professor" I could not let him even say goodbye I was so upset. 18 months I have been here and all that work gone to the dogs, I even have to abandon Sabrina, my pet unicorn. I guess I am heading back to Earth.

My last day in Wizard City was uneventful and even slightly boring besides the bon voyage party everyone in the city planned. I feel awful leaving them all but it was the professor's orders. I turned on the Glowbox (A cell phone for wizards) and spoke into the microphone, "Call father" and it lit up bright blue, for my dad's favorite color. I told him the whole story of what Professor Ambrose had said the night before. He let out a long sigh but finally replied, " I am very proud of you Catherine, you had to grow up really fast to take up this responsibility and me and your mother are so happy for what you have done for Wizard City and for the Spiral, we will call some folks up in Marleybone to fetch us up a nice ship to get you home." I was beeming like the sun. A ship, from Marleybone!! Those were first class luxury ships if you could afford them. I am so glad to have a nice ride to sail me home. "Thanks dad, I'll meet you and Mom at the docks!" "Ok dear take care." If I was going to leave, I would go off with a bang, and I think I did.

Chapter 2: Homeward Bound

It was twelve thirty p.m. when I arrived at the docks, and they were as beautiful as ever. As Pirates began migrating to the Sprial, they have made docks to all the islands on both sides of the Spiral. If you did not know, the Spiral has two sides. One has the side where wizards reside, and one where pirates resided, and Mooshu was like the tunnel into each side. It was about an hour and dad had not shown up in the ship he had promised, what is making him so late? Then I saw Moolinda Woo running down toward the docks, her face red and dry like she had been crying. "Moolinda, why in the world are you here?" she was stuttering and shaking that she could not speak right. "Your parents... Your parents, YOUR PARENTS ARE!" "Moolinda! Use your words!" I yelled. She sat down beside me on the pier and bunched up and whispered, "Your parents are dead, Catherine." After all that's happened, I was surprised I did not lose it right there, but all I did was ask,"How?" Moolinda started concocting a tale is they asked these people in an organization called the Armada when they got lost on the Tradewinds Skyway and they double crossed them, took their treasure and made them walk the plank. "Since you can't live on your own quite yet, where do you want to stay for a while until we find a surviving family member?" Moolinda asked. "Take me to Mooshu." I whispered, choking back tears. But I couldn't cry, instead I started singing a lullaby."Your parents are still with you inside." Moolinda said in an attempt to comfort me. It did not work the slightest bit."I'll call the Emperor"For the next few days or so I was living with Moolinda and then the call arrived, "It's time dear." She solemnly said. This would most likely be the last time I would ever see Wizard City again.

I stood by the docks with my few possesions in my satchel with Sabrina, my pet unicorn by my side. The ninja pigs emerged from the ship and somersaulted right at me.I brought out my wand from my satchel when they stopped, stiff as boards and bowed. "The princess wishes to see you." So a cow girl (literally) with a red marriage kimono and sandals inspected me and showed slight confusion. "Moolinda dear, you said nothing about the orphan being one of those wizards. Your student?" She stepped back and shifted a bit, "Cyrus' student but any time she can she comes here to train with me." "She is a wonderful girl and a great student, then what better parents then the Empress's daughter-in-law and her son!" The princess seemed very torn about this. "Are you really as angelic as she says?" "Yes! Of course your highness." I stuttered but managed to muster out."Then I shall accept your offer Moolinda,and you Catherine, you are about to live a life of royalty!" I have never felt happier in my life, I would be able to become royalty! Maybe life would turn out after all.


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