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My Little Piece of the World (Part II) by Shy Catherine Holystone

Chapter 3: A Pirate's Life for Me

2 years have passed since that tragic day, the year is 2012, and it is around Halloween in Mooshu. As the sole child of the Empress (3 months ago my grandmother was ambushed and killed by the Armada) and the next in line for the throne since I do not have a brother, I have lots of preparations to become an Emperor. This will be a first in the Sunyang Dynasty and Mooshu as a whole. But I also had another life beyond waltzing and tea sipping. I was also one of the best archers in the land and an excellent swimmer, so I started working with the Samoori.

My mother hated the idea because I would be going against my etiquette and the restrictions girls had, one being no girl or woman can bear weapons unless it is a bow and arrow used for polo on horseback, which only royalty and nobles could afford to do anyways, but Father suggested that when I become Emperor unlike some past queens, should be able to protect themselves without having to have their husbands do so for them, which caused the end of some dynasties a wife's vulnerability.

So my father decided to let me work with the samoori as long as during the day, I keep up with my lessons and just take outpost duty during the day. But at night was when it really got fun. I learned all my weaponry skills from Egg Shen, although he was only a student, he was much better than I was when I started out and we became the best of friends.

One day a call came from a messenger pigeon from that pirate Horace Avery's island, said that one of his advisors has found very important information on a bounty and is recruiting children to help him get a small piece of it. The reward: the rest of the bounty minus a golden flask. After some cutthroat gang stole all my gold, I would need all the money I could get without having to use my family's money, I would feel awful to use them. So I had no choice but to volunteer.

I told my parents the news with the recruitment letter. Mother looked like I was speaking ancient Latin and my dad seemed to look like I was made of rubies. After what seemed like hours of silence, father stood up and explained,"Catherine dear, I am very proud that you are trying to help the family and your people, but a meer girl? It is unladylike to become a pirate,let alone under Avery's ruling." Mother nodded and replied,"Your father's right, a princess becoming a Buccaneer is improper and just plain silly!"

Now I realized they were so cautious about this, Buccaneers were rough, macho, unagile people in their minds. Although I am becoming a pirate, that was not what I had in mind. "I was actually thinking about becoming a Privateer." So when they smiled in relief it was my turn to act dumbfounded.

My eyes are wandering around as I stand on the docks waiting for the ship to pick me up to get me to Skull Island. In my archer's uniform, I just look like any other human pirate girl, and not a princess. Mission accomplished.

As the ship got into port a chubby pirate with a scraggly white beard, eyepatch,and a red coat got off. As he let down the plank and walked onto the docks instead of saluting to new recruits like he did with most pirates, he bowed down to me. I guess even he knows i'm a princess, even in my archer's uniform.

"Why, Princess Catherine? Thank you for accepting Avery's invitaition to live in Skull Island for a little while. We know with the Armada troops storming in and all the burglaries, it must be really hard on you for someone so fragile."

I rolled my eyes at the fact of him thinking I was defenseless. Gandry suddenly poked his head out to see what was going on. His eyes grew to the size of pie tins and he raced down. "I am sorry madame, the captain is not the sharpest sword in the stack." He gave a dirty look at Boochbeard and said,"Cap'n, are you aware that she is a skilled archer, can fire a enemy with a simple shotgun from 20 miles away, is a military spy and her parents were taken hostage by the Armada and killed?" I hate when anybody talks about my mother or father. Most orphans on Skull Island lost their parents really young or at birth so they could barely remember them, so it did not hurt as bad. But I lost mine when I was 9, so I remember my parents all too well.

"Please, I hate when people talk about my parents, most of the pirates that live on Skull Island were way too young to remember their parents when they died, I was less lucky." Boochbeard stood up and shook his head, "Sorry for underestimating you miss, I just did not know enough about you other than what Avery told me, which was not a lot." Of course, Typical Horace. Always letting pirates figure things out for themselves.

"Well let's get on the ship, shall we?"

So I guess I will finally become a pirate now. Wish me luck.

Chapter 4: History Repeats Itself

Two months have passed since I first boarded Boochbeard's pirate training academy. I have also made a few friends on the way, including my friend Blaze. Although he's a Musketeer and I'm a Privateer, we do literally everything together. But when one mission nearly tears my life, friendships, and family apart.


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