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My Little Piece of the World (Part IV) by Shy Catherine Holystone

Chapter 4B: Connor's Capturing

Who knew picking a fight could be so much fun! After I branched off from Catherine and the group, I decided to keep my promise to her and do what I said I would do, train and fight the Armada. With my daggers at hand I was able to sweep through about ten of them no trouble. But then I ran into some company. 30 guys surrounded me and started murmuring things I could not understand. All I heard were the words "Secrets" and "Star" then they started closing in on me. I heard a scream come from the common room where the prisons were. I recognized that scream anywhere. Catherine's in trouble! I ran as fast as I could toward the prison. The prison was darker than I had expected with torches on the wall being the only source of light. I heard the sound of the crying coming from the second cell. I crawl inside, praying that I won't be caught by the Armada. I see a shadow in the form of a girl. I reach out and it lashes right at me! It was all a trap! I tried to run out but I was already surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of them. "Good job, lover boy." said one of them. "What should we do with him Deacon?" said another. So Deacon's their leader, eh? "Make sure this boy here never sees his friends again, I have special plans for the princess." If I could see you now Catherine, i'd be saying you were right and i'm sorry. I got you and the rest of us in danger. They put chains on my arms and legs and slashed at me with clubs and axes until I blacked out.

Chapter 4C: Jonah's Capturing

As I reach the supply storage I have to be as quiet as a mouse so the Armada don't catch me. Hoodoo has been outlawed by the Armada so I had to be careful not to be seen. I got all the ingredients I need. Frog's foot, monkey's paw, enchanted lily, Buffaloon fur. I am making a surprise potion for the gang, Catherine's first. She is such a great leader and all, I should return the favor. "When the potion smells like magic and sparkles, it is complete." I whispered to myself as I mixed the Buffaloon fur into the cauldron. But suddenly, the flask of the test potion bubbled up and exploded, sending a blue gas into the air and through the door and windows. "Crud!" I whispered to myself. I hope it does not reach too far. I sneak out, cork the bottle and make a run for it. Guess none of the Armada sharpshooters saw me or the fumes. But then, when I was about to exit the ship and meet up with Catherine, I heard a mumble and some clinking metal. I stood back and yelled out to the sound,"If you are one of the Armada soldiers, come and get me! We can fight one on one." Then a white mask came out of the dark hallway and said in a hushed voice, "My dear boy, I don not think that will be necessary." He motioned his finger to the two guards behind him and says, "You sure about that?" All I saw were two skinny men holding weirdly shaped bags. "Why would I be scared of a few skinny lackies?" I retorted back, sounding confident and suave as usual. But then, he full blown charged right at me, held me by the neck of my shirt and spun around. Now I was facing at two bulky sharks with eye patches, scars, and various tattoos. They were holding two boys. One was unconcious and on the shark with the scar on his face's back, the other bloody, bruised,clothes torn, and hair a mess in handcuffs next to the one with the brown eyepatch. "Say that again to them and I promise you guy's little leader will have a much harsher fate." I guess he was right, she is our leader. So, of course I, as amazing of a hero as I am, I decided to fight the guards myself and using my magical skill and won. However, seems like the masked man had a secret plan up his sleeve and right when I was celebrating my victory, I was hit in the temple by a pot I think and blacked out. So much for saving the day.


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