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Convergency by Wicked Jack Nightingale

Part 1: The Begginings

I sat in my crib playing with some toys. I was 2 years old. 2 years old on this day. on this day, that my life had changed. Forever. My parents, Andrea and Michael Nightingale, were on their way to Mooshu to deliver supplies to a Mooshu village in subata skyway. The Deranged Armada had raided several villaes in mooshu lately. If I were older, I would clearly know thy were looking for something. They were. But what?

"Miss Nightingale?" an accented voice called. it was Gaspard De Vole, My Parent's Firstmate. "The ship is entering the stormgate. Things may get shaky, so do be careful." He walked out of the room as the ship shook. we had entered the stormgate.

About 10 minutes later, we entered mooshu. It was a very fascinating place, although this was not my first time in mooshu, despite being 2 at the time. we sailed to Khotan Skyway to a few old friends of my father's. Kitai, Ziyi and Shiyu, a small group of ninja pigs, were awaiting us at their village. they were instructed to sit me while my parents brought the supplies to Subata Skyway. They said their goodbyes as they went to the docks. As they approached thier ship, several blue sparks came from nearby bushes, freezing them in thier tracks. a masked clockwork approached them, with two marksmen. he pulled out a pistol and aimed it at my mother.

"you should have given it to me when you had the chance." he said. "deacon, come here!" he shouted. another masked clockwork approached from My father's ship, aiming another pistol at my father.

"they're trying to smuggle weapons to the villages in subata." said the clockwork named deacon.

"hmm." the first clockwork said. "we cant allow anything to impact the grand design. take em out." he said.

two loud bangs could be heard from inside the village walls. the armada soldiers were convinced nobody had witnessed this. but someone had. Shiyu, me in his arms, had seen the entire thing from the terrace of his pagoda, Kitai and Ziyi with him. Shiyu turned to them.

"we are now responsible for this child." he said. "we will train him to survive on his own when the time comes."


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