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Convergence (Part 2) by Wicked Jack Nightingale

Part 2: The Capture

(10 Years Later)

The sound of the kunais striking the solid metal targets rang through the training room. Today I was now 12 years old, practicing with my mentors, Kitai, Ziyi, and Shiyu. They were having a conversation to themselves as I practiced sword fighting with a dummy.

"He's strong." said Shiyu. He takes from his father, quite agreeably." Ziyi turned to him.

"He used to be so eager to pick up a sword and slice something, but he's learned there is restraint." she said. "I believe he is ready, do you think so?"

Kitai And Shiyu nodded in agreement with Ziyi. Kitai sounded the gong in the corner of the training room, signaling the end session. I stepped forward to answer their call. Shiyu stepped forward.

"You have done well, Jack Nightingale. You are a prodigious young one. We believe it’s time for you to train with Nikomitusu."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing--training with Nikomitusu. He is an Eagle from Aquila, and is a Spiritual Sage who was taught by Cao Tsu himself, a master of Dueling. Training under his wing, literally, is a great Honor.

"Thank you." I said. I bowed to them and left the room. I then began to pack for the journeys from Khotan to Subata. Kitai gave me a package, he said it contained everything I needed in Subata village. I decided to leave it shut until I arrived at Nikomitusu's temple. A ship was at the docks of Kita, probably the one taking me to Subata. I said goodbye to Shiyu and the others and headed for the dock. I stopped to look at the ship. strange, it wasn’t any of the natural galleons around the skyway. It was painted gold with black flags, and had a gear emblem on them. This must be a foreign. I walked toward the boarding plank when two sounds of electricity seared in the air. The next ten seconds were quick. my legs were paralyzed by two shots of purple sparks. I fell to the ground, and four strange looking soldiers marched towards me as I slipped unconscious.


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