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The Life of Canny Richard Armstrong (2) by Canny Richard Armstrong

Chapter 2: Troggie Trouble.

I headed across the bridge and ducked my head to stop any cannon balls or gunpowder casks from flying into my head and take it clean off. I knew someone who had that happen to them, REALLY not a pretty sight. Anyway, I explained to a fox called Bonnie Anne that Captain Avery sent me, she said that I needed to defeat some Troggies because the numbers were getting that big.

I gave a few of them a shot from my pistols - SHOCKING you could say (get the joke? No? read on.). Other troggies fled when they heard the bangs, they'd probably never seen any weaponry like this in their lifetime. I reported to a chap called lieutenant Smollett, Bonnie told me that she wanted to come with me, so I said yes and she came along with me. I was given a map by Smollett who told me to ignite the barrels on the last left hand cliff. The cannons from Avery Court couldn't reach it, it was a bit windy with them being so close to the shore of Avery court, so the gusts were knocking them off. Even when he'd tried getting some girl called Vadima to make a NO WIND spell, it didn't work.

I snuck past the Troggies and arrived at the casks. I aimed my pistols carefully, making sure there were no Troggies coming left or right to interrupt my shot. BANG! FZZZT! HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....

The barrel was about to explode, so me, Egg Shen and Bonnie ran back to Smollett quickly and there was a very loud KA BOOM and smoke emerged from the place where the cask was, splinters of wood flew everywhere. Troggies fled further up the trail in sheer panic.

I reported back to Smollett who congratulated me on my quick thinking and told me that two of his spies, going by the name of Livsey and Sergeant Shepard. I headed further up the trail and I saw that the Troggies were hiding out there. So I dodged Troggie Shamans and arrived at a small frog inside a large bamboo cage. He called for help. He said that one of the Troggie shamans had the key, so I defeated a few and I eventually defeated the one with the key.

So I opened the cage and he said that he would meet me at the mouth of Skull Cave to share important information with me. He told me that Finn was intending to sell the amulet to someone, I didn't know who this person was... YET...

Anyway, I went into the cave and started looking for him, dodging attacks from wild Krokogators inside, there were more Cutthroat sharks inside, I went to where Finn was but the tunnel was flooded, not even the strongest swimmer in the spiral could make it without drowning. Sergeant Shepard was there, he told me that another shark would be able to tell me how to drain the water. I went and defeated him, I didn't pick up his name though, but he told me that a shrine would be able to drain it, but it was filled with Troggies who were hiding out after I had destroyed the Slingshots, I went there and there were more Troggies than there were "enemies of the realm" from Monquista. So we ran around as fast as we possibly could, throwing punches and firing shots at the troggies, we used the shrines and the water drained out was a large GRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGG!!!! sound.

So when the water drained out, the Troggies legged it, probably back to the entrance of Skull Cave. I ran into where Finn's HQ was and we made our way there with Sergent Shepard, he said he would fight alongside me. Inside we saw Finn with some other Cutthroats, saying something about the dark... or something. I don't know what he was saying, anyway, Shepard told me that if I defeated Finn, the other cutthroats would flee. So I hit Finn a number of times and he fell to the ground. He told me I could take the amulet, I dragged him and the jade amulet back to Avery's office. He gave me the deed to a ship, I went down to Dockmaster Dan and there, parked was a massive magnificent ship.

He told me that I just walked up the dock to collect it, but then upon further examination, he told me that it was the wrong ship, the large one made from something lovely like Oak or something sailed off and a little tiny raft thing came following behind. Dan was all sarcastic about me being the "Terror of the sky ways." or something. Blind Mew said that although he was blind, the boat was creaking and groaning like a sick yak. I collected my ship and went back to Avery and complained to him angrily about the ship being more of a boat.

He said that he honoured the LETTER of our agreement, whatever that meant. He said that something was happening down in the Kraken Skulls Tavern cellar. I didn't know this yet, but this would bring me towards a great treasure.


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