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The Life of Canny Richard Armstrong (3) by Canny Richard Armstrong

With the thought of the treasure that awaited in my mind, I set off see chief gunner Rigby. There was still cannon fire in the air, Wing Chun and I ducked down so we wouldn't end up a 1/4 shorter from losing our minds...in a literal sense.

We stepped past a mysterious statue and some town crier looking to talk to anyone - even if they didn't have ears (most likely with all the shrapnel flying). I saw some pirates carrying another pirate on a stretcher, with a little medical flag stuck in his hat. The air was crisp with sea salt. Good for the skin, so I've heard.

We arrived at Chief Gunner Rigby - he had a patch over his left eye and a hook on his right hand. He looked as though someone had dragged him through 12 polarian wars.

"Keep yer head down if ye wanna keep it!" yelled Rigby over the cannon fire. I could barely hear myself think.

"I believe Captain Avery sent us." I explained, ducking to miss some plaster falling off the side of Avery's home. "Head through to Skull Island, report to Bonnie Anne." instructed Rigby, opening the gates to the rope bridge across the skway to the island.

We dashed over as quick as we could, as not to get hit by cannons or gun powder barrels. "Blasted things!" I grumbled as I dashed across.

"We'll be 'blasted things' if you don't HURRY UP!" complained Egg Shen. We eventually reached the island. We saw a fox with a large gun patrolling back and forth. She stopped for a minute. "Did Avery send you?" she asked. "Yes, we have to stop the troggie bombardment, I believe." I explained.

"Defeat some of them so we'll have a slight advantage. Report to Lieutenant Smollet afterwards." explained Bonnie Anne. She tossed me a gun, it was a bit rusty, but aimed well which was good enough for me (I'm not picky).

I made a dash in with Egg Shen, me firing shots and him kicking and throwing as best of punches as he could.


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